Murasaki (紫) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series, who makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. She's a 2nd year at Hebijō Clandestine Girls' Academy, and Imu's younger sister.

She lacks social skills, and prefers to spend her time in her room with her teddy bear Bebeby (Bebe-tan in Japanese). Despite easily becoming one of Hebijō's elite, she never attends school, and is the first truant in its history.



Murasaki has ankle-length, violet hair, with a black ribbon placed just above her bangs, which cast a heavy shadow over her eyes, causing them to be devoid of shine, appearing darker than usual, and often lend her a sad demeanor overall. She wears a long, black dress with gray trimmings, and has a prominent bust.


“Friends? There's no such thing. Not really. We're all lonely creatures. We're always on our own. And we always will be.”
Murasaki is very fragile. She never attends school, preferring to spend her time playing with her stuffed bear, Bebeby. She is normally very soft-spoken and pacifistic, however, the Root of Calamity can cause that to change when she's frightened or angered.

When under the influence of the Root of Calamity, her personality briefly changes significantly. She begins talking in a much lower voice, and makes an active attempt to kill the target of her anger, often screaming loudly in the process.

Notably, Murasaki has a fairly cynical outlook on life. She considers the idea of friendship to be a lie, and rejects the notion that having people counting on you can make one stronger. In her own words, she believes people to be lonely creatures by nature. She frequently assumes the worst intent in people, and was honestly surprised that people from such different worlds as Yomi and Ikaruga could become friends. Her cynical outlook is reflected in her preference in media, with her favorite story being full of dark themes such as murder, depression and drug abuse.

Murasaki also has a strange ability, learned as a result of spending all of her time in her dark bedroom: Her nose is much better than her eyes, and she can even sense details about one's character, such as personality and social status, through smell alone.


Bebeby, or Bebe-tan in Japanese, is a purple bear plushie that Murasaki holds and make talk with ventriloquism. Unlike its rather silent and shy owner, Bebeby is rather blunt, telling Murasaki encouragements or critics.

Even if the PBS opening cinematic gives it a "living" side, and EV's menu with a Hebijo character selected does the same by showing it "breathing", an attempt by Yomi to make it talk reveal that this is mere ventriloquism, as Yomi, not mastering this discipline, makes it talk while moving her mouth, which isn't seen with Murasaki.


Murasaki is Imu's younger sister, born into a long line of evil shinobi, with a dark magical power known as the Root of Calamity. As a child, she had no desire to become a worthy shinobi, and believed she didn't have what it takes. However, her father continued to push her to train, despite her protests.

This eventually resulted in an incident where she tried to skip training, angering both her father and Imu. Out of irritation, Imu took her stuffed bear, Bebeby, and tried to rip its head off. Murasaki blacked out, and when she came to, Imu was lying at her feet, unconscious. Her father then explained that the Root of Calamity is a Secret Ninja Art in which one infuses their body with spiritual strength, often triggered by negative emotions.

Wracked with guilt from injuring her sister, Murasaki started to close herself off from the world. Her parents deceived her into killing a Hebijo Academy exam representative, and as a result, was considered to have passed the exam and officially enrolled. However, she became a shut-in. She refused to attend, going as far as to threaten her own parents that if they ever tried to force her, she would use the Root of Calamity on them. As a result, she became the first and only truant in the school's history.


Shinovi Versus

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Murasaki is introduced, going through her typical daily routine. She wakes up in the evening, says good morning to Bebeby, and gets her breakfast and dinner from the door to her room.

She then gets on her computer and browses the web, spending her time on social networking sites and reading online novels. Of particular note is her favorite title, Rapunzel the Shinobi, a story that lures you in by initially pretending to be a lighthearted romance featuring a harem of princes, but gradually becomes a dark tale of murder and depression.

When she's done, she gets back into bed and talks to Bebeby, wondering if her sister will ever forgive her, and drifts to sleep.

