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The Peach Beach is a location that appears exclusively in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, and the place for several missions and Paradise Episodes, also serving as the training map the player can access at will.

It is where the characters and girls take pleasure on the beach outside of the Tournament.

The island also features a night version with lit torches and a dark sky and furniture-less version when it is the place for the final boss fight, the Heaven's Casket.


It is a large island which shape vaguely evokes the one of a girl's bust, with impassable palm forests on the "nipples". The map is adapted for water gun shootings, following a central symmetry, as it is clad with furniture such as wooden barricades and redoubts, piers, some crates, and torches lit in the night version. There is the remains of a pirate galleon ship and a rainbow in the distance, two rafts on the island's shore near closed treasure chests.

As the final boss's map, the island retains most of its characteristics but most furniture if not all were removed to give open space for the fight, and the sky takes a dark color.