Ryōki (両姫, "Both are Princesses", sometimes orthografied "Ryouki") is a character that is first mentioned in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus but later makes her first appearance and becomes playable in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus [1]. She is the deceased elder sister of Ryōbi and Ryōna. However, during the Estival Versus, she was revived by Sayuri and the three Mikagura sisters during the Kagura Millenium Festival, which she assists as a second to Sayuri.



Ryōki is a tall woman with long black hair and saphirre blue eyes, a clear white skin, and is usually seen with a kind and calm expression and smile on her face. She is in fact the second tallest character in the series with her 1m71. Her hair is a warm black with two fringes framing her face and going to her collar, and several small ones and a single large one on top of her face. The hair go to her boots, and are shaped like a Hallifax gibbet's blade (kind of guillotine. the end of her hair looks like one's blade in term of shape). On top of her head float a golden halo, which, even if it looks bright, seems to emit no light.

She wears a 3-parts blue dress that goes to under her knees, with black lines as ornaments, golden lines as decorations. The skirt is layered in two similar parts, the first skirt being shorter than the second, the second going to her knees. She also wears a white blouse with a milled collar and a small black ribbon, or sometimes a black lavaliere, covered by a black vest and a blue jacket, with a fringed short cape, which flies as she moves. She has blue and black boots, white stockings/long socks and a blue ribbon in a cross pattern with a golden button is tied to the right of her hair.

She shows for general color pattern Blue, White, Black, and Gold, as seen on most things she has, like her dress, and weapons.


Ryōki is a caring and kind person, through sometimes seems a bit sleepy, and who cares mostly of her sisters. She always acts in a polite way and shows a kind and warm smile. She is so known to be hard to anger, or truly unstabilize. She can even forgive quite easily the persons that have caused her trouble in the past, like Miyabi. She has a quite humble side, as she don't recognize herself as "feminine" or given any quality.

She can sometimes show a determined version, focused on her objective at all costs, through she can abandon that objective to take care of her sisters, who are what matter the most to her.

She shows being a perfect second leader (or leader's helper) to independent (or "neutral", those who don't depend on the SK universe's manicheism) teams, like the Overseers of the Festival, saw assisting the leader (Sayuri) in her projects or tasks sometimes.

She loves to hear Buddhist sutras, and find them calming. The mission of her SGH involving Shiki indicates that hearing sutras is able to calm her down, even during her "Happy Turn" mode. According to her description in the announcements for SKEV, this is a result for not being totally resurrected.

She is also known for her somewhat bipolar personality: the halo on top of her head is a kind of switch which, if touched, shine in red. She thus become ruder, more violent, delinquent-like, and she stays so until the halo is touched, changing it and herself back to normal. That "pole" of her personality can be called "Happy Turn mode". During "Happy Turn mode", she tends to insult and attack any (unlucky) person who finds himself in her surroundings. She can enable or disable that mode by herself, but, according to some EV lines, the thirst for violence and destruction that come with the "Happy Turn mode" is a somewhat overwhelming sentiment, sometimes enough to prevent her to disable it.

According to Ryouna in the first day of the KMF, Ryouki already had that kind of anger during her life, with the harsh words and everything, that Ryoubi doesn't remember as she became distant after a while. As Ryouna describe them, it was kinda actual bipolarity, and the few moments Ryouna saw her angry, as Ryouki is usually calm as a tombstone. (no pun intended)

So, it may be possible that her death has added the halo to make a clear frontier between her two personalities, her kind one as her normal side, and her angry one as her second one.


When Ryōbi and Ryōna were younger, Ryōki would take care of them, as a surrogate mother, and play with them too. This is all that she would do until she was enrolled into Gessen Girls' Academy's Elites. Afterwards, she was selected to be part of a team for a mission. To announce her enrollment, and that she won't be back home in a while, she prepared some BBQ for her sisters. While Ryouna was KO by a food coma, a kind of argument started with Ryoubi: Ryoubi was jealous of her and after having told many reproaches, finally told the "I hope you die." that Ryoubi will later regret in EV.

Ryouki was sent on a mission to take on a Yōma with a team led by one Kagura, but got ambushed by Hebijo's team. She died fatally during that mission by the hand of a Yōma that killed her whole team and almost all Hebijo's one. Miyabi was in Hebijo's team and one of the few survivors, and was thought to have killed everyone in a rampage, using the Forbidden Ninja Art Blood Riot. However, the only one killed by Blood Riot was the Yōma, which killed everyone it could before the activation of the forbidden technique.

