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Ryoumou Shimei
Lu Meng Ziming (ENG ver.)
Ryomo PBS.png
Voiced By Yuko Kaida
Current Age 18-19
Gender Female
Birthday September 3 (Virgo)
Blood Type A
Weapon Judo and Wrestling
Personal Details
Status Alive
Faction Nanyo Academy
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
Height 160 cm
Bust 85 cm
Cup N/A
Waist 58 cm
Hips 86 cm

Ryomou Shimei (呂蒙子明), known in the English versions of Senran Kagura as Lu Meng Ziming (or simply Lu Meng), is a playable crossover DLC character in the Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash. She originally comes from the series known as Ikkitousen.



Ryomou is a beautiful girl with short dark blue hair, she also wears a modified eye patch. She is usually seen wearing her highschool uniform, with a plad skirt and a brown blouse, or her iconic blue French maid outfit.


She is shown to be a sadistic person, enjoying ripping her own teammates arms until they are broken. For the majority of the time, Ryomou is more reserved and stoic in how she presents herself.

However, it is revealed later on that Ryomou had a softer side, until her friend Teifu was left blind and in a wheelchair. After befriending Sonsaku, she (while still serious) managed to loosen up slightly.


Ryomo is one of the main characters of Ikkitousen (Battle Vixens in NA). She, Teifu, and Saji have been best friends long before the start of the series. Ryomou is in love with Saji and cares for Teifu (who loves her). She is one of Nanyo's big four, ranking in at least second strongest, right behind Saji. She is specializes in submission techniques: moves, throws, and joint attacks which she often uses with a pair of handcuffs she carries.


  • Ryomou/Peach Beach Splash




  • Ryomou is Saji's second girlfriend his first being Ryofu.

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