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Ranmaru(蘭丸) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave as a 1st year at Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy.

She is the newest member of the public morals committee. The daughter of an inventor, her father gave her the bear model robot butler "Kumapooh" which always accompanies her by her side. She is bad at expressing herself and so because she behaves like a child, she is quite lonely.

As she has just begun being a ninja she commands Kumapooh in battle.


Appearance & Personality

Ranmaru is a youthful looking girl with an average frame and fair complexion. She has large turquoise eyes with small glasses shaped like ovals. Her long, flowing pale orange hair is pulled into a high ponytail held with a purple accessory. Her bangs frame her face and on each side of her head is a braid tied into her ponytail.

She wears the Metropolitan Light Cherry Blossom Female University uniform with a gold badge on her chest and a red arm band pinned to her sleeve.

In turn over, Ranmaru wears a white frilly dress with a large lavender ribbon tied beneath her chest. She gains lavender and gold finger-less gloves with a white frilly wrist cuff and two gold attachments, each with a single spike sticking out of it. Her arm band is still on her left arm. She wears brown sandals and a pale brown choker with a gold medallion hanging from it.





  • She is the second character in the series that has moderately sized breasts (most are varying degrees of buxom and a few are flat). The first being Kafuru .
  • Ranmaru is also the second truant student in the series. The first being Murasaki.
  • Ranmaru's name (蘭丸) can be roughly translated as "Orchid Circle".
  • Her name may be a reference to Mori Ranmaru, the attendant of Oda Nobunaga.