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The Sakura Fields is a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes. It has day and night versions.


The Sakura Fields is a massive Japanese temple following an axial symmetry, with 4 buildings with red timbering, white walls and grey/green pagoda roofs, and multiple yards between and around them. The buildings respectively are a giant Bebeby shrine on the edge of the map, a central building at the center with two roofed yards, and two pagoda towers around the central building. Walls, towers, two gatehouses and barrages enclose the map at each of its edges.

At each side of the central building there are red benches, pink and blue umbrellas, red and stone walls forming a small barricaded lane, and multiple Sakura trees, even a whole forest. The Pagoda towers have two platforms serving as potential position, and they are surrounded by channels crossing the map. From the yard a stone path with Torii gates and stone walls lead to a small raised clearing in the middle of Sakura trees, with a small shrine, red benches and an umbrella.

The central building, dominating the map's center, has a courtyard with 5 archways to outside. It is adorned by a torii gate and an intersection of two channels, with spinning water wheels at each of the entering channels and three in the wall where the combined central channel goes. A Sakura tree decorates the yard and multiple ramps and balconies on the yard's walls lead to multiple openings connecting them to each side of the building. The archways at the opposite of the one through which the combined channel passes lead to covered terraces and the yard between the building and the Bebeby shrine.

The Bebeby Shrine is a large building with two floors and accessed from the central building with stairs. The ground floor is composed only of a room with golden Bebeby statues, an altar, and two large blue stones. Lanterns hanging from the ceiling light the room. The second floor directly above the altar room is empty and just has a hole in the floor to fall into the room below. It is accessed by a balcony surrounding it itself accessed by ramps. Behind the shrine there is an inaccessible large spring with multiple waterfalls, a spring from which the temple's channel start with water wheels in the walls separating the temple's grounds from the spring.