SenkiShu Emblem

Senki Shu's Emblem

Senki Shu (戦姫衆) or the War Princesses is a non-playable faction of bosses that appeared in the G Burst update of Senran Kagura: New Wave.

They were formed by Hyōki due to her hatred for her sister, Leo.

Distinguishing Characteristics

All of the members are violent and evil, and they aim to harness the power of Yōma for their own ends.

They do not all go to the same school, and are not even all students.

Notable Members

Former Member


  • The kanji in the faction emblem says "Princess."
  • This is the only faction composed of non-playable characters.
  • Despite being non-playable, all of these characters have their own cards in New Wave, the only non-playable characters who have them.


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