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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: -Proof of Life- (閃乱カグラ:SHINOVI VERSUS -少女達の証明- Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus -Shoujotachi no Shoumei-) is the third entry in the series, released for the PlayStation Vita in 2013 in Japan, and in 2014 in America and Europe. The game would be later released for Steam on June 1st, 2016.

The game adds 2 new groups and 10 new characters to the mix as the inter-school "Shinobi Battle Royale" competition unfolds.

The side-scrolling gameplay of the previous titles is replaced by full 3D third-person action in this game. Shinovi Versus also features four-person battles and different storylines for every character.


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Game Flow

  • Mission-Based Gameplay: With multiple story paths that you can freely switch between, you can play the game at your own pace in any order you want to! Between missions, you can simply select "Change Schools" to shift the perspective of the story to one of the other shinobi teams, allowing you to view the game’s events from every angle at once.
  • Visual Novel Segment: Returning from Senran Kagura Burst, the visual novel style of storytelling is back with an even deeper tale than before. Combined with an all-new soundtrack and new beautiful artwork, the story of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus comes alive through these colorfully-written sections.
  • Adventure Sequences: Enjoy seeing the lovely Senran Kagura ladies banter amongst themselves live on screen! Real-time character interactions push the story forward during these segments. Watch as the action unfolds to pave the way to massive battles.


  • Dressing Room: The Dressing Room is back. With customizable lingerie, school uniforms, shinobi outfits, hairstyles, and four accessory slots, dress up your favorite girl just the way you want.
  • Character Viewer: Take a good look at your fashionista handiwork from all angles. Want to take a good look at how well your outfit and underwear will match when they’re all torn up from a good fight? The rear touch pad can probably help you out there.

Battle Basics

Every shinobi is trained in a unique weapon and fighting style, meaning a ton of variation in gameplay. Combo together weak and strong attacks into powerful chains to knock your opponent airborne, and then fly after them to perform an Aerial Rave for even more damage. Try different variations of your combos to see how high you can drive up your combo meter.

  • Clothing Destruction: Battles between shinobi are fierce and ruthless, and with the battlefield brimming with explosive techniques and weaponry, it’s natural that the girls’ outfits would take some collateral damage. As you take damage, the durability of your outfit decreases, and your outfit becomes reduced to shreds to reflect it. If your outfit is completely destroyed, your defense will decrease and you’ll take increased damage, so work hard to keep your robust regalia on while destroying your enemy’s ensemble.

Secret Ninja Arts

  • Shinobi Transformation: When each girl’s Ninja Art gauge fills by one scroll, she is ready to perform her Shinobi Transformation! Unleashing this hidden power grants a dazzling costume change, different attacks and access to impressive Secret Ninja Arts. Executing a Shinobi Transformation will also completely refill your HP, so time it well to turn the tables in a tough fight.
  • Ninja Arts: By utilizing one or two scrolls in your Ninja Art gauge, each girl can unleash two unique Secret Ninja Arts, accompanied by an action-packed cinematic of the art ripping its way across the battlefield. These techniques pack a huge punch and, when used strategically, can turn the tide of battle in a big way.

Flower of Balance

  • Yin: Stripping down to your skivvies and going Frantic is what unlocks Yin mode! When Yin mode is fully maxed out, you gain access to a bevy of bonuses, including increased combo length and a longer combo timer, the ability to recover both your Health gauge and Ninja Art gauge by taunting, Yin moves, higher damage, more invincibility frames on your dash and an overall boost in attack power. Additionally, your Limit Break will only consume 5% of your health instead of 10%. However, your defense will take a huge hit, so you better use all that additional offensive power to end the battle decisively!
  • Yang: Yang mode is unlocked by utilizing your Shinobi Transformation and Secret Ninja Arts. Maxing out your Yang affinity gives you access to longer combos, Yang moves, an extra Aerial Rave loop, enhanced damage and invincibility on your dash and auto recovery on your Health gauge and Ninja Art gauge. Making you an even tougher target to take down, you will no longer be stunned from being hit.
  • Flash: Staying in your standard uniform is the name of the game for unlocking Flash mode. No need to strip down or perform a Shinobi Transformation—just fight as you are! Fully unlocking Flash mode grants you higher damage and invincibility on your dash, faster building of your Ninja Art gauge, infinite Aerial Raves, increased timing to pull off a parry, an enhanced guard and an impressive 1.5x increase to both your attack and defense. If all of that wasn’t enough, maxed out Flash mode gives you increased experience and zeni.


