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Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! is a television anime adaptation produced by Artland aired in Japan between January 6, 2013 and March 24, 2013. The series is directed by Takashi Watanabe with scripts by Takao Yoshioka and character designs by Takashi Torii.[1] The anime is licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment, who streamed the series as it aired.[2] The English dub version of the DVD was released to the on U.S. in July 29, 2014. Ninja Flash is a retelling of Senran Kagura: Burst. The second season of Senran Kagura was announced, though it does not continue after the events of Ninja Flash, but after Peach Beach Splash. [3]


Asuka, who returned home to take the exam at the order of Kiriya , returned to the " Hanzō National Academy " for the first time in a few months after completing her training from her grandfather Hanzo . I am pleased with the reunion of Ikaruga , senior Katsuragi , and junior Yagyu and Hibari . However, as soon as I returned to the academy, the days of rigorous training (classes) by Kiriya continued , I was worried that I could not summon the summoned beast because of the secret ninja training that I was not good at. A few days later, Asuka confesses her worries to Hanzo, but the creature she can summon for family reasons is the frog she is not good at. Asuka, who was told by Hanzo that this is also a trial of Shinobi, refuses at first, but Ikaruga finally overcomes the frog by attending the special training. One day, he is attacked by flames , poems , shadows , future , and spring flowers , which have higher fighting power than Ikaruga . The next day, Asuka and his friends were informed by Kiriya about the evil shinobi training institution " Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy " that was established in opposition to Hanzō National Academy, and they were involved in the school's conflict.

Theme songs

Opening theme
Ending themes
  • "Fighting Dreamer" by Hitomi Harada, Asami Imai, Yū Kobayashi, Kaori Mizuhashi and Yuka Iguchi (eps 1-3, 8)
  • "Yamiyo wa Otome wo Hana ni Suru" (闇夜は乙女を花にする The Flowers of the Girls of the Night?) by Eri Kitamura, Ai Kayano, Ryōko Shiraishi, Saori Gotō and Megumi Toyoguchi (eps 4-6, 9)
  • "Shissōron" (疾走論 Theory Sprint?) by Hitomi Harada (ep 7, 10-12)


Japanese Voice Actor: Hitomi Harada  · English Voice Actor: Felecia Angelle

A 2nd-year student at Hanzō National Academy. As grandaughter of the legendary shinobi, Hanzō, she bears a great role in upholding her duties as a shinobi.

Japanese Voice Actor: Asami Imai  · English Voice Actor: Alexis Tipton

A 3rd-year student at Hanzō National Academy. Adopted by a high-class family and was given their heirloom's Hien, she wields finesse and holds the group together at desperate times.

Japanese Voice Actor: Yû Kobayashi  · English Voice Actor: Brittney Karbowski

A 3rd-year student at Hanzō National Academy. She gropes any girls' breasts when given any chance, but still carries her duties to pardon her parents who became renegades and had to run away.

Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi  · English Voice Actor: Bryn Apprill

A 1st-year student at Hanzō National Academy. Losing her young sister in a car accident, she has a distant attitude with most people, but holds a great affection towards Hibari.

Japanese Voice Actor: Yuka Iguchi  · English Voice Actor: Megan Shipman

A 1st-year student at Hanzō National Academy. She sometimes acts apathetic with her abilities and acts like she is holding everyone else behind, but tries her best to keep up with the others.

Japanese Voice Actor: Keiji Fujiwara  · English Voice Actor: Philip Weber

A master teacher at Hanzō National Academy. He tutors the shinobi team in Hanzō Academy to bring them to their full potential.

Japanese Voice Actor: Kotaro Fujimoto  · English Voice Actor: Kent Williams

A voice in the anime that explains the concepts and the characters in the anime.

Japanese Voice Actor: Kanehira Yamamoto  · English Voice Actor: Bill Brooks

A legendary shinobi and Asuka's grandfather. He is an owner of a sushi restaraunt and has Hanzō Academy named after him.

Episode list

# Episode Title Airdate
1 The Ninja Standing on a Skyscraper
(Matenrō ni Tatsu Ninja, 摩天楼に立つ忍者)
2 The Legendary Ninja Revealed
(Densetsu no Shinobi Arawareru, 伝説の忍あらわる)
3 Moonlight Intruder
(Gekka no Shinnyūsha, 月下の侵入者)
4 Seaside Training - Shinobi Island
(Rinkai Shugyō Shinobitō, 臨海修行・忍島)
5 Surprise Attack on Hanzou Academy
(Kishū! Hanzō Gakuin!, 奇襲!半蔵学院)
6 Linked Shinobi Barrier
(Rendō Shinobi Kekkai, 連動忍結界)
7 Hiking Horror
(Kyōfu no Haikingum, 恐怖のハイキング)
8 Shinobi Class Memories
(Tsuioku no Shinboi Kyōshitsu, 追憶の忍教室)
9 Secret Serpent Academy for Girls
(Hiritsu Hebi Joshigakuen, 秘立蛇女子学園)
10 Yin and Yang
(In to Yo, 陰と陽)
11 Castle Showdown
(Kessen Tenshukaku, 決戦天守閣)
12 Super Secret Ninja Art
(Chō Hiden Ninpo, 超秘伝忍法)

Bonus Episodes

The following six episodes were originally released with the BD/DVD volume releases. However due to Funimation not acquiring the rights to these episodes they were excluded from the English dub.[4]

# Episode Title Release Date
1 Heart-pounding Body Measurement
(Dokidoki Karada Sokutei, どきどき身体測定)
2 Protect Hibari's Naked Body!
(Hibari no Hadaka o Kakusu no da!, 雲雀の裸を隠すのだ!)
3 I Want to Put my Face in your Chest!
(Sono Mune ni Kao o Umetai!, その胸に顔を埋めたい!)
4 Ikaruga Style Exercise
(Ikaruga-shiki Ekusasaizu, 斑鳩式エクササイズ)
5 Forbidden! The Sealed Fear!
(Kindan! Akazunoma no Kyōfu!, 禁断!開かずの間の恐怖!)
6 A Rival Showdown Without Humanity or Justice!
(Jingi Naki Raibaru Taiketsu!, 仁義なきライバル対決!)