This page contains information regarding content within the Library of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.


Usage Ranking

The Usage Rankings displays how many times the player has used each character during the game. These numbers only apply to offline mode. The character with the highest usage will automatically give their thanks in regards to using them the most when this screen is viewed.

Total Score

The Total Score section displays various values ranging from battle statistics (EXP earned, KO count, highest combo, etc.) to obtained content (Music, terms, pics, etc.).


The Vids section of the Library contains the various movie scenes viewed throughout the game.


The Visuals section allows you to various animations that occur during battle for each character.

  • Entry Visuals
  • Shinobi Transformation Visuals
  • Frantic Mode Visuals
  • Success Visuals
  • Defeated Visuals
  • Clothing Break Visuals (1st, 2nd, Full Strip)
  • Creative Finishers


The Pics section allows you to view all the various images acquired from playing the game. This include illustrations viewed during the main story and Shinobi Girl's Heart stories.


The terms sections contains a glossary of all the important terms encountered throughout the game's story.

  • Kagura Millennium Festival: A festival in which the souls of the shinobi who have died in vain are laid to rest. Not just shinobi who died during a mission, but any former shinobi who died with lingering regrets or remorse are summoned up, taking their appearance at the time of their death.
  • Overseers of the Festival: A group that officiates and carries out the Kagura Millennium Festival, consisting of three shrine maidens who call forth the departed and a shinobi who creates the world to hold them. Normally, the overseers are in charge of things, but this time, it's Sayuri who has gathered the other members.
  • Mikagura Sisters: The shrine maiden sisters who hold the power to call forth the death. During the Kagura Millennium Festival, they are called the Mikagura, but for other rituals, they are known by a different name. It's not a requirement that the three shrine maidens be sisters -- the three with the highest aptitude are selected for the task.
  • Surprise Shinobi Slippery Splash-n-Spray Sports: A ritual combat passed down among shinobi since ancient times. Shinobi compete to see who has the mightiest rage while suspended over a poisonous, watery pit known as a pool. After the battle, the winner is rewarded for her dominance by being presented with the losers' clothes, while the losers themselves stand drenched and fully exposed. This part is known as the "Ritual Slip-Out," and is where the event gets the "Slippery" in its title. ...Or so we've been led to believe. In reality, this was just an event Haruka thought up.
  • BC Mask: A hero, played by Ikaruga, who has appeared multiple times in stage shows in the slums. Her name comes from her black cropped mask. A show featuring many larger-than-life heroes and villains is held every month, delighting all in the audience. Of course, there are plenty of unscripted events during the show, making it popular with both kids AND adults.
  • Bad Woman: She may not fill out a dress lie a woman, but she IS a lady, so the name isn't technically wrong. When the signal shines forth from the slums into the night skies, you can bet her appearance won't be far off.
  • Shipmate Murakumoon: Guided by the ancient wisdom, the hopeful heroine transforms with the power of her magical make-up. With the guidance of her talking canine guardians, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, she's ready to go toe-to-toe with the evil organization, Dark Kingdom.
  • Shipmate Kaboom: The heroine that showed up with Shipmate Murakumoon, She hadn't really thought up a background or secret identity, so she just called herself Kaboom. She took offense to BC Mask, who didn't forgive picky people, and considers her a villain.
  • Yumiverine: An android who was created as a product of the secret super shinobi project, Icy Snow X. During her manufacture and assembly, she overheard the organization's intentions and disagreed with her masters, awakening to the true meaning of JUSTICE.
  • Cropped Bean Sprout Mask: An ally of BC well as her biggest rival. Depending on the situation, she might turn out to be a dependable ally or scurrilous villain, but one thing is certain: the two are connected by a deep bond. Her trademark bean sprout mask is newly made for every performance, but no one in the audience seems to have noticed yet,
  • Sexual Harassman: An ally of sexual justice who hails from the Land of Tomfoolery. She has found a way to harness the power of gropenium, created when breasts are groped at high speeds, turning the energy into a potent laser projectile. Due to her bottomless capacity for sexual harassment, the government will step in to stop her from fighting if her battles last more than 3 minutes.
  • Bebeby Man: An officer that came from the 67 Evil Nebulas. She doesn't really transform but if her allies are backed into a corner, she is called and makes an appearance...if she feels like it. Since her prime objective is to go home early, she makes sure not to fight for more than 3 minutes even when she does show up.
  • President Haru: The CEO of a secret organization that sleeplessly plots to take over the world with wicked eroticism. She has enough charm and appeal to make any adult swoon, but since she hates how m any times she's been asked to water down her performance to make it child-appropriate, she usually throws out the script and acts on impulse.
  • Goal on Cutie: A popular anime based around the world airsoft combat. From its distinct forms to its realistic portrayal of battles, it's already garnered enough enthusiasm that fans are starting to go on pilgrimages to sites shown in the series. The town where the show is set has seen a boost to its local economy and now holds tours and special events.
  • Booty Land: The world's largest theme park, celebrating the noble butt in its many forms. Don't get your hopes up TOO much - it only exists within Ryobi's imagination. In fact, she even dreamed up the park's theme song...


