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Sakyō (左京) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 2nd year High School student in the rock band 'A.R.C. Angels' and the identical twin sister of Ukyō. Originally she had a frank, broad-minded personality, however as a result of her desire of wanting to be more mature like Ukyō, during the day she behaves calmly. Amongst the female fans of A.R.C. Angels, her melancholic atmosphere is popular. When she "turnovers", her original sealed self is released and she's quite brutal.

She specializes in using her bass-shaped shotgun to shoot close targets.

Appearance & Personality

Sakyō is the twin of Ukyō and resembles her greatly. She has pale skin and slanted brown (bordering on red) eyes. Her brunette hair is a short cropped cut and appears to be brushed very neatly with a huge section of blue bangs and coloring on the front portion of the right side of her head. Her right eye is covered normally and she has a left pierced ear.

In turn over form, her hair appears to be uncontrolled and sticks up quite a bit, revealing her left earring, which is now a katana. She wears a black tank-top covering the top half of her breasts with a blue belt on top of it with a pair of dark grey, matching sleeves. Her skirt is a long flowing golden plaid and worn with a huge slit up the left leg, revealing the sheer stocking with star-print and a blue ribbon. Her shoes are gold with blue and dark grey accents.




  • Sakyō's name (左京) can mean "Left".
  • Sakyō shares the same birthday as Imu and Ukyō.