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Naraku (奈楽) is a shinobi who was raised in an isolated village from birth for one solitary purpose: to guard the mystical Reincarnation Sphere, which, when Naraku came of age, "hatched" into the being known as Kagura.

Today, Naraku stands beside Kagura every hour of the day and protects her from all possible harm, out of both duty and friendship. She fights with an expandable metal ball, which she swings from a chain around her ankle.



Naraku is a rather short girl with shoulder-length, pale green hair, and pink eyes. She wears a black sleeveless top with a small orange jacket. She wears long white socks with black sandals. Around her neck is a red scarf. She carries a green bag with her. Her scarf has a yellow pin with black stripes and two green Shinobi Stones.


Naraku goes as flat and serious towards everyone around her, but always shows her true emotions only towards Kagura. Because of her assigned major role of protecting the Reincarnation Sphere, Naraku is highly protective over Kagura and will forgo everything of her belonging just to keep her safe at all costs.


Estival Versus

Naraku appears as playable character through downloadable content and has no relevance to the main story of the game, nor does she have any additional story content.

Peach Beach Splash


She and Kagura are shown looking down at their (offscreen) invitation to the PBS tournament.

Paradise Episodes


Main Artcles: Naraku/Estival Versus  · Naraku/Peach Beach Splash

"Naraku's ball-and-chain getup might look slow and ponderous, but it's speedier – and shorter – than it seems. Because of the latter, long-range enemies and flying enemies pose a threat to her. Her Frantic Mode doesn't solve her range problem, so use it only if you're already in position to finish the match. As for her Secret Ninja Arts, her Six Paths of Samsara is best for groups, while her Six Paths to the Underworld is best for one-on-one. Be careful – both her Secret Ninja Arts and her Ultimate Secret Ninja Art have significant knockback, and can accidentally throw her opponents to safety in mid-Art. Save them for when the target has her back against the wall." -Estival Versus: Naraku's Battle Card

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