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Murakumo (叢) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, and chronologically in Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal.

A third-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. She keeps her face hidden under an ogre mask, which gives her a frightening persona in battle. However, when her mask inevitably comes off, she has a very shy and introverted personality, getting so nervous that she stammers and stutters on nearly every syllable.

Despite her friends' repeated assurances that there's nothing wrong with her face, she remains insecure and will do anything to retrieve her mask if she's ever parted from it.

She wields a spear in her left hand and a giant cleaver in the right. While her oversized kitchenware is perhaps a bit slow, it's undeniably effective.



Murakumo Concepts.png

Murakumo is a fair skinned girl with long dark brown hair tied with a red ribbon in a side ponytail. She is dressed in the wear of a Sengoku period warlord, clad in armor and red flower trimmed haori. She often covers her face in a white mask reminiscent of Hanya. She is also one of the tallest female characters in the video games, despite an average height of 5'8.


Though a beautiful girl, Murakumo believes that she must keep her face hidden from the universe. What Murakumo needs is self-confidence as said from Kurokage. She is extremely shy, and even unable to express herself clearly when she doesn't have her mask. Through, she is also a creative girl, like Mirai: Where Mirai write books and stories, Murakumo draws comics, and is often seen with another character to take that same one as a model for a character of her comic she is drawing.

When under her mask, she feels safe and strong, and her voice sounds deeper than Miyabi. However, when the mask comes off her voice gets higher and much cuter, yet nervous and incoherent. She can knock out her interlocutor just to make him leave her alone, or in less extreme case, improvise a mask. With all she can find. Including her underwear.


Murakumo grew up in a family of four, but when they had dinner, they ate with a girl who lived in the neighborhood; Yomi. Since Yomi's parents were too busy to come home very often, they invited her to their house on occasion. The two of them were as close as real sisters, and played together all the time.

When she was still a child, she was told her parents had died in an accident. Despite being told by her father's friend that they were hit by a car, Murakumo was certain they had been killed in action.

She was so shocked that she developed a massive inferiority complex, completely withdrew into herself and began hiding her face under a bag. Yomi would then do the same out of a sense of solidarity for Murakumo.

When Murakumo was adopted by Kurokage, she was heartbroken about being unable to say goodbye to her best friend. But she also thought she needed to leave behind all of her relationships to be a shinobi.

At some point, Murakumo ended up being adopted by the CEO of Tairō family corporation which ultimately cut her time short with Kurokage.


Shinovi Versus

Gessen Girls' Academy

Murakumo is on her way to visit Kurokage's grave with the other members of the Gessen elite. They are suddenly intercepted by Hanzō who not only eats the strawberry daifuku meat to be placed on her grave, but also sexually harasses them by groping them as well.

Murakumo and the others feel too embarrassed and upset to go see Kurokage after this, and decide to head back to the Academy. When they arrive, their teacher Wang Pai tells them of the Shinobi Battle Royale and per suggestion of Yumi they use this as their chance to strike back at Hanzō by challenging the Academy named in his honor.

Murakumo is in the middle of working on her comic, she decides to the draw the scene where the Mask of the South and the cruel shinobi fight, but she is having difficulty doing so due to her inability to draw action scenes.

At that moment she hears Shiki in the other room reciting the Heart Sutra and suddenly comes up with idea to ask Shiki for help. When she requests Shiki's assistance, Shiki gladly agrees to help her. In order to help her draw the scene, Murakumo and Shiki have a fight while pretending to be the characters of the comic.

After the battle Murakumo thanks Shiki, feeling more confident in drawing the scene now. Shiki says it was fun and wouldn't mind doing it anytime Murakumo wants. When hearing this, Murakumo says there is one more scene she's worried about -- love scenes.

She asks Shiki if she would play out a scene with her and give her a little kiss. Shiki is baffled at this and despite Murakumo's insistence, she quickly leaves due to feeling uncomfortable with the idea.

Murakumo meets with Ikaruga for their battle. Ikaruga notices Murakumo due to her mask and eventually remembers her from a company ball as the daughter of the Tairō family corporation. Murakumo tries to feign ignorance, but Ikaruga is certain of Murakumo's identity and proceeds to talk about she made a fool of herself at the ball.

Murakumo accidentally admits to it being her, but immediately retracts her statement saying she was thinking of something else. Ikaruga threatens to rip her mask off and prove it that way which leads to the two of them fighting.

