Ryōbi (両備) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. A first-year at Hebijo, Ryōna's twin and the younger of the two sisters. She transferred from Gessen Girls' Academy with Ryōna. She has a complex about her breasts and is the polar opposite of Ryōna, being a giant sadist.

Before she uses Shinobi Tenshin, she is small in the chest area. Her weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, with an axe head modified onto the stock, which she uses primarily for close-quarters combat.



Ryōbi is heterochromatic, meaning she has two different color eyes being blue for the left eye and green for the right eye. She dons a white button-down "dress" shirt that has the waist wrapped in a belt that holds all of her extra large bullets. Underneath is a big, black dress that goes all the way down to her ankles, which, along with her legs and feet, are covered by white thigh-high stockings and red dress shoes. Then, she wears a red hair band and a red overcoat-like shirt reminiscent of Native American clothes. Finally, she wears a tied black ribbon to look like tied shoelaces with the casual "bunny ears."


Ryōbi is a serious sadist that is motivated to hurt people, especially Ryōna. She is shown to have a sensitive nature when other people mention her older sister Ryōki, to which she reacts quite violently. Despite her sadistic nature, she has been shown to display compassion towards her victims, and with deep remorse, such as when she accidentally shot Murasaki and pushed aside feelings of guilt when she had to beat Imu to get to Miyabi.

In Estival Versus, more of her compassionate, guilty side was expanded upon, as it was revealed that she harbors a deep resentment from having told her sister Ryōki to "go die", in an argument the very day before Ryōki was killed in a mission.



Shinovi Versus

Ryōna's twin sister, who enrolled into Gessen Academy with her after their older sister, Ryōki's death. After hearing of the cause of their sister's demise (which was a rampage from Miyabi), they defected Gessen and enrolled into Hebijo Academy to gain Miyabi's trust and later kill her, taking revenge on her for Ryōki.

Through many battles, she battled Yagyu, Murakumo, and Mirai in that order, all the while gaining more and more of Miyabi's trust, all for making it crash to the ground in the end with her murder.

However, during the assassination attempt, Murasaki's instincts enabled her to take a bullet for Imu, who had been in the way of Ryōbi's line of fire (though Imu was planned to be killed first so she wouldn't act as a meat shield when Miyabi's time came). Murasaki had taken the bullet head on, causing her "death", putting Miyabi on her guard and triggering Imu's bloodline power, the Root of Calamity. Imu's crazed state, possessed by the Root of Calamity, allowed her to beat up Ryōbi and Ryōna as payback for Murasaki's "murder". In the end, the five Hebijo Elite all made it out of the chaos alive and ready to fight another day.



Secret Ninja Art 1 - 8 Minuet

Secret Ninja Art 2 - Ricochet Prelude

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art - Minuet Missile


  • Ryōbi's name means "Both Are Beautiful", referring to her and her sister.
  • Ryōbi's rifle seems to be a longer barreled version of the Karabiner 98 Kurz
  • In Estival Versus, upon leveling up, one of her quotes is "This is the greatest kind of high!" is a reference to one of the many famous quotes of DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Ryōbi is the only playable character in the series whose breasts change size after transforming. The reason behind this is because a person's shinobi turnover is their ideal self: being that Ryobi desires to have large breasts.
  • Ryōbi and her sister share their birthday with Yoshimitsu.