This page goes over the various types of enemies that appear during missions in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. This page will not include any of the playable characters that act as bosses during the game.

Types of Enemies

The following is a list of enemies all categorized by name and type. Please note that in addition to the details listed for each, that they are all capable of preforming Breach Art attacks as well as normal attacks.



Wooden enemies that are generally harmless and have generally slow attacks.

Shinobi Students

Shinobi that use daggers. They're dressed in school uniforms. They vary in appearance.

Lesser Shinobi

Shinobi that use kunai up close to attack twice in succession, but also throw shuriken from the distance.

Acolyte Shinobi

Shinobi that use a bow and arrow to attack from the distance and fire three shots in rapid succession. They can be easily overwhelmed when approached up close.

Greater Shinobi

Shinobi that use a single sword. They can cause paralysis with their swing-down attack and inflict the frozen ailment with their thrust attack. They have high attack power and are not easily staggered due to their high endurance. They drop scrolls upon being defeated.

Anointed Shinobi

Anointed Shinobi come in six varieties:

  • Wolf: Move as a group and circle around their enemies on all sides as they attack. They are capable of inflicting the frozen ailment.
  • Badger: Hide underground and shoot up as a surprise attack. They are capable of inflicting the paralysis ailment.
  • Crow: Fly in the air and and swoop down for a surprise attack. They are capable of inflicting the poison ailment.
  • Bear: Reasonably powerful and have high endurance to prevent them from being easily staggered. Their attacks consist of rolling at high speeds, spinning around, swinging down, and body slamming. They drop rice balls upon defeat.
  • Turtle: Shoot from afar with a gun and uses a turtle-shell shield that provides them with considerable defense from most attacks.
  • Rat: Keeps their distance and avoids close range combat. They can also commit suicide and blow themselves up to inflict damage. They drop various stat buff items upon defeat.


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