Main Article: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus/Story

From the Warring States period to the present day, the mysterious shinobi have fought covertly across Japan. Some fight for the authorities, others for the highest bidder, but all of them have one thing in common: They kick ass and know how to look good doing it.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus immediately follows the events of Senran Kagura Burst, revisiting the fierce rivalry between the girls of Hanzō National Academy and their sworn enemies from Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy, the latter of which have now gone underground and formed a mercenary strike team known as the Homura's Crimson Squad. In addition to their old adversaries, the Hanzō girls must also face a whole new set of foes: the students of Gessen Girls’ Academy, who seek to punish them for their imperfections as shinobi warriors. Meanwhile, a new class is in session at Hebijo, and these students mean business: they oppose all three of the competing factions and will stop at nothing to be the last shinobi squad standing – even if it means leaving broken bodies and shattered dreams in their wake.

The stage is set for a shinobi battle royale. Heroines and renegades battle saints and sinners in a flurry of fists, feet, clothes, tattered remnants of those clothes, and sometimes underclothes. Each school has a story to tell, full of tragedy, heroism, pathos and partial nudity. Choose a school, prepare for battle, and follow the Path of the Shinobi.


Gessen Girls' Academy

The shinobi students of the Gessen Girls’ Academy pride themselves on strict discipline and purity of spirit. Their five Elites are all adopted children of the infamous shinobi Kurokage, who fought to purge all evil from the world. Devoted to his dream, these five noble souls wield their light to burn away darkness – by any means necessary.

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy was renowned throughout the criminal underworld for its ruthless spies and vicious assassins – until the school burned down in a terrible battle six months ago. Now, from the old school’s smoke and ashes, a new leader emerges. Her followers hail from all corners of the shinobi world, each one proud in her own way to call herself "evil." Their first mission: Hunt down the school’s former Elites, punish their failure and betrayal, and restore the name of Hebijo to its former glory.

Hanzō National Academy

Through constant battles with their Hebijo rivals, the girls of Hanzō National Academy forged lifelong friendships – not only with each other as a team, but with their rivals as competitors and equals. Six months ago, the Hanzō girls scored a decisive victory, defeating the Hebijo Elites and driving them into hiding. Since then, peace has reigned at Hanzō National Academy, and the girls have devoted themselves to their training. But the times of peace are about to end, as new threats and old are about to converge in a battle royale the likes of which the shinobi world has never seen.

Homura's Crimson Squad

For reasons of their own, the five former Hebijo Elites chose to let their school burn rather than defend it to the death. Six months later, they continue to pay for that decision. Together on the run, they live as renegades, eking out a menial living by day, keeping one eye open every night. With their school rebuilt and out for blood, it’s only a matter of time before they face their final reckoning.


  • Rin (unlockable)
  • Daidouji (unlockable)


The game sold 94,324 physical retail copies within its first week of release in Japan, adding to a total number of 120,000 copies, which included digital sales. The game also ranked as the third most purchased digital Vita game and the fifth most purchased digital game overall on the Japanese PlayStation Network in 2013.


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System Requirements (Steam)

*64-bit Processors and Operating Systems is Required
Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processors Intel Core i3-530 @ 2.93 GHZ / AMD Phenom II X4 810 @ 2.60 GHZ Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHZ
Memory 6 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 / ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1GB VRAM) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
DirectX DirectX Version 9.0 DirectX Version 9.0
Storage 6 GB Available Space 6 GB Available Space
Sound Card Compatible with DirectX 9 Compatible with DirectX 9