Chapter 1
One day, Murasaki wakes up to find Imu in her room, holding Bebeby, who says that her power is needed at Hebijo Academy. Murasaki initially refuses, but Imu threatens her, saying that if she won't attend, then she won't see Bebeby again. Murasaki quickly loses her temper, screaming at Imu to give him back, and they fight. Though Murasaki wins the battle and gets Bebeby back, she decides to attend, hoping that helping out at the academy will bring Imu to forgive her.

At Hebijo, she meets Ryōbi and Ryōna, two transfer students from Gessen Girls' Academy, and immediately smells something off about them. Given their overall personalities, though, she dismisses it.

Chapter 2
After Hebijo challenges Hanzō National Academy, Imu leaves Murasaki at Hanzō's front gates, telling her to fight. Shortly after Imu leaves, Ikaruga finds her, and asks if she's okay. Murasaki quickly realizes that she's a good person, but also notices the faint scent of herbs of a variety mostly used by shinobi. She introduces herself as a Hebijo student and attacks, defeating Ikaruga with ease. Ikaruga mentions Gessen as she goes down, and Murasaki deduces that the Hanzō students had just finished a battle with them, and are still worn out.

After Hanzō Academy is defeated, Gessen challenges Hebijo, accusing them of stealing their prey. While the twins claim to have severed all ties with the school, Murasaki once again smells something off about them, and wonders if it's true. After everyone else leaves to accept the challenge, Ryōbi stops Murasaki and asks what it was she could smell. She says it was nothing, which Ryōbi reluctantly accepts. As they leave to follow the others, however, Murasaki whispers to herself, "...I'll fight...for Sis."

Chapter 3
Murasaki makes her way into Gessen and encounters Minori, who accuses her of stealing her playmate by defeating Ikaruga. Minori says she's just selfish because she doesn't have a playmate of her own, to which Murasaki responds that she has Bebeby, though she loses her temper when Minori says he's just a toy. Oddly enough, though, she doesn't try to attack. Instead, she begins talking to herself about how, if it's for Imu, she'll fight, and acknowledges that she's essentially been using Bebeby as a surrogate sibling. Minori, confused, snaps her out of it, asking what it is she's talking about. Murasaki says she doesn't remember saying anything, irritating Minori and prompting her to attack.

Murasaki wins the battle and leaves, determined that, even if Imu will always put Miyabi first, she's still going to try and make amends.

Chapter 4
Hebijo scouts have found the locations of the Homura's Crimson Squad hideout, and prepare to attack. Murasaki overhears Ryōbi telling Ryōna that it's "almost time," and takes it as confirmation that they were indeed planning something.

While the other Hebijo battle their targets, Murasaki tracks down Yomi. She immediately notes Yomi's poor status, to which Yomi replies that she has precious friends that no money can buy, and that she doesn't need anything more. Murasaki denies it, saying that people are lonely creatures, though Yomi insists that even people from entirely different worlds can get along. Regardless, however, Murasaki simply says that she'll never know what that feels like.

Shortly after, Ikaruga appears, barely able to stand, and warns Yomi that Murasaki is stronger than she appears. She says that she believes in Yomi, and collapses. Murasaki notes that she didn't even manage to do anything despite holding out long enough to show up, and wonders why she even bothered. Yomi tries to explain that it's because they're friends, and that having Ikaruga believing in her means that she can't lose, but Murasaki doubts it, and challenges her to prove it.

Murasaki wins the battle, and notes that whatever strength Ikaruga gave her still wasn't enough. Yomi apologizes for not being able to live up to Ikaruga's expectations and collapses. Afterwards, Murasaki wonders if Yomi was right about people from different worlds becoming friends, thinking that if somebody as wealthy as Ikaruga and as impoverished as Yomi can become friends, maybe she really can get close with her sister again. She acknowledges that, even if she can't make that happen, she'll never know for sure if she just hides in her room, and heads back to Hebijo Academy.