Murakumo emerges victorious after the battle, but Ikaruga is still certain she knows who Murakumo is. Murakumo finally admits to being the daughter of Tairō family corporation. Ikaruga asks if Murakumo know that they're planning to redevelop the slums, to which Murakumo responds by saying she does. Ikaruga begs Murakumo to stop the project due to the people there having nowhere else to go if they lose it.

Murakumo inquires on how that concerns Ikaruga, and Ikaruga says she has a friend who's from there who probably doesn't even know about the project yet. Murakumo understand, but says it is against principle for the loser to make requests to the winner. Ikaruga accepts this, and says she has nothing more to say to her. With that settled, Murakumo takes her leave.

Gessen arrives at Hebijo Academy to challenge them to a Shinobi Battle Royale. Murakumo is put up against Ryōbi, a former student of Gessen Academy. Murakumo expresses her distastes for Ryōbi's traitorous acts. Ryōbi says she has her reasons, but Murakumo says her reasons don't matter since she destroys evil shinobi which includes her.

Ryōbi states that she hates people like her who always talk about destroying evil, and asks what Murakumo even knows about evil shinobi anyway. Murakumo fails to see how that's relevant as evil can ever be right and that's all the reason she needs, and all the more reason to cut her down.

After Murakumo wins, Ryōbi asks to say one last thing before she finishes her off. Ryōbi says she's been both good and evil, and if she can say one thing for certain: They're not that different. Murakumo believes she's just spouting nonsense, but Ryōbi goes on to say that all any of them do is fight for what they believe in.

They dress it up, but it all just comes down to different points of view. Ryōbi understands that good and evil will always fight, but believes that they should at least try to understand the other's point of view. Murakumo tells her to stop because her 'last words' are so ridiculous that she's lost the will to kill her. She then takes her lead.

Murakumo reminisces about her past regarding the reason she wears her mask and also her childhood best friend. She is surprised to see that Yomi is her friend from so very long ago, and is an evil renegade shinobi. Murakumo asks why Yomi chose to become an evil shinobi, since it is her job to destroy all of them, and that includes her. Yomi states that she has her reasons and doesn't regret them, even with things ending up as they are.

The two old friends banter for a bit which leads to Yomi asking where Murakumo got he ogre mask from. Murakumo refuses to answer, saying that the two are shinobi first and friends second. Furthermore, she is a good shinobi and Yomi is an evil shinobi, which means they are destined to battle. Yomi understands and agrees to fight her. Murakumo tells her to prepare herself, and that it's time to leave their friendship behind.

After Murakumo's victory, she asks why it had to come to this since they were friends and raised in the same environment. Yomi says it's fact of life, and even best friends make their own choices. But even so, Yomi still considers Murakumo a friend no matter how they fought, or what choices they made. Murakumo understand Yomi's words and takes off her mask, saying she feels the same way and that being friends has nothing do with being good or evil. She thanks Yomi, saying she learned something important.

Murakumo meets Ikaruga once more for their final battle. Before they start, she asks her if her friend in the slums is Yomi. When Ikaruga says yes, Murakumo says that Yomi is her childhood friend. Hearing this, Ikaruga beseeches Murakumo to put a stop the plans for redeveloping slums.

Murakumo states that she can't help Yomi because she's an evil shinobi, but if Ikaruga wants to request something of her, she has to defeat her. Ikaruga understands and says she'll defeat Murakumo for Yomi. The two then begin their fight.

Murakumo wins the battle, but Ikaruga still wants to continue on for Yomi's hometown's sake. Murakumo tells her stop and says she will ask her father to stop the reconstruction project since the slums are her hometown as well. She also knows Ikaruga won't stop fighting until she dies, and Murakumo doesn't want to kill her.

Murakumo says she wishes to fight against both Yomi and Ikaruga again, and Ikaruga agrees. Ikaruga also says that she would love to join both of them for dinner and conversation every now and again. Murakumo, takes off her mask and happily agrees, saying that regardless of good or evil, they should spend time together as fellow shinobi.

Murakumo and the other Gessen elite head to Kurokage's grave to pay him another visit and report their progress. While cleaning his grave, Hanzō suddenly appears and reveals himself to be Wang Pai, saying that Kurokage asked for her to look after them after he passed on. Hanzō takes out some of his specially made futomaki rolls and invites all of them to have one which they happily agree to.

Hanzo National Academy

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Chapter 3

Homura's Crimson Squad

Chapter 3

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Murakumo and Shiki are in the midst of training. During their training Shiki steals Murakumo's mask which sends her into a frantic. Despite her attempts to reclaim her mask, Shiki dodges her easily. Shiki calls someone on her phone saying she's going to bring over something super-awesome and the starts running off with the mask. Murakumo quickly follows after her.

