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The Pirates' Base is a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes. It has day and night versions.


The Pirates' Base is a PBS enclosed amusement room themed around 18th century Pirates, comporting a central symmetry and the division between two sides. The map is mainly a large room with a pool of water with concrete and wood piers or grated platforms, as well as terraces accessed with stairs and ramps, and platforms. In the middle there is a small pirate galleon accessed with ramps and with fences and crow nests on the masts. The room is covered by an opaque glass roof, has steel walls and vents on its lateral walls, and on each side there are inaccessible entrances, and a wooden platform with wooden fences and walls.

Multiple buoys decorate the wooden piers, and there are multiple masts with banners decorating the concrete platforms and piers, whereas multiple banners are suspended on the walls. Each side wooden platform's walls have "Carib Resort" written on them and a post with a bone pirate. In the blue side can be recognized Mr.K's mask on top of the entrance and Bebeby in the corner of the room, whereas at their place there is Ms.R's mask and Nintō instead in the red side.