Chapter 5
Back at Hebijo, Murasaki finds Ryōna alone in the garden, trying to find Ryōbi. Murasaki confronts her, saying that from the start, they smelled like danger. She calls Ryōna out on their plan to kill Miyabi and Imu, and when asked what she'll do if it's true, she responds that she's going to protect Imu. She says that she finally understands why she has her power, and that it's to protect the one person she loves. The Root of Calamity may have scarred her once, but now, it's going to save her life. Murasaki vows not to let Ryōna reach Imu, no matter what. Ryōna remarks that it must be too late, that the wheel of fate must already be in mid-spin, saying that Murasaki's feelings for Imu mirror hers for Ryōbi, and apologizes before attacking.

Ryōna wins the battle and walks away, leaving Murasaki, collapsed on the ground. Shortly after, however, she gets back up, determined to protect Imu.

Ryōbi hides in a tree and takes a shot at Miyabi, intent to end her life. However, Murasaki jumps in the way of the bullet at the last second, and after a moment of stillness, collapses once more. She warns Imu and Miyabi of the twins' plan, and Miyabi runs off to find them.

As Murasaki lies on the ground, she apologizes to Imu for always holding her back. However, Imu turns around an apologizes for keeping her distance, because she was always jealous of Murasaki's power. After a moment of thought, Murasaki asks Imu to look at the sky with her, and thanks her for bringing her out of her room so they could see it together. Murasaki says that Imu's the best sister she could've had, and loses consciousness.

After the battle between Miyabi and Imu, everybody finds themselves in the Hebijo infirmary. Miyabi asks where Murasaki is, and Imu points at a bed further down. She says that the shot didn't hit anything vital, and the twins attended to her quickly. Ryōbi and Ryōna walk into the room and apologize, acknowledging that nobody would logically forgive them for their actions. After a brief exchange between them and Miyabi, Suzune walks in and hands Miyabi an envelope full of documents regarding Hebijo's Elite, explaining that the school has decided to accept them, with Miyabi as the leader.

After some banter between the five of them, Murasaki notes that this is the first time the five of them had laughed together.

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 3
New Hebijo confronts the Hanzō students in the shops district, after the latter just finished up at the bath house. The team declares itself the true Hebijo Elite, and each member introduces herself individually. Miyabi suggests an exhibition match, and asks if Murasaki will fight alongside her. However, Murasaki says that she just wants to go home. As she's not seen at all for the rest of the Hanzō story, it's reasonable to assume that she did, in fact, just go home.

Gessen Girls' Academy

Chapter 3
As the Gessen students attack Hebijo, Minori finds Murasaki in the gardens and asks if she'll play with her. However, Murasaki, being Murasaki, just wants to go home. This doesn't dissuade Minori at all, who says that she can go home when she hears frogs croaking. Murasaki makes frog noises, and declares it's time to go home. Minori, persistent as always, immediately switches gears and asks if they can play froggies together, before making frog noises, herself. Murasaki compliments her ribbiting before, once again, trying to go back home. As one would expect by now, Minori stops her, saying that they still need to play together. Murasaki asks Bebeby what she should do, and Minori immediately notices how cute he is. She says that she has a lot of stuffed toys too, so they should play together. After hearing that she likes stuffed animals, Murasaki finally agrees to play with her a little bit. She immediately reconsiders, however, when Minori says her princess doll is going to beat him up and rip out his fur. Still, Minori just decides that they're gonna play pro-wrestlers instead. Of course, this just means a typical shinobi battle.

After the battle, Murasaki once again tries to go home, but Minori stops her, asking what an evil shinobi's home is even like. Murasaki says it's just a regular house, which practically floors Minori, and then leaves.

Homura's Crimson Squad

Chapter 2
Murasaki's favorite online novel, Rapunzel the Shinobi, releases a long-awaited update. She leaves several comments, which ultimately prompts a response from the author, Futsure. A short conversation later, astonishingly, they agree to meet up near the train station.

As she arrives, she notices Mirai, one of the Hebijo renegades, sulking around near the station. Mirai immediately jumps on the defensive and startles Murasaki with her shouting. Murasaki tries to explain that she's just there to meet somebody, but Mirai says to go away, since she's there to meet somebody important, herself. When Murasaki hesitates to respond, Mirai takes it as a challenge and attacks.