While looking for her mask, Murakumo bumps into Yozakura. She tells Yozakura to give her back the mask, but Yozakura doesn't have it and was only shown it by Shiki who says Murakumo had been taking real good care of it. Yozakura says that Murakumo's mask looks really good, inside and out.

Murakumo quickly apologizes. Yozakura continues to compliment Murakumo saying she doesn't look bad up front but the real beauty is inside. Murakumo instantly disagrees, saying she's not beautiful at all and asks why Yozakura is teasing her. In the end she still says she needs to her mask back, and fast.

Murakumo bumps into Hikage who notices that she's not wearing her mask. Murakumo immediately panics and begs for Hikage not to look at her. Hikage asks why not, to which Murakumo says that she's embarrassed that she could die and has to find her mask right away.

Hikage is confused at her words, wondering if it's really possible to die from embarrassment. Murakumo says it is possible when you're as embarrassed as she is. Hikage says she didn't think feelings could kill people and asks for more explanation. Murakumo begs for Hikage to stop and not come any closer, saying over and over again that's she's embarrassed.

Murakumo encounters Asuka who notices she's not wearing her mask. Murakumo quickly apologizes and Asuka tells her she doesn't need to because she's cute without her mask. Murakumo naturally tells her that she's lying, but Asuka insists that she's not and thinks Murkaumo really is cute. Murakumo says that Asuka can say whatever she want, but just wants to be left alone. Asuka thinks Murakumo should have more confidence in herself, and comes up with the idea to ask everyone what they think of Murakumo's face because she's sure they'll agree her. Murakumo begs for Asuka to stop, but Asuka gets ready to call over her friends anyway. She begins to panic, begging her to stop even more and stressing over the thought of everyone seeing her without her mask.

Murakumo wonders what everyone means when they say cute, and questions who they're looking at. Yumi suddenly appears during her self-questioning and Murakumo wonders if she's there to return the mask, apologizing to her. Yumi says that even without her mask, she's still Murakumo and says she should believe in herself a little more.

Murakumo says that Yumi is right and she'll try her best, but immediately asks for the mask afterword. Yumi makes a mirror of ice to show Murakumo her reflection, asking if she's ever seen her face this clearly before. Murakumo immediately enters a frantic state, and Yumi comments saying that an elite shinobi should always maintain her composure. Murakumo wishes to simply be tossed into a hole due to her embarrassment.

Murakumo finally reaches Shiki and begs for her mask back. Shiki says that Murakumo needs to relax because she looks all sad which makes Shiki seem like the bad guy. Murakumo tells Shiki to stop fooling around and just give her back her mask. Shiki proceeds to give Murakumo the same lecture Yumi did about believing in herself because she thinks she's way cuter that way.

Murakumo says she will just to end the conversation so she can get her mask back. Shiki knows that Murakumo says isn't what she means, and Murakumo doesn't care, still asking for her mask. Shiki says that if Murakumo starts actually believing in herself then she'll give her the mask. After a struggle, Murakumo finally takes her mask back by force and instantly goes back into her other persona.

Murakumo takes her mask back from Shiki just as she collapses and feels normal once again, placing the mask back on. Shiki insists that Murakumo looks cuter with her mask, which prompts Murakumo to question what exactly she means by that, thinking she's not cute at all. Murakumo tells Shiki to stop flattering her as the word 'cute' holds no meaning for her.

The two of them go back and forth for a while with Shiki stating Murakumo is cute but Murkaumo denying it every time. Their pointless argument ends and then they start to laugh. Shiki says Murakumo is really stubborn, but Murakumo says Shiki is the stubborn one. For some reason, they both find that hilarious, and they go on laughing for a good long while.

Murakumo finally accepts that there's nothing wrong with being called cute, and that if Shiki insist so much then maybe she's not entirely wrong. She says she appreciates Shiki's encouragement and was actually happy. She nudges her mask to the side just a bit, just enough to let Shiki see her blushing, trembling smile.

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Murakumo is walking around town without her usual demon mask as mental training to increase her self-confidence. It hasn't had much effect however. When an old man asks her how to get to the nearest station, her stammering squeaky reply only seems to make him think she's possessed. A woman giving out packets of tissues in the street is similarly terrified by Murakumo's incoherent attempts to thank her. Murakumo heads home dejectedly, hoping that nobody else will talk to her...

