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Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master -Tokyo Yōma-hen- (閃乱カグラ: SHINOVI MASTER -東京妖魔篇-) is the second season of the Senran Kagura Anime, aired for the first time in October 12th 2018. This anime is an adaptation of the same name of the game. As such, the story does not take place in the same setting as the first season. It also takes after the Peach Beach Splash storyline.


Girls study at schools for modern shinobi. They dedicate their entire young lives to learning to become true shinobi, battling each other to polish their skills. Then one day, Asuka, whose grandfather is a legendary shinobi, encounters an ancient evil being named a "Yōma" in the back alleys of Tokyo at Christmas time. Where there is light, there is shadow. Over 28 of the strongest and most well-endowed ninjas in history, both good and evil, will collide in a battle to determine true justice. And this deadly battle begins... right now.


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Episode list

# Episode Title Description Airdate
1 Change the World Asuka and Yumi run into each other while doing their Christmas shopping and spend some time together, talking about how they balance their lives as both high school girls and shinobi. While Yumi searches for a present that Asuka dropped, the other Hanzō girls are suddenly attacked by two girls named Gekkō and Senkō, who then proceed to attack Asuka, completely overpowering her. 2018-10-12
2 PBS Unaware of what happened to Asuka, Yumi and her Gessen squad receive a message inviting them to a spa resort. Meanwhile, Homura's Crimson squad come up against Miyabi and her Hebijo squad during a mission, during which both teams receive the same invitations. Accepting the invitations, the three squads go to the resort together and have a water gun fight in which they aim to make their opponents' swimsuits transparent, which ultimately ends in a tie. The girls are then confronted by Gekkō and Senkō, who announce that they are holding the Hanzō girls as hostages to force everyone to take part in a Shinobi Masters tournament. Afterwards, Yumi comes across Asuka, the only one not captured by the pair, whose sense of justice has been shattered by her defeat. 2018-10-19
3 Rocket Dive Following a heated conflict with Asuka, Yumi comes across Homura, who invites her to a hot spring to heal up her injuries. Meanwhile, yōma hunter Kagura is approached by a mysterious woman named Fubuki, who invites her to the tournament to face off against the ultimate yōma. Back at the spring, Homura is confronted by Asuka, who uses underhanded means in order to defeat her and keep her out of the tournament. 2018-11-26
4 It's Showtime Learning that Gekkō and Senkō are students of Gessen Middle School, Yumi and her team infiltrate the middle school to investigate. The girls soon come up against the pair, who state they intend to follow the teachings of Yumi's grandfather, Kurokage. After Asuka sneaks into the location the night before, the Shinobi Masters tournament begins. 2018-11-02
5 Be Honest The Shinobi Masters tournament is underway. Three squads compete while Asuka watches from the sidelines. Yumi and her squad emerge victorious, but must face the tournament organizers. Asuka joins Yumi. 2018-11-09
6 Shinovi Versus Asuka and Yumi are battling Gekkō and Senkō. Meanwhile, Homura and Miyabi are trying to rescue girls from Asuka's squad that are being held as hostages. Gekkō and Senkō are defeated and Yumi wants to face Fubuki, the organizer of Shinobi Masters tournament. 2018-11-16
7 We'll Meet Again Yumi fights Fubuki. At some point Fubuki enters her true form, defeats Yumi, while also revealing herself to be Yumi's childhood friend. Fubuki then declares war to all shinobi. 2018-11-23
8 Don't Stop Believing After declaring war on shinobi, Fubuki sees herself out. Girls from Asuka's squad are rescued, Yumi stops Gekkō and Senkō from committing suicide and befriends them. All four squads are joining forces and prepare to fight Fubuki's demons. 2018-11-30
9 Burn Shinobi squads are battling demons in the city. After small ones are defeated, big demon emerges, but ultimately gets overpowered. When girls are ready to kill it, Asuka enters the stage and seals it instead. After a while, Yumi tries to get answers from Asuka, when Fubuki appears and tells Yumi that demons might not be as evil as Yumi thought. 2018-12-07
10 Two Hearts The next door to the other world will open in a hot springs town. The team goes there to be ready to fight, but first, they need to stay in the hot springs. 2018-12-14
11 Life is Beautiful The door to the other world is open and yōma are pouring through. Katsuragi comes up with a plan to use the girls as bait so that they can be sealed. But Asuka is getting more and more worn down. 2018-12-21
12 Hometown Rasetsu fights the shinobi while Yumi battles Fubuki. Fubuki is insistent that she's going to slay all the shinobi, no matter what it costs, and no matter what it means to her grandfather. 2018-12-28



  • The meaning of "Tokyo Yōma-hen" in English is "Tokyo yōma Chapter". The anime's story is adapted from the mobile game New Link's story of chapter 1 to 15 know as "Master Arc" in which the story begins with the opening Shinobi Master Tournament, the invasion of Yōma and stopping the ambition of Fubuki's plans to destroy all Shinobi.