Namu Amida (南無阿弥打 - Namu Amida) is Yozakura's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.


Shinovi Versus


Yozakura charges energy into both of her gauntlets, activating the pistons, then throws all of the energy into them at once. This releases a light in the shape of two arms together with the hands making fists. She uses this light like a whip to attack her enemies, punching them senselessly over and over again. For the finishing move, Yozakura puts both gauntlets together and releases one final thrust of energy towards the enemies.

(Yozakura is able to use this after clearing Chapter 4 Mission 04.)


  • The name "Namu Amida" comes from the Buddhist proverb "Namu Amida Butsu", which according to Buddhist Master Rennyo, means "entrusting the mind of sentient beings who rely on Amida to save us, bringing us to Buddhahood in the afterlife."
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