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Reki (零姫) is a boss character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in the NINJA†RIDERS event for Senran Kagura: New Wave, which ran from May 7th to May 16th in 2013.



Reki has a fair complexion and magenta eyes. Her long silver hair is worn in a single drill ponytail. Her bangs stick up, and part of her hair is held back in a braid. On her head is a gold ornament to match her necklace. She wears a flowing purple, white, and black ballgown with several ruffles and a large gold ornament shaped like an eye on each hip. What appears to be a top is actually a large ornate white, indigo, and gold moth tattoo to match her gloves.

The moth tattoo only appears after she has performed a Shinobi Transformation.


She delights in using her magical eyes to brainwash weak-willed people or Yōma, or drive them mad. Able to create illusions or directly attack a person's mind, she is able to manipulate them in various ways.

Supposedly she handled the organizing of the Senki Shu for Hyōki, but her motivations are unknown.


Reki first appeared during the NINJA†RIDERS events where she influenced delinquents and bad students to go wild, including Mayumi, Reika, and Hiroko.


Reki's original name is unknown, but she was a Sentient Yōma who despised her mindless brethren for being trash. She came to Earth in order to exterminate the mindless trash for causing problems.

She appeared during the time when Hanzō and Kurokage were young, though she apparently did not directly meet them. She did hear about their exploits, however.

Reki ultimately ended up joining a team of shinobi and helping them exterminate the mindless Yōma. However, once the mission was completed, the shinobi backstabbed and murdered Reki.

Only a single young shinobi girl did not go along with the order. She had never wanted to be a shinobi, but was forced into the life because she had a talent for it. The other shinobi murdered her as well for standing against them.

As she lay dying, the human offered her body to Reki so that Reki could take revenge for them. Reki could have saved them both in the one body, but the girl chose to die rather than continuing living in this world she'd grown to hate.

Reki, now weakened by having to inhabit a human corpse instead of her original body, now carried a hatred for shinobi that equaled her hatred for mindless Yōma. She saw them both as nothing but worthless trash to be used and destroyed as she saw fit.

Now Reki is using Senki Shu to further her plans of destroying both the mindless Yōma and the shinobi. She has no qualms about mind controlling and sending as many of either group out to their deaths.

However, she has nothing against regular humans and will not harm normal civilians or former shinobi that quit the life.

The human corpse she inhabits seems to have it's age frozen at 18-years-old, presumably the age the shinobi girl was when she was murdered.


Reki was initially a non-playable boss character in Senran Kagura: New Wave, but was eventually made playable through the release of rare cards after the G Burst update.

She is able to generate images of floating eyes and moths, which can be used to create illusions or mesmerize her opponents.


  • Reki's name means "History", however the kanji of her name (零姫) can be translated as "Zero Princess".
  • She is the only character with a profile in the Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst Official Visual Collection to have their birthday listed as "Unknown" (not counting Ryōki who has her death day listed instead of her birthday). This later turns out to be because she's actually a Sentient Yōma possessing a human corpse.
  • Her powers with moth and eye imagery is probably a reference to how certain species of moth and butterflies (such as the Polyphemus moth) have eyespots on their wings to distract and confuse predators. The moth may also be her Guardian animal.
  • Her Yōma form is not known, but Hibari describes it as not having human arms, so it's possible it had wings like Yasha.