Mirai wins, and tells her to leave, but Murasaki says that she made a promise, and she doesn't want to break it. However, she ultimately decides to leave anyways, saying that the battle left her in no state to meet with somebody. She says that Mirai smells poor, and that she won't go easy next time they meet before leaving.

Chapter 5
They finally meet again as the Crimson Squad invades Hebijo Academy. Mirai confronts Murasaki, but she says she just wants to make sure Dōgen is safe and go home, since Rapunzel the Shinobi is likely to have an update. Mirai is taken aback by this, and asks if Murasaki goes by cute_shutin. Murasaki is shocked by this, and asks how she knows that name. After some deliberation, she realizes that the only logical way a renegade would know that is if she's a hacker, and attacks to protect her secret.

Mirai once again defeats Murasaki, and asks if she's calmed down a bit. Murasaki asks her to not tell anybody, because if Futsure found out about her real self, she'd hate her for it. Mirai agrees, but says that Futsure wouldn't hate her, before revealing that she is, in fact, Futsure, and note a random hacker. Once again shocked, Murasaki accuses her of lying, saying that she acts nothing like Futsure, in which Mirai promptly points out the irony. They finally exchange formal introductions, and begin to talk, as Mirai hopes that Homura makes it to Dōgen safely.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

After beginning to attend Hebijo, Murasaki's life has started changing. In the past, she would only say that she wants to go home if she was outside, but has begun saying it even in her own room. It used to be a private haven for her, but lately, Imu and Miyabi have begun barging in whenever they please, and while they are important to her, so is her time alone. Naturally, however, they fail to realize the necessity for a shut-in to have time to themselves, even if it's just lazing about.

Imu and Miyabi come in again, telling her to get ready for training, even opening the curtains, and getting her clothes out so she can get ready. Not being able to take it anymore, she shouts that she hates both of them, and runs off, as far away from everybody as she can.

Leave Me Alone
Shortly after, Hikage finds her walking around the shops district, talking to herself and generally seeming gloomy. When she asks what's wrong, Murasaki simply says to leave her alone. Hikage tries to press the issue, but this only makes her more upset, ultimately culminating in her losing her temper and running away again.

Give Me My Sister
Trying to find a place where she can be alone, Murasaki goes to Hebijo, and makes her way to the castle keep. Miyabi, who had been following her, catches up to her along the way. She says that Imu's been worried, but Murasaki refutes it, saying that as long as she has Miyabi, there's no way she'd care. Miyabi tries to explain that it has nothing to do with her, and that Imu's just worried about her sister, but Murasaki responds by yelling at her to give her sister back.

I Hate You, Sister
After fighting Miyabi off, Murasaki makes it to the keep. She wonders aloud to herself why people insist on taking things from her. Her sister, her haven, everything. Shortly after, Imu catches up with her, telling her that she's been worried. No matter how she tries, though, Murasaki insists that Miyabi is enough for her, and that she has no reason to be worried. Murasaki fights her, and says that she's fine on her own.

Murasaki finds herself alone in a barren field. Relieved that nobody will be able to bother her anymore, a shadow of her appears and says that nobody was chasing her, to begin with. She was alone from the start. When she asks who the shadow is, it responds by saying that it's somebody she knows very well; A coward, a waste, a pile of worthless baggage. As it explains that it is her, she ends up agreeing with it. It continues, saying that if it's true, then she's not needed. Murasaki still agrees, yelling that she doesn't need herself. She attacks the shadow, before declaring farewell and laughing to herself.

Worthless Child
The barren field fades with the shadow. Still repeating what the shadow told her, Murasaki hears a voice calling her name. She tells it to shut up, and that she just wants to go home. Shortly after, she finds herself at the intersection in front of the shopping district with Asuka, whose calls had finally gotten through to her. Asuka asks if she's alright, and says that she was standing there, vacantly. Murasaki immediately puts up her guard, saying that Asuka has no need to be near her, nor does anyone else. Asuka tries to talk sense into her, saying that Miyabi and Imu do, but it doesn't get through. Murasaki claims that if she disappears, then everything will be fine. Asuka doesn't let up, however, saying that everybody's needed and that she won't let her go.

