Ryōki (両姫, "Both are Princesses", sometimes spelled "Ryouki") is a character that is first mentioned in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus but later makes her first appearance and becomes playable in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus [1]. She is the deceased elder sister of Ryōbi and Ryōna but, during the Kagura Millenium Festival, in Estival Versus, she was revived by Sayuri and the three Mikagura sisters, becoming a member of the Overseers of the Festival.



Ryōki is a tall woman with a fair body for the series' standards. She has a clear white skin, straight warm black hair and sapphire blue eyes, and she is often seen with a kind and calm expression on her face, and even is the second tallest female character in the series with a height of 1m71.

Her front hair frames her face with two tails reaching her chest, while her back hair reaches her boots with an overall bell shape, large at its end. A golden halo floats above her head, and turns red when in her Happy Turn mode. Her hair is also decorated with a blue ribbon tied by a golden button.

About her dress, Ryōki wears a 3-parts dress which comes in 4 colors, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, which are also present on her weapons. It consists of a double-layered skirt, the second longer than the first, for the bottom, with a black vest, a blue jacket to which a fringed poncho is tied to, above a white bloAuse with a frilled collar.


"Tee hee. I am Big Sis Ryōki."

Ryōki is a caring and kind girl who cares mostly for her own sisters, who she loves and took care of during her life, and still cares for after her death. She acts politely, while showing a kind and warm smile, she is even able to forgive anyone who caused her wrong, like Miyabi, but she can be sometimes sleepy, considering her Ninja Transformation in BR:N and her victory animations, involving her being woken up or sleeping.

She may even be slightly humble, as she doesn't recognize herself being feminine when Jasmine mentions it. She loves to hear Buddhist sutras, which are calming to her, even to the point of having nearly disabled her Happy Turn brawl in her SGH, a love which is the result of her incomplete resurrection.

She also proved to be a reliable powerful member for Neutral teams like the Overseers, due to her assisting Sayuri as her second in EV, and controlling Meiun Heaven's Casket in PBS.

She is also known, mostly by her own sisters, for her unshakable calm, being hard to anger or truly destabilize, if not considering her second personality.


Her second personality constitutes the exact polar opposite of her normal personality, her being bipolar already during her life, through her death separated these two personalities which can be switched thanks to her halo. Her second personality is ruder, more violent and delinquent-like, and can be called her "Happy Turn" side, referring to her Ultimate Ninja Art consisting of enabling it. Under that side of her personality, she insults and attacks every single person that finds itself being in her surroundings, and the thirst for violence and destruction that comes with it can be somewhat overwhelming for her, being able to prevent her from manually disabling it. She is capable through to disable or enable it at will thanks to her halo, and even Ryōna, who loves to cause trouble by touching it.


When Ryōna and Ryōbi were younger, Ryōki would take care of them, as a surrogate mother, play with them, and this is all that she would do until she was enrolled into Gessen's Elites. Afterwards, she was selected to be part of a team for a mission. To announce her enrollment, and that she won't be back home in a while, she prepared some BBQ for her sisters. While Ryōna was KO by a food coma, a kind of argument started with Ryōbi: Ryōbi was jealous of her and after having told many reproaches, finally told the "I hope you die." that she will later regret in EV.

Afterwards, Ryōki was sent on a mission to take on a Yōma with a team led by one Kagura, but got ambushed by Hebijo's team. She died fatally during that mission by the hand of the targeted Yōma which killed her whole team and almost all of Hebijo's one, Miyabi, one of Hebijo team's members, being with Imu one of the few survivors, was thought by most and accused by Ryōki's sisters to have killed everyone in a rampage, using the Forbidden Ninja Art Blood Riot. However, the only one killed by Blood Riot was the Yōma, which killed everyone it could before the activation of the forbidden technique.

The confusion of the event, until Rin clears it up, leaded to Ryōna and Ryōbi picking Miyabi as culprit, as they heard that she went berserk and thus killed Ryōki along her team. Ryōki, knowing the truth, but powerless in the afterlife, could only assist to what her sisters do, prepare an assassination, a revenge for her, against the wrong culprit and felt sorry that Miyabi has to be target of them, and the trouble they indeed caused. She is happy to see that after the case was made clear Miyabi saw her sisters as reliable allies, as evidenced 3 years later in EV.


