Peach Ball: Senran Kagura is a pinball game by Marvelous Entertainment and HONEY∞PARADE GAMES for the Nintendo Switch.


The game takes place during a fighting game tournament attended by Asuka, Yumi, Yomi, Murasaki, and Ryona. Haruka is an employee at the arcade hosting the event. When Ryona goes to the bathroom she washes her hands with a potion accidentally left out by Haruka which makes her look and act like a dog. When the other shinobi realize something is wrong they get turned into animals while trying to subdue her. Haruka sets up a shinobi barrier as they run off and requests the player's help in restoring them with a special pinball machine. 


The game plays like a standard pinball game. The shoulder buttons move the flippers while the analog sticks can be used to nudge the table. Players have the choice of two tables: Peach Land or Oshinobi Yuenchi. Peach Land is themed around an amusement park. Spooky Shinobi Park (Oshinobi Yuenchi in the Japanese version) is themed around a haunted Japanese shrine with spring, fall, and winter variants. Both tables have a number of background images that can also be selected. Below this selection the player can set if they want to be in assist mode, which sets the number of balls to 8. Finally the player selects a character to sit at the top of the table and begins the game.

Upon a table loading the player is offered a selection of balls to use. The ball selected is used for the entire round. There are only two types of balls: Yin and Yang. This property only affects the type of vibration generated by the controller. Balls with the Yin (陰) property have an intense vibration while balls with Yang (陽) properties have a lighter vibration and produce sounds using HD Rumble technology.

The player fills a bar by completing "Peach Missions" listed on the right side of the screen. When a segment of the bar is full the player has to hit the girl sitting on the top of the table to initiate a "Sexy Challenge." The challenge involves skill shots utilizing two balls in a circular arena while a timer counts down. When the timer reaches 0 an animation is played and the girl's clothing is damaged (or gets wet in the case of certain outfits.) The third challenge is called a "Super Sexy Challenge." In this challenge the girl's breasts or buttocks are at the top of the arena while the flippers slowly move towards them. When the flippers reach their target, the flippers are then positioned under the body part and the player has to rapidly hit the flippers against it. Upon finishing the Super Sexy Challenge, the girl's clothing is removed. The round restarts and the process repeats until the player is out of balls. On occasion the Super Sexy Challenge is replaced with the Secret Super Sexy Challenge, where the player is timed on how quickly they can hit the girl's breasts 15 times in a multi ball challenge. This also resets the round, but the player is rewarded with an item. Once all items on a table have been obtained, zeni is awarded instead.

Haruka appears in story mode and the shop but is not able to be selected for a pinball table.

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