The music section contains the soundtrack of the game. Here, the player can listen to any of the tracks purchased from the in-game shop whenever they like. There are also composer notes for each track. If the Shinovi Versus BGM DLC was bought, the tracks included with it will also appear here.

Estival BGM

BGM Composer/Arrangement/Lyrics Note
SUNSHINE FES (Instrumental)
SUNSHINE FES (Short ver.)
Defending the Festival Platforms
Our School, Hanzo Academy
Nice of You to Come! Hebijo!
Fascinating Gessen Girl's Academy
Festival Resounds in the Mountain
Splendor of Edo
Passionate Beach!
Light and Silence
Hot Snowscape
Shinobi Window Shopping
Amusement Park of Candy
Trick or Tr...ick?
Sayuri's Whim
Get Hot!
Place of Prayer
Place That Fiery Hope in Your Heart
Grandfather's Wish
My Vow
Ready to Say Goodbye
Je Suis La Ninja Japonaise
Watch Me!
Grandma's True Intentions
The Quest of Hien's Wielder
A Nice, Simple, Head-to-Head Brawl
I'll Definitely Protect You
Hibari is HI-BA-RI!
Hope and Determination for Mother
Indigo Muraskai's True Feelings
I Want My Desire to be Known
In Order to Stay True to Myself
Hurt Me Really, REALLY Bad
Slash on Through Mastery
Bean Sprouts and My Seafood
I Began to Feel it in my Heart
Futsure's Idea
Pink Sadism
The Beauty Who Shaved Her Life
To My Sisters
Those Who Serve the Kagura
Hanabi Goes Kaboom
Are You an Idiot?
To My Comrades
The Reason Time Goes On
It's Summer on the Shinobi Beach!
Gazing at the Light of Dusk
Silence of the Waves
Chatting with the Usual Friends
The Meaning of the Festival
Festival Platform Smash
Always in Our Hearts
Sad Musical Notes
Fear, Anxiety and Expecation
Relief is Right Next Door
The Trouble with Frenemies
A Nonchalant Feeling
BC Mask Theme
Just a Biiiiit
Addicted to Shopping
Old Priestess Who Risks Her Life

Shinovi BGM

BGM Composer/Arrangement/Lyrics Note
Hanzo's Successor
Worthy of Hien
For Father and Mother
Ribbon of Sorrow
The Power of Kagan
Crimson Heart
Sprouts of Fire
Shadow and Light
Mirai and Futsure
Fun for Adults
For Master Kurokage
Masked Princess
Floral Freedom
Like, Seriously
Let's Play!
Oath to Dogen
Atonement for the Scar
My Everything
Wayward Thoughts
Super Duper Masochism
A Reason to Stay
Dignified Blossom

Character DLC BGM

BGM Composer/Arrangement/Lyrics Note
Ayame Says Thank You Very Much!
Stylish SHADOW
To Awaken My Friend
Future of Resolution


The Voices section allows the player to listen to the voices of the entire cast once they've been unlocked. The voice clips include every possible line spoken by the characters during battle or while just going through the game's system menus.


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