The confusion of the event, until Rin clears it up, leaded to Ryouna and Ryoubi picking Miyabi as culprit, as they heard that she went berserk and thus killed Ryouki along her team. Ryouki, knowing the truth, but powerless in the afterlife, could only see, assist to what her sisters do, prepare an assasination, a revenge for her, against the wrong culprit. She felt sorry that Miyabi has to be target of them, and the trouble they indeed caused. She is happy to see that after the case was made clear Miyabi saw her sisters as reliable allies, as evidenced 3 years later in EV.


Estival Versus

In Estival Versus, she was revived for the Kagura Millenium Festival (Or Kagura 1000 year Festival) that would take place in the story mode where she reunited with her sisters. She passes most of her time with them and Hebijo Team, through sometimes she helps Sayuri in some "internal affairs" in the Festival Executives, like the Mikagura's secret. Her revival is, like Kurokage for Gessen, a great source of joy, and a reason of staying in the realm, with her. Though, she will leaves once all her regrets go away, and the only regrets she has is to have not passed enough time with her sisters, time she is going to catch up during all the Festival.

At the end of the main story mode, she returns to the afterlife after reconciling with Ryōbi and saying goodbye to her younger sisters. At the dance of the Mikagura, she disintegrates in the sky, at the still big sorrow of her sisters.

Peach Beach Splash

In Peach Beach Splash, while the other girls are trying to find a way off the island after Meiun seals them in, they try to use the same rainbow bridge that brought them to the island to leave. However, Ryōki finds the bridge after wandering from the afterlife due to a dimensional rift and decides to walk across it, causing it to collapse. Ryōbi and Ryōna are initially happy to see her and Ryōki insists on a water gun fight against Hebijo. However, Ryōki disappears afterwards, but promises that they'll see her again.

In Peach Beach Splash's final act, Meiun states that he's still unsatisfied with the girls' performance and refuses to let them leave, stating that they're not ready to face Shin. However, because he's moved by the girls' enthusiasm, he has Kiriya and Rin fly them to a nearby island to face one final test. When they arrive, they find a battle machine called "Heaven's Casket" piloted by Ryōki acting as a DJ. Working together, Asuka, Homura, Yumi and Miyabi are able to defeat her and Meiun allows them to leave. Although Ryōki tells her sisters that it's time to leave, it's unknown what happens afterwards.

Fighting Style and Gameplay

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Ryōki is a Hybrid (T3): Armed with a dual-barrel shotgun and a rocket launcher shield, she is both strong and fast. Her main play cards are suppressive fire techniques, from the flashball-like missile pummeling to the Minigun suppressive fire, including the Shield being throwed around to knock down several foes. She couple all of those lethal enough weaponry with a dual-barreled shotgun, with which she fires many buckshots pellets at her foes at close range or point-blank.

While her techniques are mostly efficient against groups, her point-blank shots prove themselves to be very radical against lone ennemies. Like most medium range fighters, she is annoyed by Supports (Type 4). In term of power, she is able to defeat Daidoji with some ease, through Rin and Sayuri (Especially Rin) both pose huge difficulties.

Her thematics can be associated with Gendarme/Gendarme / Princess.

Ninja Arts:

- Light Ninja Art: Happy Missile

- Heavy Ninja Art: Happy Rain

- Ultimate Ninja Art (Secondary Mode): Happy Turn


  • Ryōki's name means "Squirm", however the kanji of her name (両姫) can be translated as "Both Are Princesses" which may refer to her sisters Ryōbi and Ryōna.
  • She appears to possess the "Yin Yang" Tao symbol on her shield which seems to represent her "bipolar" persona depending on the condition of her halo.
  • Ryōki is unlocked as a playable character outside Story Mode only after completing the final chapter (Day 8) of Estival Versus.
  • Gameplay-wise, Ryōki is able to switch to her rude personality as her Ultimate Shinobi Art, in which for a short time she uses her Gatling/missile-launcher coffin as a weapon and can move faster.
  • Ryoki appears to be a reference to Gungrave. In this work, the protagonist has returned from the dead on borrowed time, and, like Ryoki, fights using firearms and a coffin filled with heavy weaponry (a machine gun and a missile launcher).

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