On the way home Murakumo bumps into Katsuragi. Katsuragi notes she isn't wearing her mask today and says she looks cute. Murakumo panics and asks Katsuragi not to talk to her. Katsuragi persists anyway, saying that if Murakumo should show her face more often and if she doesn't want to do that then showing her boobs is fine too. Murakumo again asks Katsuragi not to talk to her or else she'll get hurt. Katsuragi asks if she means she'll be hurt with Murakumo's overwhelming cuteness and says she's going to go ahead and grab Murakumo's boobs, much to Murakumo's horror. A battle ensues and Murakumo wins, saying she that was what she meant when she said Katsuragi would get hurt.

Murakumo next meets her team leader Yumi and Hanzō member Ikaruga in the Snow Festival Grounds. Yumi greets her but Murakumo, embarrassed to be without her mask, tells Yumi to go away. Yumi is confused by this and Ikaruga says she thinks Murakumo's face looks wonderful. Murakumo says that can't be true but Ikaruga carries on, saying she should stop wearing her mask altogether. She tells Murakumo her eyes are like lovely emeralds. Neither Yumi nor Ikaruga can understand Murakumo's panicked stammering reply and they think she's saying she has blood in her ears. Abandoning her attempts to talk to them, Murakumo decides the only way to get them to leave her alone is to beat them up. She does this, regretfully telling the two battered shinobi that she warned them to keep away.

Murakumo finds Hanabi at the Shinobi festival. Like everyone else, she asks Murakumo where her mask is and fails to understand her stuttery reply. In fact she thinks that the increasingly panicking Murakumo is about to explode and decides the only way to stop it is to knock her out. She fails because Murakumo wins the fight (and was never going to explode anyway).

Murakumo's fellow Gessen students Yozakura and Shiki are with Ryōbi at the Training Grounds. They ask Murakumo what's wrong since she's obviously distressed. This time Murakumo is determined to not talk at all. The other girls wonder why Murakumo is covering her mouth. Shiki asks her if she's hiding something in there and Ryōbi angrily demands that Murakumo move her hand out of the way. Shiki wonders if Murakumo is hiding a dove in her mouth as part of a magic trick. A fight breaks out and Murakumo manages to defeat all three of her opponents, showing some relief that she managed to get through it without having to talk.

Murakumo's final encounter is with Yomi at Mt. Orochi. As before, Yomi can't work out why Murakumo is covering her mouth. It worries her and she warns Murakumo she won't be able to breathe properly if she keeps doing it. They fight for no particular reason and after Murakumo wins their duel she says she can't hold on any more and passes out from lack of oxygen.

Murakumo EV SGH.jpg
Murakumo regains consciousness in Yomi's arms. Yomi has covered her face with packets of bean sprouts. Murakumo tells Yomi the full story of what happened to her that day and asks if there's anything she can do to repay Yomi's kindness. Yomi says Murakumo can come along to the slums and help out with the hero show that Yomi puts on for the slum kids. She wants Murakumo to be a bean sprout themed villain called Moyashi Yasha. Murakumo honorably agrees to give it her best. The two put on a staged battle for their show, but during their bout the bean sprout packet mask starts to come off Murakumo's face. Panicking, she grasps around for something to replace them. In that moment all she has at hand are her panties. She whips them off and places them over her face, and so is born the dread villain Panti Yasha. The crowd is suitably moved. Murakumo decides she really needs to carry her mask around all the time.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Deadly Word Games

When Murakumo and Hikage run into each other, they don't really have anything to talk about, which leads to a short utter silence. They then decide to play a little word game with each other to pass the time while facing off some shinobi grunts.


Murakumo: "Hikage..."

Hikage: "Well if it isn't Murakumo."

Murakumo: "..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo "..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "Don't people usually start conversations when they run into each other like this?"

Hikage: "Sure. Let's chat."

Murakumo: "All right..."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "..."

Murakumo: "Anything you want to talk about?"

Hikage: "Not really."

Murakumo: "Me neither."

Hikage: "..."

Murakumo: "..."

Hikage: "Bean sprouts."

Murakumo: "Bean sprouts?"

Hikage: "Let's play "last letter, first letter." Here, Murakumo... Sprouts."

Murakumo: "S... S... Mr. Seahorse."

Hikage: "Nope. No proper nouns."

Murakumo: "Fine, then just "seahorse.""

Hikage: "E... E... Elephant."

Murakumo: "T... T... Mr. Tiger."

Hikage: "You like putting "Mr." in front of your animals, don't you?"

