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Sakigei Municipal's Emblem

Sakigei Municipal Academy (市立咲芸大学附属高校, Shiritsu Saki Geidaigaku Fuzoku Koukou, lit. Municipal Blossoming Arts Academy Auxiliary High School) is a shinobi school. It and its associated characters debuted in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The five notable students that belong to the school all use musical instruments as their shinobi weapons.

The high school is attached to a university, but the university has nothing to do with shinobi training. In fact, only the music club in the high school has anything to do with shinobi.

In order to not stand out, they try not to win at music competitions, however due to this they are always lacking club funding and need to hold fundraisers.

Notable Characters


First Year Students

Second Year Students

Third Year Students


  • The faction emblem has the kanji for "Saki" and appears to be outlined by a dragon.