Souji(総司) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. Hailing from a distinguished evil ninja family, she was taught from a young age that strength is righteousness. She has a tendency to overestimate her own ability, anyone can see that she is obviously a narcissist. However, she doesn't realize this herself. She wields a chain-like whip with various sized sickles attached to it to slash her opponents.

Appearance & Personality

Souji is fair-skinned with light red eyes and long, straight blonde hair. She is often seen grinning.

She wears a white and teal-themed leotard with a grey band beneath her breasts. A line is cut from the top of the left breast and trails down to her hip. Red strings are variously placed around her body to match the red designs and accenting. She wears a pale brown belt and black leg sleeves beneath her pale brown boots.

She's extremely confident in her looks and abilities. Any chance for her to show off, especially to the player, she'll gladly take it.



Peach Beach Splash


She is shown to be one of the many shinobi to recieve an invitation to participate in the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes

For Perfection

Souji is first shown confronting Homura who doesn't seem to know her. Souji angrily makes it very clear to her that she is not joking. Homura tells her that she'll remember if she gave her a second. It is here Souji reveals why she accepted her invitation to the PBS tournament. Before Homura defected from Hebijo she ran for class president which Souji also ran for only to lose to Homura. After this Souji challenged Homura to a fight, which she also lost. After both losses she vowed to never join the school's elite team until she beat her. However due to Homura's desertion she lost track of her. Souji received a tip off that Homura was on the island where the PBS tournament was being held at. Souji makes it very clear she'll never forgive Homura and will make her acknowledge her. As she walks away from a dumbfounded Homura she says that when she crushes her to dust, she'll achieve perfection then she'll see Souji for what she is.

She runs into Hibari who tries to be friendly with her only for Souji to tell her to get lost as she isn't interested in what she was planning. Hibari insists on being friends pointing out that they're both first years and that she was in Hebijo once. Souji responds by telling her that they have nothing in common and they're both on completely different levels. Hibari then tells her that everyone in Hebijo is like that at first with Souji angrily telling her not to compare her to peasants. Hibari makes it very clear to her that she wants to get along with her and is not giving up on her. Souji calls her a fool and tells her to do what she wants. The two fight in a water gun duel with Souji beating Hibari. Souji comments about her determination and acknowledges her strength only to boast about being stronger than her.

The next girl she comes across is fellow Hebijo first-year Ryobi who mentions the rumors about Souji to her. Souji proceeds to gloat about how even on the island her beauty is a rumor already. Ryobi corrects her by telling her that the rumors were about her being a narcissist and complicated. She quickly responds by telling her she isn't complicated. Ryobi tells her that she is at least narcissistic going on about her "beauty". Souji tells Ryobi that facts were facts and tells her to take a look. Ryobi replies that her eyes were locked onto her and there was no escaping them. Souji then beats Ryobi in a water gun fight. Souji says that Ryobi kept her focus before telling her that it was because she had her attention.

Having beaten in her words weaklings Souji makes it clear she wants to fight a legend. Her wish is granted as her next opponent is Jasmine. Upon meeting her Jasmine says to Souji that she's heard that she's a tough one. Souji knowing of Jasmine's reputation talks about how she's finally met a worthy opponent. Jasmine makes a comment about her arrogance and tells Souji about not needing to boast and if she has power, show it and everybody will see it. Souji responds that she doesn't need to show off to others and that her power is a secret for herself. Leading Jasmine to question why she has so much to prove to Homura. Souji quickly responds that she's a special case. After a water gun fight which Souji ends up the victor, she comments that she had nothing to prove and how Homura was the only thing standing between her and perfection.

Souji starts talking to herself about how she should be perfect if not for Homura. Renka unexpectedly appears and offers to listen to what she has to say. Souji declines as she has nothing to say, upon hearing this Renka decides to leave only for Souji to immediately change her mind and stop Renka from leaving. She then begins to tell her about how ever since she arrived on the island she's been surrounded by strong shinobi perhaps even stronger than her. Renka remarks that even she's stronger than her. Leading Souji to declare that she'll use her as her basis for comparison. Something that Renka was eager for. Souji beats Renka and comments that she had a good eye for when she saw that Souji had something to say and that she had taught her a little and proceeds to comment that she hoped that Renka had learned a lot from her.

Souji's chance for a rematch finally comes when Homura approaches her asking if she was perfect yet, upon being asked if she remembered her Homura says that she never forgets the names of her opponents, although sometimes she does she will remember eventually. Souji tells her that she understands if she didn't make an impression and admits she was pathetic. Homura points out that, that was a big change from all that pride she had been slinging around. Souji tells her that she is perfect now and forevermore and to polish it further she will beat her. They duel in a water gun fight with Souji emerging victorious. Leading her to declare that she is truly perfect.

Despite defeating Homura at long last, rather than explode with pride or feel the thrill of vengeance she felt her heart was at peace. Homura notices this and asks her if she was happy that she finally beat her. Souji knowing that her feelings must be very obvious if Homura noticed, begins to think about how she could be happy if her victory meant so little. Souji attempts to brush it off by reminding her that she may have won this time but she still lost previously. She is still surprised about how blank she feels, all of her tenacity is just gone. She begins to think that this is what perfection feels like. She then tells Homura that she thinks she just achieved perfection. Homura bursts into laughter. She then flat out tells Souji that if she thinks she can just "achieve perfection" by winning so many times is ridiculous. She proceeds to tell her that there is no such thing as "perfection" and "invincibility". In the shinobi world she will sometimes lose and just has to build up the strength to deal with it. Souji is speechless at first before realizing she's right, it's not like she beat every shinobi in the world although she won today, tomorrow is a different story physical strength can only get you so far and it can fall apart at anytime. She thanks Homura for what she just taught her even mentioning that it sounded like she was speaking from experience. Homura defensively says she was talking in general. Souji smiles at her and tells Homura to never forget about her.



  • Souji's name can be translated as "Clean Up", however the kanji of her name (総司) can mean "General Manager".


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