Murakumo: "Sorry. It's a habit. Just disregard the "Mr." from now on."

Hikage: "Let's see, R... R... R... Rival."

Murakumo: "L... L... Mr. Lufengosaurus."

Hikage: "What's that?"

Murakumo: "A dinosaur that lived in the early Jurassic period."

Hikage: "Oh. Huh. You know your stuff. S... S... Skirt with a concealed machine gun."

Murakumo: "Sentences are okay too? I always played it "one noun only.""

Hikage: "All right, "skirt." But then you have to drop the "Mr.""

Murakumo: "Oh, off topic, Hikage...we're surrounded by enemies."

Hikage: "Oh, huh. We are. Looks like they're ready to go."

Murakumo: "It seems we'll have to oblige them, then."

Hikage: "Yeah, okay, let's do what we can here."

Murakumo: "...So I won the word game, right?"

Hikage: "Not yet. The battle's just getting started."

Murakumo: "Skirt... Mr. Tortoise... I mean "Tortoise.""

Hikage: "Éclair."

Murakumo: "Reindeer."

Hikage: "Raisin."

Murakumo: "Norfolk Terrier."

Hikage: "Raspberry."

Murakumo: "Yak."

Hikage: "Kiwi."

Murakumo: "Imam."

Hikage: "Mess."

Murakumo: "..."Mess"?"

Hikage: "Mess."

Murakumo: "...Siberian Tiger."

Hikage: "Rhinoceros."

Murakumo: "Siberian Moose."

Hikage: "Eggs."

Murakumo: "Siberian Lynx."

Hikage: "Xenosaurus."

Murakumo: "Siberian Yak."

Hikage: "Knights."

Murakumo: "Siberian Musk Deer."

Hikage: "Siberia... What a dangerous place."

Hikage: "But I am impressed, Murakumo."

Murakumo: "How so?"

Hikage: "You kept up with all my words. That's admirable."

Murakumo: "It's not my skills... It's thanks to Siberia."

Hikage: "No, it's because you knew so much about animals. I really respect that."

Murakumo: "Really...? But you were strong too, Hikage."

Hikage: "I lost this time. But the next time we face off, I'll win."

Murakumo: "Yeah. Let's do this again."

Hikage: "Oh, those people who attacked us just now, do you have any idea who they were?"

Murakumo: "Nope, but...I guess it doesn't matter."

Hikage: "Yeah, you're right. See you later, then."

Murakumo: "Sure thing."

Special Missions

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown along with the rest of her team on the Gessen Rooftop with a small, inflatable pool they had set up when Yumi uses her ice to make the water cold, Murakumo runs towards it while Shiki and Minori go into it while she stands near it. Shiki then sprays her with the squirt gun she had shooting off Murakumo's mask and her top also falls off when the back string comes loose causing her to cover her breasts and crouch down. Shortly after they get their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Gessen Arc

P-1 Climax

Paradise Episodes


Main Articles: Murakumo/Shinovi Versus  · Murakumo/Estival Versus  · Murakumo/Peach Beach Splash

Murakumo dual-wields the unusual combination of a giant cleaver and spear. Her large weapons are best suited for charging attacks that have a shockingly wide range. Not only does she uses her weapons alone for combat, but she utilizes her wolves' speed and lethality from time to time.

"Despite Murakumo's heavy cleaver and long spear, her attacks come out very fast and are easy to combo. However, when you perform a Shinobi Transformation, her attacks slow down and some of her moves leave her wide open. For that reason, it's best to finish off with an Aerial Rave. What's surprisingly easy to perform is her Breach Art, which can be charged and used against opponents who are rushing in. Use Kotarō against enemies in front of her, and use Kagerō when you're surrounded." -Estival Versus: Murakumo's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Other Appearances


