Ryōna (両奈) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

Like her twin sister Ryōbi, Ryōna is a first-year student at Hebijo. Between her and Ryōbi, Ryōna is considered the elder sister of the twins. Ryōna likes being chastised and scolded, has no complex (loves showing off her breasts, doesn't mind speaking to others about things relating her masochism, often disturbing them) and is a giant masochist. She has a freestyle shooting posture.



Ryōna is a young woman with short blonde hair, and heterochromatic eyes, with her left eye being emerald green, in color and her right eye is sapphire blue. She is fond of dressing up as a winged princess, which shows off her remarkably curvy figure (even by the game's standards).

She dons a white outfit with a short, wide ballerina tutu decorated with triangular patterns. The top of the outfit ends in two triangles held together by thin threads which keep the back held together. More threads reach from each triangle to the other triangle to keep from exposing her bust and the front of the outfit from falling off (both of these things she probably wouldn't have a problem with).

She also wears white stockings with triangular cut tops trimmed with gold, boots that reach up to under her knees which are trimmed the same way as her stockings (her arms also share the same trend). Finally, her outfit is accessorized with two angelic wings and a silver tiara on her head.


She is more than often showing off her bust to the other girls both friend or foe and is a massive masochist. She has dozens of different poses while shooting her guns and speaks in a high pitched, squeaky voice. When the topic of good vs evil or whenever someone mentions Ryōki, her and Ryōbi's older sister take on a serious personality, ranging from questioning (in question to good vs evil) to even violent (towards those who knows of Ryōki's whereabouts).


Shinovi Versus

Ryōbi's twin sister, who enrolled into Gessen Academy with her after their older sister, Ryōki's death. After hearing of the cause of their sister's demise (which was a rampage from Miyabi), they defected Gessen and enrolled into Hebijo Academy to gain Miyabi's trust and later kill her, taking revenge on her for Ryōki.

Through many battles, she battled Hibari, Yozakura, and Haruka in that order, all the while gaining more and more of Miyabi's trust, all for making it crash to the ground in the end with her murder.

During the assassination attempt, Ryōna's job was to take out Imu, though Murasaki stood in the way of that. Once Ryōbi had her sights set on Miyabi, Murasaki's instincts enabled her to take a bullet for Imu, who had been in the way of Ryōbi's line of fire (though Imu was planned to be killed first so she wouldn't act as a meat shield when Miyabi's time came).

Murasaki had taken the bullet head on, causing her "death", putting Miyabi on her guard and triggering Imu's bloodline power, the Root of Calamity. Imu's crazed state, possessed by the Root of Calamity, allowed her to beat up Ryōbi and Ryōna as payback for Murasaki's "murder". In the end, the five Hebijo Elite all made it out of the chaos alive and ready to fight another day. </tabber>

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Ryōna really wants to become a bowl of tempura udon. Because she's a masochist, she enjoyed being fried like a shrimp before, but now she wants to be eaten by someone. Everyone she asks refuses, however. The only answer is to literally become a chewy, slippery tempura udon bowl.

Ryōna comes across Ikaruga at her school. She comes right out with saying she wants to become a tempura udon bowl. Ikaruga politely tells Ryōna good for her, but is clearly a bit creeped out. Ryōna asks Ikaruga if she'd eat her. Ikaruga says she doesn't know what Ryōna is talking about. Ryōna repeats herself and Ikaruga asks her to stop saying such crazy things because it's doing her head in. Ryōna wins the following duel and wonders if Ikaruga just hates tempura udon.

Haruka and Mirai are at the Mt Orochi training grounds. Ryōna immediately begs Haruka to be mean to her and tells her about the tempura udon thing. Haruka says that sounds wonderful, which Mirai immediately questions. Ryōna starts going on about being slippery and chewy again, confusing Mirai. Haruka laughs and says it's still a little soon for Mirai to understand Ryōna's world. Ryōna says Mirai will understand one day and Mirai replies that she might prefer not to. Winning the battle but failing in her quest to be eaten, Ryōna heads off to the next location.

The next battle is with Kafuru at the Snow Festival. As soon as they meet Ryōna asks Kafuru if she likes tempura udon. Kafuru states that she doesn't hate it. Ryōna says that means Kafuru will eat her. Kafuru curtly says she doesn't want to. Ryōna asks why she won't and Kafuru says that it should be Ryōna explaining why Kafuru should eat her. Ryōna says that she's delicious. Kafuru angrily replies that even if that's true, she still doesn't want to eat her. Being scolded makes Ryōna happy and she wins the ensuing shinobi duel. It's at this point that Ryōna actually stops to wonder about how she'd turn into a bowl of tempura udon in the first place.