Estival Versus

Kagura Millenium Festival

In Estival Versus, she was revived for the Kagura Millenium Festival (Or Kagura 1000 year Festival) that would take place in the story mode where she reunited with her sisters. She passes most of her time with them and Hebijo Team, through sometimes she helps Sayuri in some "internal affairs" in the Festival Executives, like the Mikagura's secret. Her revival is, like Kurokage for Gessen, a great source of joy, and a reason of staying in the realm, with her, for her sisters. Though, she will leaves once all her regrets go away, and the only regrets she had is to have not passed enough time with her sisters, time she catches up during all the Festival. Ryōbi stays distant from Ryōki, regretting what she said before she left, preferring to look away from her than expressing her own regret, to which Ryōki show incomprehension. Ryōna through touches her halo two times in the story, and Ryōbi stops her berserk those two times by herself.

At the end of the main story mode, she returns to the afterlife after reconciling with Ryōbi and saying goodbye to both her younger sisters. At the dance of the Mikagura, she disintegrates in the sky, at the still great sorrow of her sisters.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Ryōki asks her sister to accompany her for a stroll, to make sure she has no regret as her time with them is limited. Through Ryōna accepts with excitement and ask her sister about if she wanted to do same, Ryōbi looks away, and accepts reluctantly. Ryōki remarks that Ryōbi's reaction is strange, but heads out with her sisters anyway.

She recalls of when she and her sisters used to go out everywhere together, and of so many pleasant memories like when they stood up against bullies, or played home in a vacant lot, and that Ryōbi used to follow her like a puppy.

Suddenly, Ryōna tells Ryōki that she is fine with going out but that she wants to play a different game, to which Ryōbi punch her and knock her down. The hit's sound startles Ryōki, surprised that Ryōna can take such a strike. Ryōbi asks Ryōna if she was thinking something stupid again, to which Ryōna replies that she thinks about whatever make her feel good, not something stupid. Ryōbi smacks Ryōna again right across the cheek, making Ryōna's eyes roll back and her nose bleed. Ryōki sees by her expression that Ryōna is happy with it.

Ryōbi insults Ryōna and orders her to not give "that look", and aims her punch to Ryōna's face. Ryōki can't leave them both to a brawl even if Ryōna is asking for it, and steps between them to try to calm the game. Ryōbi through punches into Ryōki's halo, which leads to her going into her berserk personality. Ryōbi just realizes what she did that Ryōki shouts at her that she wasn't allowed to do that, and insults her. An intense and destructive rage rushes inside her, that she can't resist nor stop, and all she wants to do thus is thrash and scream. This is were her rampage begins.

"Since we're all here, why don't we all go out?" -Ryōki

Ryōki starts by Ryōna inside the Onsen's facility, and threats her to give her a super dish worth of bullying, not even Ryōna's kind. Ryōna is happy with it and asks for it.

Ryōki thus strikes Ryōna and insults her, to which Ryōna asks in excitation that she speak meaner. Ryōki replies that this isn't just about talk, and calls Ryōna naive. Ryōna thus asks her what she plans to do with her, overexcited. Ryōki answers that she is going to shove something somewhere into Ryōna so hardly that she won't be able to live without suffering (some words were censored, but they can be guessed). Ryōna gasps in excitation, praise the awesomeness of what Ryōki planned, telling her that such plans might make her pass out.

Ryōki defeat Ryōna, satisfying the latter's masochistic desires, and telling that her rampage just started, she asks about where is her next prey.

"I still need to rage a LOT more! Come on, punks!" -Ryōki

Ryōki continues by Murakumo and Shiki on Gessen's roof, and shouts asking where are the bad girls. Shiki notices that has gone mad, calling her "Ryōkey-dokey", to which Ryōki replies that she found her, calling her "Mountain Girl". Shiki tells and implies to her that even with how she talks, "mountain girl" is somewhat inaccurate. Ryōki tells in in rage that she has no discipline nor respect, and thus that she is going to be straightened hardly. Shiki comments about how unfair is that she is told that she has no discipline just because of her look.

When the fight begins, Ryōki says that it's time to slay the Mountain Hag, to which Shiki replies with a "as if", and tell her that she needs to calm down. Ryōki tells her that she makes a mockery of human speak, to which Shiki starts to recite a Sutra, to which Ryōki start to calm down. Shiki tells her that she needs to get out of that violence mode, but Ryōki ultimately fails to calm down, and tells her that she is not going to go away with it.

Once she defeats both Murakumo and Shiki, Ryōki comments that the Heart Sutra is no joke, as it was about to make her violent personality rest in peace.

"I've been training on the other side! Let's duke it out right now, Miyabi!" -Ryōki

On Hebijo Academy's roofs, Ryōki shouts that she found Miyabi. Miyabi notices that she seems rowdy that day, to which Ryōki replies that as they never settled their scores, she wants herself and Miyabi to do it right now, thus challenging her. Miyabi accepts her challenge.

