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Ryōbi (両備, often spelled as "Ryobi" or "Ryoubi") is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus as a first-year at Hebijo. She is Ryōna's younger twin and Ryōki's younger sister. She transferred from Gessen Girls' Academy with Ryōna. She has a complex about her breasts and is the polar opposite of Ryōna, being a giant sadist.

Before she uses Shinobi Transformation, she is small in the chest area. Her weapon of choice is a bolt-action sniper rifle, with an axe head modified onto the stock, which she uses primarily for close-quarters combat.



Ryōbi is heterochromatic, meaning she has two different color eyes being blue for the left eye and green for the right eye. She dons a white button-down "dress" shirt that has the waist wrapped in a belt that holds all of her extra large bullets. Underneath is a big, black dress that goes all the way down to her ankles, which, along with her legs and feet, are covered by white thigh-high stockings and red dress shoes. Then, she wears a red hair band and a red overcoat-like shirt reminiscent of Native American clothes.

Finally, she wears a tied black ribbon to look like tied shoelaces with the casual "bunny ears."


Ryōbi is a serious sadist that is motivated to hurt people, especially Ryōna, and not minding to insult them and swear. Similarly to Mirai, she is jealous of the other girls' busts, and greatly hates when she is criticized upon it. 

Despite her sadistic nature, she has been shown to display compassion towards her victims, and with deep remorse, such as when she accidentally shot Murasaki and pushed aside feelings of guilt when she had to beat Imu to get to Miyabi. She is also shown to have a sensitive nature when other people mention her older sister Ryōki, about which she can react quite violently.

In Estival Versus, more of her compassionate, guilty side was expanded upon, as it was revealed that she harbors a deep resentment from having told her sister Ryōki to "go die", in an argument the very day before Ryōki was killed in a mission.


Like her twin sister Ryōna, she was taken care of by their elder sister Ryōki after their parents died. She was the most loving sister of the two towards Ryōki, as she used to be fascinated by her and to follow her around like a puppy for long. Though, she eventually started to resent her and to envy her qualities and chest alike, which ended up in arguments between her and her elder sister, until the latter was enrolled and sent on a mission to take on a Yōma.

The day before the mission, in their last argument while Ryōna was KO due to a food coma, Ryōbi has shouted to wish her elder sister's death, and when Ryōki returns dead, she regrets it and is left alone with Ryōna.


Shinovi Versus

With Ryōna, she enrolled into Gessen Academy with her after their older sister, Ryōki's death. After hearing of the cause of their sister's demise (which was apparently a rampage from Miyabi), they defected Gessen and enrolled into Hebijo Academy to gain Miyabi's trust and later kill her, taking revenge on her for Ryōki.

Through many battles, she battled Yagyū, Murakumo, and Mirai in that order, all the while gaining more and more of Miyabi's trust, all for making it crash to the ground in the end with her murder.

However, during the assassination attempt, Murasaki's instincts enabled her to take a bullet for Imu, who had been in the way of Ryōbi's line of fire (though Imu was planned to be killed first so she wouldn't act as a meat shield when Miyabi's time came). Murasaki had taken the bullet head on, causing her "death", putting Miyabi on her guard and triggering Imu's bloodline power, the Root of Calamity. Imu's crazed state, possessed by the Root of Calamity, allowed her to beat up Ryōbi and Ryōna as payback for Murasaki's "murder". In the end, the five Hebijo Elite all made it out of the chaos alive, and as Rin cleared up the incident about Ryōki's death, they could reconciliate and become reliable allies for each other without any more grief.

Estival Versus

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown along with the rest of her team outdoors. It is here they suddenly get their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Paradise Episodes


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Ryōbi fights with a modified Karabiner 98 Kurz, 8mm Mauser bullets, bombs and uses corresponding Ninja Arts. With potent melee hits for light attacks and powerful ranged shots for heavy attacks, her main assets reside in her ability to hit her opponents at all ranges.
Her simple ranged attack has her shoot up to 5 bullets dealing decent to high damage, breaking the target's guard or unbalancing it, and bouncing on obstacles certain times, useful for dealing with crowds in tight spaces; the held version has her shoot a buckshot that will topple opponents at her front. Melee attacks and combos are potent and can send the target away, and limited area of effect that might affect only some opponents in front of her. They consist of striking with her rifle's axehead stock or to fire point-blank rounds, sometimes explosive bullets.