Ryōna goes to her former school, Gessen Academy. She meets Yumi, Yozakura and Shiki. Ryōna asks them what she has to do to turn into a tempura udon bowl. Unsurprisingly this question is met with incomprehension from the other girls. Yozakura asks her if she meant to ask about how to make tempura udon but Ryōna says no, she wants to BE tempura udon. She demands that they tell her or else she'll make them tell her. They continue their exchange as a battle starts, with all three Gessen girls declaring they have no idea to literally become tempura udon. Yumi hesitantly suggests trying an udon restaurant but Yozakura and Shiki tell her that Ryōna is probably going to go and be a nuisance there. Ryōna wins the battle but without getting the answers she's looking for.

The final encounter is with the ghost of Ryōna's older sister Ryōki in the forest of Requiem. Ryōki asks Ryōna what's troubling her. Ryōna tells her about her tempura aspirations. Ryōki, in a big sisterly way, says that sounds lovely and that Ryōna can be anything she wants to be. Ryōna is very happy at these encouraging words and asks Ryōki just what she has to do to become a tempura udon bowl. Ryōki ponders for a second and then suggests Ninju Arts. Ryōna says she doesn't know any Ninja Arts that can do that. Ryōki says Ryōna can just make a new one. Ryōna is delighted and impressed by this idea. The sisters battle for no other reason than because it's Senran Kagura. Ryōna wins and goes off to take her sister's advice.

Ryōna puts a lot of effort into making her new Ninja Art. She decides to try it out and see if anyone will eat her. The technique works and she turns into a bowl of brimming with shrimp and other tasty things. Belately she realizes that she's turned into a bowl of soba, not udon. Distraught, she says this is a total failure. She wants to hold her head in shock but right now she doesn't even have a head. Luckily she snaps out of it when she realizes that soba is slippery and chewy to the same degree as tempura. She shouts from her bowl for someone to come and eat her... but nobody comes. This makes Ryōna think that maybe it had to be udon after all and she vows to perfect her Ninja Art to get it right next time.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Special Missions

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown along with the rest of her team outdoors. It is here they suddenly get their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Gessen Arc

P-1 Climax

Paradise Episodes

Combat Capabilities & Gameplay

Ryōna is a "Fodder" (Type 5): She wields, in each hand, a double-barreled (unconventionnal) pistol, which barrels are joined at the hilt using her index and pinky fingers to fire them simultaneously or differentiately. The weapons bear no possible spots to place a magasine or anything to reload them. The pistols are different: one is a incendiary pistol shooting scorching bullets, while the other is a cryogenic pistol firing freezing bullets. The combo of the two according to her attacks create a chain of cristal ice being created and blowing up repeatly. She also is proficient in incorporating dancing and ice skating into her fighting style which she performs gracefully. She is able to glide and skate on virtually any surface as if it were ice, including a sandy beach, a rock path, and even walls. The attacks are weak most of the time, but she still attack fast, able to occupy foes and annoying them. (A combo Ryouna/Ryoubi is theorized to be highly efficient against some strong characters, if not considering how chaotic the fight may become.)

Other Appearances



  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.2

Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game.

Creation & Development

“Before we sent over any design soecifications or anything, Nan Yaegashi-san sent us some rough images that she drew by hand. One of them instantly hit me and from that, Ryona was created. She's very masochistic, perverted, has a strange speech style, moves oddly, and fires her guns with her butt sticking out. And did you notice how she holds her guns? The four of them are designed to be fired with the index and pinky fingers on each hand.”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • Ryōna's name means "Both Are Strong", referring to her and her sister.
  • Her name sounds very close to Ryona which is a type of fetish of having the girls feature get beaten up (if not worse), this may have been intentional considering her masochistic tendencies.
  • It is likely that Ryōna suffers from a form of Sexual Masochism Disorder, (SMD) as evidenced in the prologue of Estival Versus, she remarks on "how good it would feel" if she were to jump into a fire, and was surprised at how "good" it felt being caught in an explosion.
  • Ryōna's Design and fighting Style are inspired by the popular Ice performance Swan Lake.
  • Ryōna and her sister share their birthday with Yoshimitsu.



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