Senran Kagura: New Wave is a browser-based mobile game playable on GREE, Mobage, Mobcast and D Game for iOS, Android, PC, 3DS and Wii U.

It launched on November 28th, 2012 and was discontinued on October 30th, 2020 after nearly 8 years of service.


The player assumes the role of a ninja instructor whose job is to train and help fellow shinobi with any situation they happen to come across.

It is presumed to take place around the time of Senran Kagura: Burst.


The game starts off with a brief introduction into the world of shinobi and a tutorial for the player to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. During the tutorial, the player will receive a starter deck, consisting of one of the Hanzō shinobi, Chihaya, Kisaragi, and two Ikaruga cards. Once the tutorial is complete, the player will be able to do as they please. Despite this, however, beginners are strongly encouraged to try the story mode of the game.


The game works by collecting cards and creating a deck. The player is allowed to put up to 5 cards in their deck, however, the overall power of the deck is limited but increases as the player levels up by completing missions, battling other players, adding people to your friends list, and by joining a team.

Each card has a given rarity. The higher the rarity of the card the harder it is to obtain and the more powerful the card will be. The rarity of the cards are divided into five categories: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary Rare.

The cards are also given a color. These colors are red, blue, and yellow. The red cards are referred to as Yang (Light) cards and tend to focus on defense, the blue cards are referred to as Yin (Dark) cards and focus on offense, and the yellow cards are referred to as Sen (Flash) cards and focus on HP.

Story Missions

In story missions the leader of the party is used to fight waves of enemies until a certain progression is reached. As you fight enemies, items and cards will randomly drop. There are four different cards obtainable in each mission.

Once you reach the required progression you can then choose to start the next mission or replay the same mission to collect cards that did not drop. As you progress through the level your stamina meter will decrease (a yellow bar), when it reaches zero you will no longer be able to progress. In order to replenish your stamina you will have to either wait an hour or use sushi which are given as log in bonuses or can be bought.

Once you have completed 3 missions you will have a boss battle, which is similar to a normal battle however only the lead card is used in the battle.

The outcome of the battle will depend on the power of your leader card this includes its rarity and level.

Once you defeat the boss you will move to another stage which will have more difficult enemies and a more difficult boss. This trend will keep continuing as you complete each stage.

If the player collects all the cards in a level they will be rewarded with training points and silver gacha tickets, but if the player clears a chapter with one hundred percent completion they will be rewarded a Rare card.

Card Battles

Card battles involve your deck facing another deck. On the battle page your current level, deck power and number of wins is displayed at the top. The number of battle points (BP) you currently have can also be seen. Below this you are given a list of 5 decks which you can choose to face. Their stats will also be shown. If you do not wish to face any of these 5 then there is a button at the top of the page that will refresh your results.

Once you select the deck you wish to battle and you will be given another screen to confirm your choice. If one or more of your cards has reached limit break you will be given another option below to use it, this will result in a stat change to your deck or the opposing deck in your favor.

The battle is performed automatically. You can skip the sequence by pressing the screen. The outcome in basic terms is determined by the power of your deck, the number of cards in your deck, the rarity of the cards. Each time you do a battle you will use up battle points (BP). You are given are allowed a maximum of 3 at one time, you will use one point per battle. When you use up your 3 battle points you will either have to wait a certain amount of time in order to regain a single battle point or use milk bottles and milk cartons, which are given as log in bonuses or can be bought.

Weekly Events

New Wave features three weekly event types for players to earn new cards, as well as resources to help strengthen their cards and skills.

G Burst Re-release

Sk nw gburst01
On 8th January 2014, Marvelous held a livestream on Niconico where they announced a major update to New Wave in the form of Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst.

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