Sayuri (小百合) also known as Jasmine (ジャスミン) is playable character from the Senran Kagura series that makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.



Asuka's grandmother and the wife of the legendary shinobi, Hanzō, Sayuri is a very powerful shinobi in her own right – a former Kagura, in fact. As far as Asuka knows, Sayuri is essentially retired now and rarely leaves the house. In secret, however, Sayuri has been preparing for a great supernatural event, where she plans to put Asuka and her friends through an all-new kind of training. In battle, Sayuri wields her wooden pipe, wind-based Ninja Arts, and intense tongue lashings.


Sayuri is a old woman, with silver/grey hair and back bun held by a shiruken, and with a revealed forehead. She has small eyes, making hard to see their color, and have sunglasses held on her forehead, and a smoking pipe in her mouth, usually. She wears a 5-parts finery, with a green long hakama skirt, a white kimono shirt, beige sleeves, and a dark grey jacket, held by a dark brown ribbon as a belt. She wears on her neck a pearl necklace and a shinobi scarf, the same as Asuka's.


She is a kind, serious, wise, but also a bit teasing old woman. When most of the time, she is teaching some things about the shinobi world, or dealing with important tasks in the Overseers' team, she tend sometimes to toy with her interlocutors.


When Sayuri executes her Shinobi Transformation, she temporarily becomes Jasmine, her younger self. Without the ravages of age to hold her back, Jasmine is laser-focused on her mission and can tear through almost any opponent with ease. But youth can't last forever, and every time Sayuri forces it to last a bit longer, she pays a price. When it comes to blows, Jasmine swings a mean pipe, and can also summon the power of extradimensional elephants.


Jasmine has waist-length black hair with two framing over her face, hazel colored eyes, and fair skin. She has the same overall morphology as most characters, while she is the tallest of all.  Jasmine wears a white headband on her forehead along with yellow lens sunglasses, a red scarf with a big white pearl prayer's necklace. She wears on a yellow sleeveless shirt with white floral design, white collars and black lining. On her arms, her forearms are wrapped with bandages and red and black forearm bracers. In her waist, she wears pure white, slim disco pants with black lining, a black leather belt with a gold buckle, two brown rope-like straps reaching her lower left buttcheek and black disco shoes with short heels. Her weapon is a large kiseru about four feet with gold mouthpiece, chamber and shank while the stem is black and the top stem and upper part of the mouthpiece are wrapped with white cloth and black straps in a criss-cross pattern. The kiseru also has a red scarf worn under shank.


Jasmine is a bit cockier, and ironic, but strong, persona, without being less serious sometimes. She tends to criticize the revealing aspect of some characters' clothes or saying a health notice ("Smoking kills") as jokes to her opponents. She proves to be also more energic. The thing that doesn't change is her beliefs, that a shinobi must be a heartless, emotion-less killing machine, especially against Yoma (Which doesn't really matter, as a Terminator would still have the same problems she had against such parasite. Wrong lesson.).  


She is, in both her forms, Hanzo's wife, and graduated to the grade of Kagura. She is both caring and ruthless to Hanzo and mens in overall. She, one day, as a Kagura, participated to a mission against a somewhat strong Yoma. During the fight against the abomination, she hesitated between killing it directly, and protecting her friends. The yoma, as the cowardly monster it is, killed her friends and got away from his destiny. Jasmine ended up traumatized by that mission, which means to her that she is a failure as a Kagura. As Sayuri, so when she became old, she left Asuka's home, for mysterious reasons. With the Mikagura Sisters, she decided to create and hold a special parallel dimension for the Kagura Millenium Festival, a post-apocalyptic world (After Shin's attack) when the spirit of fallen shinobies, like Ryoki, rest for a while but also to invite every main factions of the series, to train them, and prepare them against Shin, and his/her ruthless coward servants, the Yomas. A small detail is that she (Sayuri) knows about Kagura (The Kagura, the True one) and Naraku -maybe- but each time the name "Kagura Millenium Festival" is questionned, like Ikaruga does, she seems to keep everyone's reflexions away from the name Kagura, like to censor, hide her existence. Weird practice to hide the existence of the Destroyer of Yomas.


Estival Versus


  • Sayuri's name means "Lily", while her youth name comes from "Jasmine tea" or rather from the genus of plants Jasmine.
  • Jasmine is the only character in the series to have her name written in Katakana.


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