After their battle, Asuka, still out of breath but smiling as she does, asks if Murasaki feels any better after being able to let out some stress. Murasaki asks how she can smile like that, to which Asuka says it's because they're together at that moment, and that it's always more fun to smile with someone than alone. At this, Murasaki comes to a realization. When she's alone, she rarely shows any outward sign of happiness, but when she's with the other Hebijo elites, she sometimes even finds herself laughing naturally. Asuka continues, saying that the more people can smile together, the better, but acknowledges that it's really just how she sees things. Not everyone may think like that, and that's always fine. Murasaki shakes her head, and thanks Asuka. Before she started spending time with the other Hebijo elites, her life was miserable, never talking to anyone, always being alone. Once they got together, though, she couldn't go back to that life. Not entirely, at least.

Murasaki returns to her room and finds a note from Imu and Miyabi, saying that they'll knock before entering from now on. She sighs happily and climbs into bed before drifting off to sleep.

Estival Versus

Shinobi Girl's Heart

It is morning. Murasaki has spent all night thinking about the latest chapter of Mirai's web novel that was posted that midnight. Mirai's story is a romantic thriller set in a music school about a girl called Rapunzel who falls in love with a 'Prince', her teacher at the school. Enchanted by Mirai's storytelling, Murasaki wants to experience the story as reality and so leaves her house for the first time in a long while to find a real music school.

Murasaki gets lost in the city and comes across Yomi in the slums. She tells Yomi she's looking for a "musical school", but Yomi doesn't understand the English term and asks if that's some kind of food or drink. Murasaki tells Yomi what it really means and Yomi says the slums don't have that kind of school, they just have pragmatic schools that teach you how to survive daily life. That isn't what Murasaki is looking for and she fights Yomi for no real reason. Having defeated her opponent, Murasaki wonders where she can find a music school.

Ryōki and Renka are in the Forest of Requiem. Murasaki is drawn by the sound of Renka's taiko drumming, wondering if it's the sound of a music school. She asks Renka and Ryōki if she can join the school, having brought the proper documents to do so. Ryōki says there must be some mistake but Renka says she could learn drumming from her. Murasaki says she really wanted to learn to sing and dance but Renka interrupts with an energetic display of drumming. She tells Murasaki it's her turn to try it, but Murasaki's hesitant efforts show her lack of enthusiasm. After battling Ryōki and Renka for the sake of it, Murasaki realizes this probably isn't the "musical" she's looking for.

Murasaki's search leads her to Mt Orochi training grounds where she finds Mirai, the web novel author who inspired her quest in the first place. Murasaki is singing a little song to herself and Mirai recognizes it as the song she wrote that her protagonist Rapunzel sings in her novel. She starts to sing it too. The two praise one another's singing, and then fight while still singing the song together. Murasaki wins and says she feels she's getting the hang of music now.

At a different forest training grounds, Murasaki thinks to herself that she's got to grips with singing and dancing but she doesn't know about romance yet. She wants to learn about love. Miyabi, Asuka and Murakumo happen to be in the same area and Miyabi asks Murasaki what's up. She's unsettled when Murasaki just stares at her intently. Murasaki says that a 'Prince' has arrived, perhaps seeing the same tomboyish appeal in Miyabi that her sister Imu does. Miyabi doesn't know what to make of this, nor what to make of the love song that Murasaki starts singing. Asuka, listening to all of this, asks if Miyabi and Murasaki are romantically involved. Miyabi hastily denies this while Murasaki carries on singing to her 'Prince'. Murakumo says Murasaki is probably doing some kind of musical. Miyabi and Asuka agree, and Murakumo says that in that case Miyabi should go along with it. Miyabi manfully begins singing Rapunzel's song with Murasaki and, when they finish, says that musicals are actually pretty good. A battle breaks out because why not, and Murasaki wins, happy that she's starting to get her head around romantic love.

