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Deep Crimson Murasame.png
Voiced By Kanehira Yamamoto
Starting Age 22
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Birthday June 6th (Gemini)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Weapon Kusarigama
Personal Details
Status Alive
Alignment Good Shinobi
Occupation College Student
Faction Hanzō National Academy (through his family)
Hobby Outdoing Ikaruga
Favorite Food Curry
Family Ikaruga (adopted sister)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Height 180 cm (5'10.8)

Murasame (村雨) is a secondary recurring character in the Senran Kagura video game series. He makes his debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, and his playable debut in Senran Kagura 2. He can be unlocked with save data from Burst or downloadable content. He is Ikaruga's older step brother.



Murasame has long black hair, which covers most of his forehead do to his long bangs, and even going further, as to cover some of his eye, and going down to his nose. It also goes well down to his ears, nearly covering them up as well.

He wears a dark blue vest or shirt underneath his long white coat, and both tops are also constantly unzipped, he wears white pants as bottoms, and black shoes. He is one of the tallest characters in the series.


He is an arrogant and conceited man as he thinks he deserve the right of the positions of the families riches as it written in blood to him and he thinks he is very skilled with his skills as a Ninja. He is known to hold grudges as he never forgive and always hated Ikagura for stealing his right to being the heir of the family and have been planning to reclaiming what should be his ever since and would do anything to get it back while nothing would get in his way too..

It is shown to be that he thinks of others as commoners if they aren't well known to him or doesn't have a lifestyle like him as well. Though, when he met Hanzō (He didn't know it was him since he never heard his name or seen him before) and he tell him of what his father truly thinks of him and also guide him on the right way, it would seem he has some remorse or so from all of this after hearing that and have stop his plots on reclaiming to be family's heir since.

In the OVA Series, it would seem him and Ikagura are now at good terms now as she would offer to write a song for him that he was having trouble working on to which he let her, showing that he might not hate or think lowly of her anymore perhaps.


Murasame is Ikaruga's older brother, although they are not blood related, since she was adopted into the family. Murasame has a grudge against Ikaruga, since she "stole" his rightful position to as the heir to their family's history as proud shinobi. This came to be after Murasame failed to become a shinobi by failing the Hanzo Academy's entrance exam. The reason being that he lacks the aptitude for being shinobi. Despite Murasame's jealousy, his parents were able to find his hidden talent for the family's other legacy: a wealthy banking business.


Senran Kagura Burst

Skirting Shadows

Crimson Girls

He makes only one appearance during this storyline in which he is participating in an eating contest, which his sister also entered. When the first round of the competition began his opponent was a blonde girl. He introduces himself to her and begins to boast about how there was nothing she could do, as he was a pro and she could back out now and only suffer a nick to her pride. The girl gave him no response, which he noted. When their food finally came out it was a mountain of cabbage cores, which was all that was left of the cabbages they were supposed to eat. Murasame refused to eat them as he wasn't a rabbit. The girl tells him if he didn't like them, he should abstain from the competition. Murasame was riled up as he would be in eighth place and asks her if she realized what that meant. She didn't understand but she saw his eyes were bloodshot. He declared he would do it, he'd be a rabbit, and to call him "Bunny Boy!" In the end the girl wins the round and Murasame had passed out with cabbage cores stuffed in his mouth. Ikaruga came rushing to his side and give him her hand to stabilize him, only for Murasame to slap it away and tell her not to touch him. He makes a remark about how nobody but his real family could lay a hand on him and runs off.

Deep Crimson

Murasame makes a brief appearance as a boss in the Deep Crimson Chapter, battling Ikaruga. He meets his sister and Yomi while they are out chasing yoma, where he immediately challenges his sister. He proclaims that he will get revenge on Ikaruga for stealing away his childhood because he never got to go on a field trip to Kyoto in middle school from a stomach ache. During the conversation, he remembers about Hien and challenges Ikaruga, with the sword at stake.

After being beaten, he states that he has to meet up with friends nearby, and doesn't want to be late. This is shown to be a lie, and decides to head back to Tokyo because of the yoma running amok. Before leaving, he prides himself on making a bridge between the rich and the poor, as Ikaruga and Yomi become friends after the confrontation, burying the hatchet between them.

Shinovi Versus


Murasame uses a chain sickle in combat, which he swings around quite wildly. He placed 6th in the town chain sickle tournament, so his skills aren't very advanced. This, in game, makes him somewhat of a joke character in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, where his chain attacks are, in fact, horrible and he frequently trips himself and falls over when fighting, though still doing damage to enemies. When fighting him, sometimes knocking him into an Aerial Rave will cause him to plant his head into the ground, where he takes a few seconds to get himself out.

He however has a couple of advantages in that some of his chains result in sweeping attacks with considerable AoE and various attacks give him invincible frames. A skilled player can get some pretty good use out of him due to these traits

Secret Ninja Arts

Hien Hosen: Mode Zero

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts

The Best Combination (w/Ikaruga)

Creation & Development


  • Murasame's name translates to "Village rain".
  • Both, Murasame and Ikaruga repeat the same number on his month and day of birthday, being Murasame 6/6 (June, 6) and Ikaruga 7/7 (July, 7).
    • Murasame also shares his birthday with Marie Rose.
  • He has an interest in baseball as revealed when the player acquires the Waist-Deep DLC in which the weapon Ikaruga receives is his prized bat.