Muramasa(村正) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

A 1st year at Hanzō National Academy, she's a cat-ear wearing, mechanized robot. Abandoned on the side of the street, Hibari picked her up. From then on she's lived in Hanzō National Academy. She loves Hibari and wanted to be useful to her, so she became a ninja. However, Yagyū is a bit annoyed by her because she feels that Muramasa is getting in the way of her and Hibari's relationship.

She wields massive Vernier on her arms that deliver shocking blows. Using them, she prides herself in aerial movement.

Appearance & Personality

Muramasa has long blonde hair worn in low pigtails held by dark blue bows. She has a pair of pale brown cat ears and large eyes, one red, one blue. Her joins are detailed with thin lines.

Normally Muramusa wears a school uniform with dark blue finger-less gloves and white sleeves, along with a pair of shoes and leg warmers to match. Her weapon is composed of two, very large pale brown and gold metal arms that often change color depending on the element embedded in them. Her outfit when fighting resembles a bathing suit of dark blue accented by white and silver, or white with yellow and black.

Muramusa has a fun-loving, childish, innocent personality making her similar to Hibari, Minori, Aimu and somewhat like Hanabi. She is programmed to have feelings like other girls. Despite her cheerful nature, Muramusa is strong and determined, and really wants to make Hibari happy. Muramasa is also quite intelligent and can sense when evil is lurking. She never tried real human food, but prefers oils and solutions. Though she may be a robot, that doesn't make her any different than other good shinobi.


Prior to Hibari finding Muramasa abandoned on the street, her background is unknown. It is not even known who created her.



  • Muramasa's name (村正) can be translated as "Village Just". Also, she appears to share the same name as famous swordsmith from the Muromachi period, Muramasa Sengo.
  • There is artwork that depicts another version of Muramasa, referred to as Type 41. She looks like an older Muramasa with longer hair and a much more developed chest, along with the number '41' on her chest near her collar bones. However, this was released for April Fools (hence 41 = April 1st).
  • She loves cats and has cat motifs everywhere (even her screws have cats on them). In addition to her robotic cat ears, she also uses "nya" in her speech.


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