In Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, the Shop is the place where the player buys the clothes, the accessories and the artworks and musics concerning the Shinobi Girls. It is held by Ayame, who greet and reacts to the player when he visits the shop. When selecting the Shop from the Main Menu, press triangle to switch Ayame to an animated 2D sprite instead of a 3D model.

When accessing the shop, the player has to choose between a lottery and the shop itself.

The Shop  (itself)

In the shop, the player buys accessories, clothing, images, and musics. By default, only unspecified objects (that doesn't belong to a character) can be bought at the beginning.

By fully completing the game and the Shinobi Girl Hearts the player unlocks specified objects (those that belongs to a character, like Ryouki's dress) and special items when the game is completed. Specified items are by default locked and/or exclusive (awaiting tests) to who they belong.

Note that Ayame will be enthusiasted by every item bought, and thanks you in a high pitched voice. You can also buy a smile from her for free.

The Lottery

The lottery is the part of the shop where you find the 120 sets of lingerie, and is the only way to obtain them (lingerie over number 120 come free with their related DLC characters).

The minimum you can wager is 100 Zeni, and the more you wager the higher the chance of getting something you don't already own. If you do already own it, you will get a refund of 20 Zeni. Unlike Shinovi Versus, it is actually possible to dump enough Zeni into the Lottery to guarantee a new item.

When you pay the lottery, you draw a stick which determines which of the 20 drawers on the tower will open. By default (ie. if you only pay 100 Zeni), each drawer has a specific 6 lingerie available and they are in numerical order starting at the top, so a low tier drawer is not necesarily bad if you don't have the lingerie from it yet. Adding more Zeni to increase the odds of getting something you don't own seems to move things around from their default position, however.

As you obtain more sets of lingerie, your chance of getting something new will go down. However, statistically it's better to just keep dumping 100 Zeni at a time into the lottery until you get down to the last 10-15 and then you can pay big to guarantee them.

The lingerie from the Lottery are not required for the trophy/achievement where you have to buy everything in the shop.


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