The last battle is with Murasaki's sister Imu on the roof of Hebijo Academy. Murasaki says that Imu was the mastermind of all of this after all and that she knows why Imu came between her and the 'Prince'. Imu has no idea what her little sister is talking about. Murasaki says it's because Imu loves her and didn't want the 'Prince' taking Murasaki away. Imu, alarmed, tells her to get a grip on herself. Murasaki starts to sing Rapunzel's song again, making Imu realize this is all from a musical. As Murasaki sings on, Imu guesses that her little sister wants her to join in too. Reluctantly she does so and the pair also fight atop the roof. The younger sister wins the duel and notes contendedly that Imu was starting to get into the swing of the musical

Murasaki's delusional journey ends happily for her. Singing their lines from Mirai's story, 'Prince' Miyabi takes Murasaki's hand. Imu tries to get between them but Miyabi stops her, saying that the story has been building to 'Rapunzel' and the 'Prince' having a proper ending. Murasaki smugly laughs to herself. Miyabi, now completely taken in by the glory of musicals, says that their performance must be known as the greatest musical ever. Murasaki agrees and even Imu reluctantly assents. As Miyabi carries off 'Rapunzel' Princess-style, Imu watches on with furious jealousy.

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team outdoors and she is napping on Imu's lap. It is here they suddenly recieve their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Paradise Episodes


Murasaki skillfully wields a number of shurikens entangled into her long hair as a weapon and can emit intense waves of rejection thanks to her Root of Calamity Ninja Art.

Ninja Arts:

Secret Ninja Art: Stay Away

Super Secret Ninja Art: Die Already

Ultimate Ninja Art: Someone, Save Me

Other Appearances


Non-Senran Kagura Appearances

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls: As a playable guest character in the game (DLC).

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
For Your Scar Shinovi Versus Murasaki's theme. Its name is likely a reference to Murasaki's desire to make amends with her sister, and is reflected in the synth bridge, which has a noticeably more upbeat sound than the rest of the song.
Level Up My Shut-In Lifestyle Bon Appétit Murasaki's theme. As the game is a lighthearted spinoff, this song is much more relaxed than her other themes. Its somewhat repetitive nature is fitting for her, as it is mentioned that her days are often the same. About halfway through the song, it abruptly appears to "glitch out," switching to a Metal song more in line with her other themes for a few seconds, then continues on as calmly as it started.
Indigo Murasaki's True Feelings Estival Versus Murasaki's theme. It plays when she transforms and when fighting against her.


  • To date, Murasaki boasts the largest breasts in the Senran Kagura universe.
  • Murasaki's name means "Purple" or "Violet".
  • Bebeby is most likely based on the Kumamoto Prefecture mascot, Kumamon.
  • One of Murasaki's early designs depicted her wielding a large axe, rather than her shuriken.
    • A similiar axe appears briefly in the Estival Versus anime OVA, Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits.
  • Most of Murasaki's traits are based around her Animal Spirit, the Bear.
    • Murasaki has an unusually sharp sense of smell, a reference to her Animal Spirit.
      • Murasaki's stuffed animal, Bebeby (Bebe-tan in Japanese) is a bear, another reference to her Animal Spirit.  
        • The Root of Calamity can be best described as "going berserk", this has a deeper meaning for her as a character, as berserk is derived from the Berserkers, an ancient Viking tribe, whose warriors were known for achieving a "trance-like state of rage", and wore no armor, but pelts made animal skin, specifically bearskin.  one of the greatest references to her Animal Spirit.
          • The axe in her early concepts was likely a greater reference that she was going to have a Berserker/Viking motif, but was scrapped most likely for not to be a clone of Yomi, whose design was based from Norse and Germanic culture.
            • In Peach Ball, under the effects of Kemonar, she is clad in bear-themed lingerie and exhibits bear-like behavior, another reference to her Animal Spirit.


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