When the fight begins, Ryōki tells Miyabi to get prepared as there is Yōma or anything to get on their way. Miyabi replies that she continued training even after Ryōki's death, to which Ryōki say that she continued training on the other side, to Miyabi's surprise, who ask her if that is possible. Ryōki tells her that it is, and asks her if she wants to come along. Miyabi politely refuses.

Once Miyabi defeated, Ryōki comments that she found the fight fun, but says that she is done yet.

"You want to know what's the other side's like? Let me send you there!" -Ryōki

Ryōki challenge Asuka, Yagyū and Renka on the Shinobi Festival grounds. She tells she is spying on a one-eyed squid girl, who is Yagyū, and threats to dry her up and eat her. Yagyū tells Ryōki's name in a gloomy way, which Ryōki notices and ask the reason of that gloom. Yagyū answers that she envies her, as Ryōki still has two (alive) little sisters, being a big sister like her. Ryōki brag on that, but when Yagyū tells that her own little sister is no longer with them, Ryōki apologizes for her inconsideration. Yagyū humbly replies to her that she is fine and that Ryōki has no need to change her account on her.

When the fight beings, Yagyū asks Ryōki about how is the afterlife. Ryōki answers angrily to the question by saying that she will only know it when she will die. Yagyū agrees but tells her she can't die yet. Ryōki asks her if it's about Yagyū's deceased little sister, to which Yagyū approve. Ryōki thus declares that the afterlife is bright, pleasant, warm, and full of delicious food of all kinds. Yagyū compliments her kindness by saying this, to which Ryōki ask about why do Yagyū think she was kind. But Yagyū thanks her either way. Ryōki replies that a ghost is not thanked, but paid respect to, and laughs evily.

Once Yagyū, Asuka and Renka defeated, Ryōki says that the chat stopped her flow.

"I'm close to resting in peace. But I still want to be with you both. -Ryōki

In the Forest of Requiem, Ryōbi intercepts Ryōki, and requires her to snap out of her berserk mode. Ryōki replies that Ryōbi will need to do that herself if she want Ryōki to stop. Ryōbi then comments about Ryōki's alternate personality, telling that the fact that touching a halo lead to her going berserk is nonsense to her. Ryōki tells her that it doesn't matter as the most important is that it is entertaining. Ryōbi asks to who it is entertaining, not understanding her point.

When the duel begins, Ryōki asks Ryōbi if she thinks that she will really talk her down. Ryōbi replies that she might be all talk, and, if Ryōki wants to take on her, that she do it already. Ryōki compliments her courage, considering that Ryōbi followed her around like a kind of goldfish. Ryōbi replies that she is not longer Ryōki's cute little sister, and, even with her small chest, she is leading a revolution (see her own SGH). Thus, Ryōki taunts her and tells her to come on her, as she is going to take her down. Ryōbi, infuriated, replies that she will show her her abilities.

Once Ryōbi finished, Ryōki tells Ryōbi that she wasn't bad and remarks that she wasn't all talk herself after all.


Ryōki SGH's final CG.

Ryōna ends Ryōki's berserk by touching her halo after she found an opening. Calmed down, Ryōki remarks that Ryōbi got stronger, meaning every word of what she said. She thinks about how her little sisters grew so much without her, a thought overwhelming her with you, and making her cry of happiness.

Ryōbi challenges Ryōki again, but Ryōki thinks that she can only fight with either of them a limited around of times, as each connection with one of her sisters make her regrets left slowly fade away. Thus, the more close they become, the sooner she will leave.

Ryōna interrupts them and tells them to go for the stroll they originally planned, smiling brightly as she runs along the shore, and waving at her once she gets to the surf. Ryōki thinks that when she is out here in the warm sun on the beach, she feels alive almost enough to forget that she died already.

Ryōbi interrupts her by muttering if Ryōki is going to pass on when she will be out of regrets, next to her. Ryōki approves and replies that she believes that she will fade away from their perspective. Thus, Ryōbi walks away from her, along the shoreline in a futile attempt to make Ryōki stay longer by staying far from her. Futile, as Ryōki knows that she will do that for the sake of keeping her there, and that sentiment alone will be enough to satisfy her old regrets anyway. Even if they arrive to stretch their time together a bit further, her departure is inevitable. But Ryōki won't feel lonely, as her passing will prove that Ryōbi and Ryōna's love is real.

