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This page goes over the various types of enemies that appear during missions in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. This page will not include any of the playable characters that act as bosses during the game.

Enemy List


Wooden doll that use as weapons it's wooden fists. They are the weakest of all enemies and quite uncommon. They often come in large groups.

Shinobi Student

Shinobi that use daggers. They're dressed in school uniforms. They vary in appearance.

Swimsuit Shinobi / Festival Fan Bearer Shinobi / Gangster Shinobi

Other forms of Shinobi Student that use knives and other short melee arms (like a fan). They have the same characteristics as them, if not considering their different weapons and outfits.

A bunch of Swimsuit Shinobies surrounding Ryouki.

Fireworks Girl Shinobi

Shoots from afar with a firework gun aren't much of a threat unless in large numbers.

Lesser Shinobi

Shinobi that use kunai up close to attack twice in succession, but also throw shuriken from the distance

Acolyte Shinobi

Shinobi that use a bow and arrow to attack from the distance and fire three shots in rapid succession and throw bombs. They can be easily overwhelmed when approached up close.

Greater Shinobi

Shinobi that use a single sword. They are incredibly powerful and capable of parrying and wall attacks. They drop a single ninja art energy scroll upon being defeated.

Anointed Shinobi

Also called Covert or Assassins. They come in several varieties:

  • Badger: Hide underground and shoot up as a surprise attack. They are capable of inflicting the paralysis ailment.
  • Crow: Capable of flying in the air and utilizing various air and ground attacks. They are capable of inflicting the poison ailment. They can throw themselves in the air when on the ground to fly again.

A Crow Shinobi that just fell on the ground.

  • Bear: Reasonably powerful and have high endurance to prevent them from being easily staggered. Their attacks consist of rolling at high speeds, spinning around, swinging down, and body slamming. They drop rice balls upon defeat.
  • Rat: Keeps their distance and avoids close range combat by throwing shuriken. They can also commit suicide and blow themselves up to inflict damage.

A pair of Rat Shinobies.

  • Turtle: Shoot from afar with a firework gun and uses a turtle-shell shield that provides them with considerable defense from most attacks. When their guard is broken they spin around on their shield, making them temporarily invincible to normal attacks while also being capable of inflicting damage.
  • Monkey: Armed with bo staffes, they are a bit more serious than Lesser Shinobies, and try to smash the player. They are not much more resistant than them through and come a bit less commonly in lesser groups.
  • Rabbit: Capable of rapid paced attacks, inflicting freeze, short dashes, evading, wall attacks, and parrying.
  • Wolf: Move as a group and circle around their enemies on all sides as they attack. They are capable of inflicting the frozen ailment. The pack leader is able to call forth nearby wolf shinobi to initiate either a unison charge attack or tornado attack.

Some Wolf Shinobies running in their pack.

  • Sheep: Wear suits that give them high endurance and attack like the Bear. However, once the suit is destroyed they become more hostile and are capable of teleportation and inflicting paralysis.
  • Owl: Similar to the Crow with the only difference being that they can throw bombs while in the air.

Puppet Walker

Incredibly powerful puppet machine. While their melee capabilities are exactly the same, they are separated by their projectile functions. They come in various types:

  • Brown: Shoots rapid fire bullets.
  • Red: Shoots flamethrowers.
  • Silver: Shoots laser-beams that are capable of bouncing off surfaces.
  • Black: Shoots missiles.
  • Camouflage: Shoots bombs that bounce off surfaces.