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Orochi(大蛇/蛇楼血) is a recurring monster from the Senran Kagura video game series. It is the first known Yōma boss.

First Form - Castle Ruins' Monster

It is a Yōma formed of the dilapidated Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy Castle and the concentrated regret and anger of centuries of deceased female ninja. In order to truly revive this demonic creature, Dōgen, Hebijo's main investor, needed the Super Secret Ninja Art Scrolls as well sacrifices of which he planned to use the Hebijo elites, Homura, Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, and Haruka. Through assaults from the inside and out, Homura, who free from its influence her friends, and Asuka, attacking the monster itself, ultimately defeated it, rescuing Homura's friends but leaving Hebijo Castle in ruins. The two rivals remeet with their own teams, but Homura's team, accused of treason for failing to defend the castle, leave the battlefield and form the Crimson Squad, an independent group.

Second Form - True Orochi

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However, in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, it turned out that Orochi never actually died. With both Homura's and Asuka's teams gathered and injured in one place, Orochi now had all the sacrifices it needed for its awakening. It did the same thing it did to Homura’s team in SK:PoG/Burst, but on a larger scale by absorbing both shinobi teams with the exception of Asuka and Homura. In their place, it takes Dōgen and Naraku, who watched and hid with Kagura. Rather than being absorbed like the rest of them, Dōgen had somehow fused himself with the giant monster and protruded out of its chest.

The two shinobi fight it off, damaging the Yōma so much that its lower half fell off, leaving only a little spine hanging out of its torso. It then fell into a portal and left, said portal leading to another dimension where Orochi could heal itself. A fully awakened Kagura easily pulled it out of said dimension and used Izanagi to immediately and completely obliterate it (and Dōgen, by extension).


There are ideas in its design that imply True Orochi is meant to be an awakened deity:

  • It has two halos floating behind its head, which represent enlightenment in Buddhism and the halos are composed of what look like demonic Buddhist statues.
  • The multiple arms and legs are a symbol of supernatural power in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Though it might just be a reference to its first form’s five heads, multiple faces also symbolize stronger consciousness.
    • However, usually the multiple faces of a Hindu/Buddhist deity appear on the sides and behind the head, rather than each face being split in half with each half appearing on either the left or right side of the central face.
  • As it executes some of its attacks, it makes Buddhist hand signs, also called Mudras.
    • Its character artwork also shows it performing mudras.
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