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Neptune is the guardian goddess of Planeptune. She's the face and title character of the Neptunia series and possesses an upbeat and bright personality even in the face of adversity.

In Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, she has decided to enter the Peach Beach Splash tournament on behalf of Gamindustri.



Neptune is a seemingly young girl with a petite frame. She has dark-purple eyes and messy lilac-purple hair with two d-pad hair clips. Her apparel consists a white choker with a light-blue d-pad symbol and a white one-piece swimsuit with an emblem attached to the ribbon on the chest area that has the letter "N".

In the Neptunia series, Neptune wears a choker around her neck with a light blue D-pad symbol on it and short sleeved mini hoodie with blue and purple lining around the sleeves and the hood. The hoodie is closed by a button emblem with a large N in the middle and has two strings that look like controller plugs. Underneath she wears a dark purple dress lined with light purple which zips up from the front and has pockets on both sides along with white lining along the bottom. Her socks are light blue and white striped thigh high socks with frills at the tops and her shoes are purple and blue with an N on them.


Neptune is a happy, excitable girl with a very strong sense of justice. Her ditzy personality causes her to be very reckless at times which can either help her or land her into serious trouble. She makes friends rather easily due to her friendly nature and often gives them cute nicknames. People admire her optimistic outlook and confidence. She never gives up or backs down when the going gets tough and she makes sure to see her objective through to the very end.

When transformed into her Goddess form, Purple Heart is considered to be cool, collected, just, and overall much more mature in comparison to her human form. While the personality and appearance change is major between the two forms, she still retains some aspects of her human form albeit to a lesser extent.


  • Neptune/Peach Beach Splash
  • Neptune/Ninja Wars

For close combat in Peach Beach Splash, Neptune melees her opponents with the Paper Fan, a katana-like weapon she uses in the Neptunia series. The fan has good damage and can knock opponents back, despite it being made of paper.

Unlike the other characters in Peach Beach Splash, Neptune does not have any cards of herself to use at all.




  • Neptune is the only character whose hairstyle and hair color you cannot change in the dressing room, along with Super Sonico.
  • If left idle, she mentions MarvelousAQL or ‘Marvy’, a DLC character in the Neptunia games who represents Marvelous.

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