The Dressing Room is where you can customize your character's outfit or pose them for a photoshoot. You can earn new customization items by completing missions or purchasing DLC.


The main Dressing Room menu has the following options:

  • Change Outfit: Customize your Outfit. You can change the Uniform, Shinobi Outfit, Hairstyle, Uniform's Swimsuit, Outfit's Swimsuit, up to 8 Accessories, and change the Bustline if you have completed the Busticated DLC.
  • Favorite Outfit Sets: Register or wear a Favorite Ouitfit. The ability to reset a character's appearance to Default is here, along with up to 90 registered outfits.
  • Change Expressions & Poses: Strike a pose or make a face.
  • Photoshoot Mode: Get ready to snap some pictures.
  • Character Select: Choose a different character.

While here, the joystick will rotate the character, and holding the L trigger while using the joystick will move the character around. Pressing the R trigger will cycle between the Uniform, Shinobi Outfit, and Swimsuits for each of those.

You can also press X to go into Viewer Mode where the character will take up both screens and you can look around with the 3DS Gyroscope.

When changing your appearance, you are allowed to equip a Shinobi Outfit to the Uniform slot or vice versa.

Murasame can only equip accessories, and cannot change anything else. Ultimate Asuka and Crimson Homura cannot change their Uniform as they are always in Shinobi form, but can change anything else.

"Chibi" characters from the Waist-Deep DLC cannot change their outfits.

Naraku and all four forms of Kagura can be unlocked for the Dressing Room, but you cannot change their outfits at all. They are really only for use in Photoshoot Mode.

Photoshop Mode allows you to use the 3DS camera to set the characters against a real-life background if you so choose.

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