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Rinka Kagurazaka is a guest character from Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni that appears in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash alongside her sister, Ranka.

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni was created by some of the same people who developed the Senran Kagura series.


Rinka is a beautiful girl with long purple-violet hair and purple eyes. She's a bit shorter than her sister and her breasts are bigger. She wears a hairpin on the right side of her head (while her sister has it on her left side). She wears a sailor uniform shirt with a blue tie that exposes her midriff and a blue skirt, while her thong is visible on her hips. She wears black stockings and school shoes.


On the surface Rinka would be seen by most as a very kind woman who cares for her sister and loves making friends.

Rinka can also be quite stubborn especially when she becomes curious. Once she commits to something, nobody is able to stop her.

When Rinka is fighting, however, this kindness is forgone and is shown to be very aggressive with a Japanese katana due to the Virus. Ranka even points out that Rinka tends to be more aggressive with a katana than with any other weapon.


Rinka's history is unknown. But all we know is that she's the older sister of the Kagurazaka sisters. Also she's one of the girls (including her sister) that's infected by the V-virus. Earlier when her parents learn that she's infected by the virus, they sent her and Ranka Kagurazaka (Rinka's younger sister) to Bhikkhuni Island where they can be cured.


  • Rinka Kagurazaka/Peach Beach Splash

Rinka utilizes her katana for a quick melee attack. It's quick, damaging, and can knock back enemies when in a pinch. Not to mention leaving behind an unexpected, yet fresh scent behind.

Rinka's cards pretty much mimics Ryōki and Naraku's cards: they can either create a moblie barrier around Rinka and her teammates, or spawn in a stationary barrier that is much more tough than the mobile ones.




  • Rinka's Faction Emblem in Peach Beach Splash is a stylized rabbit icon. She has a rabbit motif in her original series.

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