Ryōbi's Arts consist of a ranging attack Secret Art around her that will blast opponents near her away with bombs; a frontal attack Super Secret Art where 5 bombs send opponents flying at a certain distance in front of her, while she aims and blasts them; and a similar Ultimate Art where she summons a missile launcher backpack to fire multiple salvos toppling them.
Her Super Secret and Ultimate Arts tend to miss when opponents are too close to her, use Wake Up Attack or Evasion, or a Limit Break, yet they have a good area of effect for crowds.

"Ryōbi can shoot her rifle in long-range combat or use the razor-sharp blade on the rifle's gunstock for close-range combat. Because of that, she is an all-around fighter. Her main focus, however, is being able to snipe her targets from a distance. She can easily pick off close-range opponents with her Breach Art, though, as well. Just lock on and fire away. As for Secret Ninja Arts, use Ricochet Prelude if there's distance between you and your target. If they are close, or if you just need to get away, use 8 Minuet." -Estival Versus: Ryōbi's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Other Appearances

Bon Appétit!

Ryōbi was ranting about how everybody thought they were so high and mighty and what was wrong with the world. She was questioning why every woman was well-endowed. She began wondering if it was like this everywhere. No matter where she looked there were big chests everywhere. She points out this shouldn't be possible and wonders if there was a higher power sculpting all these large breasts. She also questions why hers were so small though she does acknowledge there were some who might look good with them like Mirai. And immediately questions why did she have to be the same as her, she didn't understand. She thinks of what people keep telling her, it's good to have them small when your sniping, so they don't get in the way. And she was sick of hearing that. She questions who thought of giving her small breasts, and blames god and wanted to have him brought out and put a bullet through his head. At this point she couldn't take it anymore, she was done being tossed around by the world's insane logic even if god was her opponent she was standing up to him. She was going to get herself large breasts no matter what. And how would she do that? With the wishing scroll from the Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off she was entering. A tournament and prize that god himself presented. Something she questioned but decided to look the other way for now. Never again would she be called chopping board, washing board or day-old soda.

First Round Her first opponent was Shiki who greets her with her nickname "RB". Ryōbi seeing Shiki's turnover questions her if she had enough clothes on and what was she trying to prove and points out how much of her breasts were hanging out. Shiki brushes off her words knowing Ryōbi was acting the same as usual. She then points out to Ryōbi the problems one has with large breasts. Ryōbi in a fit of anger says that every woman who was well-endowed had the same line. She asks her if she couldn't come up with something else, or did their large breasts leave little room for brains. Shiki was taken aback by Ryōbi's anger, and points out how her breasts enlarge whenever she transforms. Ryōbi immediately points out that they were fake, nothing but padding and asks her if she knew what it felt like to call them that. Something Shiki sympathized. Ryōbi having had enough talk says she was going to win the tournament and make them big, then everyday would be a party. And so the first round of the tournament begins with Ryōbi winning. After the round she was ecstatic about her victory and asks Shiki what happened and if her sacks got in the way of her cooking and begins laughing. Shiki deciding to trigger Ryōbi was in full agreement with her and says cooking was hard with them in the way and that Ryōbi's small ones gave her a big advantage. Who was angered but calmed herself down as today was the last day she'd hear that line and how tomorrow she'd get the last laugh. Shiki tells her she'd be waiting. Ryōbi tells her to try and not lose her cool next time she'd see them. But it didn't matter because once Ryōbi's explosive busty revolution succeeded Shiki's knockers would be sent to the chair.

Fourth Round She is approached by her sister Ryōna who begins asking her to bully her. Ryōbi tells her to shut her mouth and sit. Ryōna does so and barks like a dog. Ryōbi instructs her to shake, roll over and to spin three times and bark. Ryōna does what she was told like the obedient mutt she was being. Ryōbi then tells her if she wanted a treat she'd have to do a handstand, and ends off her instructions by calling Ryōna a "flat-chested whore". Ryōna drops her excitement and tells her sister that wasn't doing it for her and points out her melons were huge. Ryōbi under her breath tells her not to let her stop her right there. Ryōbi then tells her today was the day she was kissing her raisins goodbye and tomorrow she'll be a whole new person. Ryōna tells her good luck as she points out she's said that numerous times before. Ryōbi gets defensive about that as today was the day her dreams of a large chest were coming true. Ryōna sarcastically tells her sister she believed her. Ryōbi tells her she didn't believe she meant that before getting angry. The next round of the tournament begins with Ryōbi beating her sister. Ryōbi cheers for herself as she was one step closer to her goal. Ryōna asks her if she was going to get stuffed. Ryōbi asks her what if she was. Ryōna informs her that her flat chest was apart of her identity, what if she didn't stand out anymore. Ryōbi tells her she didn't care about that and they were not apart of her identity. Ryōna questions what her identity was. Ryōbi tells her it was her sadistic personality and couldn't think of anything else while Ryōna silently looked at her. Ryōbi drops the subject and says she has all sorts of things people would remember her for and sets off to the next round to make it happen.

