Rin (凛), also known as Suzune (鈴音), is a playable character in the PlayStation sub-series of Senran Kagura. She was a teacher at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. She is always cool, and her strength is top class. She is very severe and strict with her students, not believing in the word "mercy".




As a teacher of Hebijo, she appeared to be tall, with her red-framed glasses on, every time whenever she is on school grounds. When teaching, she wears a tight black miniskirt with black stockings rimmed with black paisley, attached to a garter belt. She also wears a long-sleeved, classy, white dress shirt which reveals much of her bust; while wearing a black camisole underneath.

When she transforms, she dons a tight sleeveless shirt that starts exposing her stomach that is connected to a piece that covers her nose and mouth. Around her neck is a red triangular shaped scarf with white triangle marks and white dots inside of the triangles. She also wears baggy red pants with knee-length black high-top sandals, with a gray cloth wrapped around her waist. Black panties are exposed underneath the cloth and pants.


Being both a teacher and a shinobi, Rin is a calm, collected woman who barely ever expresses emotion among her companions. She shows much wisdom when it comes to the subject of yōma and battling them, as she was once nearly killed by them. She does, however, show emotions around her Hebijo Elites and Crimson Squad, as well as with Kiriya and Daidōji.

Rin had been known not to believe in the word "mercy" where she brutally trains her students with no remorse for their safety unless extreme circumstances are presented, such as when fighting yōma and shinobi that are way out of her students' league. However, 300 hours underwater and country-mile sprints are child's play in her book.


Shinovi Versus

Hebijo Clandestine Girl's Academy

Homura's Crimson Squad

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Rin thinks about Daidōji, and how she has been waiting for the chance to fight her again despite Daidōji not even knowing whether she was alive or dead. She decides that she can't keep her waiting any longer, and will accept her challenge. However, there is something she must do first.

In order to ensure she can give Daidōji her best, she goes to see her students again for what could be the last time. She goes to give Homura and the others one final class before she fulfills her promise.

The Last Class
Rin sees Mirai first. She wants to put those last six months of training to the test. Mirai is unsure whether to call her " Master Suzune" or "Master Rin", but Rin says either one is fine because she doesn't care. Mirai decides on "Master Suzune."

Before they begin, Rin apologizes to Mirai for not spending enough time with her as a teacher. Mirai assures her that it's all right since she has all of Crimson Squad with her. Rin says she will be fighting all of them and Mirai states that she's ready since she learned from her friends who learned from Rin herself. Mirai says she'll show Rin what she can do, and Rin praises her spirit. After their match, Rin tells Mirai that she's gotten much stronger.

Power Hungry
Her next opponent is Yomi. Yomi doesn't want to start the battle on an empty stomach, so she asks Rin if she can hurry up and eat before they start. Rin allows her to do so, telling her to do it quickly while commenting on how she hasn't changed at all.

When Yomi finally eats, the two of them begin their battle. After they finish, Rin tells Yomi that she should know the body needs a balanced diet.

Our Graduation
Rin sees Hikage and Haruka next. She tells them that in a better world the two of them would have been graduating soon, and how the two of them did a great job with the elite class when they were still students at Hebijo. The two of them are shocked at her compliment.

As a "graduation" gift, she says she will imprint a true shinobi's power and skill into their hearts. Hikage says she's a rough as usual. Haruka says she doesn't dislike it, and since it's their graduation they should make some noise. After their battle, Rin wishes for them to meet again farther down their paths.

No need for Words
Her final visit is to Homura. She calls out to Homura, but she refuses to speak. This satisfies Rin, as she says silence is an excellent weapon. They agree that there is nothing more for them to say, and Homura says they should hurry and fight to the death. Loving Homura's spirit, Rin agrees.

When they finish, she tells Homura to go win her next fight against Asuka as she will do the same with Daidōji.

Love & Peace
Rin finally meets with Daidōji. Rin says they shouldn't waste time, but Daidōji immediately questions her -- wanting to know why she didn't return to the academy if she had been alive all that time. Rin says it would be impossible for her to have returned as a failed shinobi. Daidōji says about their promise, and Rin apologizes as she tells her that's exactly why she's there; to fight for her life with her.

Daidōji declares that she will make Rin admit defeat this time, but Rin doesn't believe she needs that now since she has gotten much stronger. Daidōji states that victory in the heart is what's important. Rin comments on how Daidōji's strength, but also says she stronger, faster, and harder than Daidōji.

The two then let out a valiant cry to fight with honor as they begin their promised battle. When Rin wins, she says to just call the "Super Shinobi."

Rin wins the battle and Daidōji calls her soft for not finishing her off. Rin says that she learned it's good to be soft again every now and again from someone very important to her. Daidōji immediately knows she's referring to Kiriya, which Rin confirms. Daidōji decides to accept Rin's softness and regard it as a chance to be stronger like her.

Kiriya asks Daidōji is she still wants to postpone her graduation, but Daidōji shakes her head. She is satisfied with the outcome and says she will graduate. At that moment, they are swarmed by yoma that are drawn to the scent of their blood. Since Daidōji and Rin are injured, Kiriya insist they leave it up to him.

Rin and Daidōji create a Shinobi Barrier around Kiriya to protect him from the yoma as they decide to take it upon themselves to fight. Rin says he should let them show him how far they've come along. She then whispers to herself about how she has always loved Kiriya.

The two face a whole army of yoma, back to back. While she knows the battle may be the end of her, she's happy to finally be fighting yoma with Daidōji like she's always dreamed. Daidōji says that if they die there, so too do their legacies -- so they should make sure that doesn't happen. Rin wholeheartedly agrees with this.

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts


Rin's characteristic speed and giant shuriken allow her to toy with enemies using ranged attacks. The shuriken can also be used as a claw weapon, making her an adept fighter at any distance.

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