Pair Battles are a feature in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson where two characters fight together. This can be done by yourself or with another player.


To play with another player, select the Online option and then choose Local or Internet depending on who you want to play with. If you choose Internet you are able to create a Room with your desired settings or search for someone's Room. You can also place a Password on the Room if you so choose.

Almost all missions can be played in Co-Op.

When you have only one player, the second character will be controlled by the AI but you can freely switch to them with the push of a button.

Pair Battle Actions

By default the A button is for Pair Battle Actions and the R Trigger is Dash, but you can switch these in the Options if you'd prefer Dash to be where it is for most other games in the series.

Pressing the Pair Battle button will Switch to the other character if you are playing alone, or Teleport you to the other player's location if you are playing with another player.

After switching characters you can immediately close in on a locked-on enemy with what is called a Tag Homing Dash.

If your locked-on target is currently in an attacking animation, you can press the Pair Battle button to switch characters and perform a Tag Counter. This will also damage the enemy's clothing.

Hold down the Pair Battle button while having a locked-on target to perform a Combo Call where the other character will teleport to the enemy and attack.

If the other character is KO'd, run up to them and press the Pair Battle button to Revive them. This costs one Ninja Art scroll, and each time they revive they come back with less health. However, there is a Shinobi Stone that increases a character's power each time they are revived.

Stacked Secret Ninja Arts and Secret Fusion Ninja Arts are a special type of Secret Ninja Art that two characters can perform when they are both in Shinobi Form and each have at least 3 Ninja Art scrolls. Press the Ninja Art and Pair Battle buttons together to activate it. This will initiate a short scene that damages every single enemy in the current arena. When playing with another player, they will be prompted when you try to activate one of these and can then join you to activate it.

The power of Stacked Secret Ninja Arts and Secret Fusion Ninja Arts increases depending on the Affection between the two characters.

Certain Shinobi Stones only have an effect when you have a partner, so be sure to check your loadouts.


  • Senran Kagura: Estival Versus has a similar system where you can fight alongside an AI-controlled partner. However, in that game you cannot switch with the other character or perform any Pair Battle actions. They just fight with you in specific missions. You can revive them with the Dash button, however, and it does not cost a Ninja Art scroll like in Deep Crimson.


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