Final Round Her final opponent was Murasaki. Whom Ryōbi addresses as "The whore with the world's biggest tits." Murasaki asks her what she wanted and she was scaring her. Ryōbi tells her to shut her mouth, and not to get cocky because she had a nice pair of knockers. Murasaki tells her she didn't do anything wrong and she didn't ask for them to be that big. Ryōbi didn't want to hear it and says having them that big was already a sin. Murasaki tells her she was so mean and she couldn't take it. Ryōbi informs her if she wanted to repent then she must tell her how did she get them so big as there had to be a secret. Murasaki tells her she eats delivery pizza and ramen then went to sleep that's all she does. Ryōbi in a fit of rage shoots down the BS she just heard, and angrily points out that you'd just get fat with that lifestyle and if Murasaki was saying that coincidentally all of it went straight to her jugs. Murasaki tells her she didn't know. Ryōbi decides to end the conversation as there was no use talking to her and to being the battle. And thus the final round of the tournament began with Ryōbi winning.

Epilogue Having won the tournament Ryōbi was excited about her victory. Now all she had to do was use the power of the wishing scroll to give herself the biggest boobs in the world. Murasaki congratulates her teammate for her victory. Ryōbi takes notice of Murasaki being modest. Murasaki tells her they were friends and she was happy to see friends grow. Ryōbi thanks her and says she was right, growth was important. Even if she did use the scroll it wasn't really growing it was just making her boobs bigger, they'd be just as fake as the padding and she knows it. Ryōbi decides against using the power of the scroll, and decides to use her own power to make them big. She then decides to go through with her new plan. After the cook-off ended she immediately shut herself in her room for her training in order to make her chest bigger on her own. Following Murasaki's advice she began eating continuously. Eating and sleeping then rising and eating, she rinses and repeats this process. She could definitely feel something inside her but not her chest. As she ate she says to herself that nothing was impossible. Three months later Ryōbi had indeed gotten bigger in her stomach. She didn't get an explosive chest so much as an explosive gut. Continuing that trend every day made her stomach inflate like a balloon. As she thought about it who wouldn't have guessed that would happen? And the worst part is her chest didn't grow an inch. But Ryōbi wasn't upset one bit she rubbed her new stomach and felt happy and relaxed. She questioned if this was how mothers felt. As she felt happiness envelop her, she began to imagine a bright future.

Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game.

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Wayward Thoughts Shinovi Versus Ryōbi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
I Have Only One Wish Bon Appétit! Ryōbi's theme.
In Order to Stay True to Myself Estival Versus Ryōbi's theme. It plays when she transforms and when fighting against her.


  • Ryōbi's name means "Both Are Beautiful", referring to her sisters Ryōki and Ryōna.
  • Ryōbi's rifle seems to be a longer barreled version of the German sniper rifle Karabiner 98 Kurz , with an axehead modification that replaces it's stock, and an extremely long barrel.
    • The axehead's representation varies between a corner sharp blade, and a regular axehead.
    • Like her sisters, Ryōbi wields a XXth German weapon in use during WW2.
  • In her Shinobi Girls' Heart missions in Shinovi Versus she learns a Secret Ninja Art called Swelling Melon Technique to increase her breast size, but it doesn't work as she wished.
  • Ryōbi is the only playable character in the series whose breasts change size after transforming.
    • Contrary to popular belief, she actually wears breast paddings during her transformation. She admits this during her story in Senran Kagura Bon Appétit, and Yomi battles her over this in her own Shinobi Girl's Heart.
  • In Estival Versus, upon leveling up, one of her quotes is "This is the greatest kind of high!" is a reference to one of the many famous quotes of DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Ryōbi and her sister share their birthday with Yoshimitsu.