Her little sisters play around on the shore, she squints in the sun and watch them, and says finally... "I'm unbelievably blessed right now."

The Shinobi Girl's Heart missions end there, and credits start.

Peach Beach Splash

In Peach Beach Splash, Meiun seals the PBS archipelago with the energy gathered thanks to the tournament, trying to save chosen individuals from Shin. In an attempt to flee of that seal, the four originally present teams attempt to use ships, that blow up, and the rainbow bridge, specifically the Gessen team. However, the rainbow bridge is shattering from the seal's pressure, and when Yumi and her friends attempt to run on it before it breaks, that Ryōki finds the bridge after wandering from the afterlife due to a dimensional rift and decides to walk across it, wondering how it is to walk on one in effect. Through the bridge collapses, while she nearly reaches its end, under her and Gessen' feet, making her fall in water screaming and getting a pseudo-reincarnation.

After she found a water gun upon getting up, she plays her first PBS game. She recalls playing with water with Ryōbi and Ryōna at the swimming pool when they were together, remarks about how strange would be to meet them after what's supposed to be her departure. In effect, both of her sisters are surprised to see her again, but become initially happy with it. Ryōki insists on a water gun fight against Hebijo, in which she is found to be a strong opponent. However, Ryōki disappears shortly afterwards, and warns the team about the arrival of the Mikagura Sisters, promising to her sisters that they'll see her again.

In Peach Beach Splash's final act, Meiun states that he's still unsatisfied with the girls' performance and refuses to let them leave, announcing that he will destroys the rainbow bridge each time it do appear again, telling that they're not ready to face Shin, which he failed to do himself. Through, moved by the girls' enthusiasm and determination, he orders Kiriya and Rin to fly them to a nearby island to face one final test, his last machine. When they arrive dropped from the sky by Kiriya, Rin' and the Lickety Lick Machines, they find a battle machine called "Heaven's Casket" piloted by Ryōki acting as a DJ, a machine that is some representation of herself, bearing similar patterns as her and her weaponry. Working together, Asuka, Homura, Yumi and Miyabi are able to defeat her and Meiun finally allows them to leave. Although Ryōki tells her sisters that it's time to leave, but promises that they will see her again, and possibly disappears like at the end of her second PBS game.

Fighting Style and Gameplay

Main page(s) : Ryōki/Estival Versus

Ryōki is a rather hybrid shinobi, as armed with a dual-barrel shotgun and a rocket launcher shield, she is both strong and fast. Her main play cards are suppressive fire techniques, from the flashball-like missile pummeling to the Minigun suppressive fire in Happy Turn, including the Shield being thrown around to knock down several foes. She couple all of those lethal enough weaponry with a dual-barreled shotgun, with which she fires many buckshot pellets at her foes at close range or point-blank at a fast rate.

While her techniques are mostly efficient against groups, her point-blank shots prove themselves to be very radical against lone enemies. Like most medium range fighters, she is annoyed by long range characters. In term of power, she is able to defeat Daidoji with some ease, through Rin and Sayuri (Especially Rin) both pose huge difficulties.

Her thematics can be associated with Gendarme/Grenadier / Princess.

Ninja Arts:

- Light Ninja Art: Happy Missile

- Heavy Ninja Art: Happy Rain

- Ultimate Ninja Art (Secondary Mode): Happy Turn


  • Ryōki's name means "Squirm", however the kanji of her name (両姫) can be translated as "Both Are Princesses" which may refer to her sisters Ryōbi and Ryōna.
  • She appears to possess the "Yin Yang" Tao symbol on her shield which seems to represent her "bipolar" persona depending on the condition of her halo.
  • Ryōki is unlocked as a playable character outside Story Mode only after completing the final chapter (Day 8) of Estival Versus.
  • Gameplay-wise, Ryōki is able to switch to her rude personality as her Ultimate Shinobi Art, in which for a short time she uses her Gatling/missile-launcher coffin as a weapon and can move faster.
  • Ryoki appears to be a reference to Gungrave. In this work, the protagonist has returned from the dead on borrowed time, and, like Ryoki, fights using firearms and a coffin filled with heavy weaponry (a machine gun and a missile launcher).
  • In Burst Re:Newal in her character intro sometimes Ryōki will say "I will dance in the festival of midsummer!" Despite the fact that the festival doesn't start for years and isn't around at that point in the story yet.
    • At that same point, she wasn't supposed to be revived already.
  • Peach Beach Splash's Intimacy mode with Ryōki reveals that she likes to be touched on the nape of the neck.

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