In the near future, dogs from space the chihuahualiens have brought earth to heel. Humanity took shelter underground until the time came to fight back, we struggled to survive. When would we see the sky again? When will we take up arms from our oppressors? Suddenly from the sky a savior descends to fight for mankind. A metal cyborg covered in gold from head to toe. No, a psychic clad in red. No, the savior is. Is a. Murakumo stopped narrating, crumpled her page and tossed it into the bin. It was no use nothing came to her mind. Murakumo had been feeling like this recently her story was sitting in front of her half-finished and there she was barely able to write even a single sentence. She had recently been granted an opportunity to publish an original manga for the Sci-fi Comiket. But of course, ideas refused to come to her. This was known as “Writers’ block.” Most were aware that sci-fi stood for “Science-fiction” in truth it is a very broad term with many definitions. It didn’t always have to involve spaceships and aliens. Sci-fi is full of surprises. It can make you question everything. It can make something feel fresh and new, even when it isn’t. It evoked certain feelings in its fans and if you draw sci-fi manga without said feelings, the fans would show you no quarter. Especially if you dare to face them at a con. Shiki approaches her calling her “Murmaid” and asks if she had writer’s block and suggests she should go out and take a break. Murakumo didn’t say it but she had little energy to go out. Until she noticed a flyer in Shiki’s hand. It was for a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. She saw this as a divine revelation. She shouted “Of course!” her manga would now be a fusion of sci-fi and cooking. She had yet to see a sci-fi manga with that theme. The fans wouldn’t see it coming. Murakumo declares she would enter the cook-off for sci-fi manga. With that said she walked away from a blank faced Shiki and sets off to the venue.

Round 1 Murakumo began to ponder how she would go about with her manga. Miyabi questions what she was mumbling about and wanted to get started with their match. Murakumo takes notice of Miyabi and says “My opponent is...the Delightful Inferno?” Miyabi immediately says that was the name of her Secret Ninja Art and not her name. Murakumo liked it as it was a fine name. Miyabi tells her to shut up and assumes she was being made fun of. Murakumo asks her why a handsome woman partake in the tournament and speculates that it was an attempt to maximize her feminine wiles by way of cooking. Miyabi denies this as it happened to be a minor hobby of hers. Murakumo sarcastically responds with “If you say so, Paradiso of the Abyss.” Miyabi tells her to stop and she hasn’t said her name once. Murakumo goes on about how her naming sense was giving her new inspiration she truly was as delightful as her name implied. Miyabi declares that she would make Murakumo eat her words. Unfortunately for Miyabi she was the one who tasted defeat in their round. Having been defeated Miyabi questions how could she lose. Murakumo talks about her victory and how the ideas surface within her from all ends of the spectrum, a naming sense so pitch-black, it may envelop the world into darkness and it was hers. Miyabi had enough of this and asks if she would take her personality next. Murakumo states that Miyabi would be known henceforth as the Identity of Twisted Sorrow. Miyabi comments on how Murakumo stole her naming sense and made it hers. Miyabi goes on about how horrifying it was, she’d taken her power and she couldn’t remember her name before collapsing. Murakumo chuckles evilly and decides to work this superpower into her manga.

Round 4 She next encounters Yozakura who upon seeing Murakumo was her opponent almost immediately rips off her mask. Murakumo freaks out and asks what she was doing and pleads with her to give it back. Yozakura asks if she gave it back would she forfeit. Her plan doesn’t work as Murakumo was desperately searching for a hole to crawl into. Yozakura comments on how she didn’t think her plan would work and she could barely talk to her. Murakumo tells her she was mean and begs for her mask back which Yozakura returns. Murakumo angered by her humiliation made it clear Yozakura would regret her audaciousness. Yozakura points out that she had a cute face and suggests to retire the mask thing. Murakumo refused to fall for her tricks and said to do battle. And thus, the next round began with Murakumo winning. Murakumo comments on her being the victor again. Yozakura commends her and was told not to move an inch. Yozakura questions what was going on and all Murakumo said was. “...A robot.” Yozakura questions what she was talking about and Murakumo replies that Yozakura’s silhouette resembled a robot especially with her gauntlets and talks about how there was such a bountiful sci-fi inspiration right under her gaze all this time. Yozakura angrily says “I’m not a robot!” Murakumo orders her to speak like a robot since she lost, she had to do her bidding. Yozakura taking her loss into consideration decided she didn’t have a choice. She then speaks like a robot. “...I am Yozakura... Bzzz... Yozakura... Showtime...” Murakumo giggles having had another idea hit her. She comments about how her story may become the success she envisioned, should she continue on the right path. Yozakura meanwhile continued to speak like a robot. “...Yozakura Buster... Bzzz... Beep...”

Round 5 Ryōna approaches Murakumo giggling and saying hello to her. After taking notice of her Murakumo decided it was impossible for her to have a role in her manga. Ryōna questions why. Murakumo stated it was because it was forbidden, the target audience was not intended to be adults only. Ryōna understood and didn’t try to fight it. Murakumo then tells her that made her no use to her and to begone. Ryōna asks her if she wanted to say that because she knew something. Murakumo asked her what. Ryōna answers about the greatest sci-fi guru ever and begins pestering her if she wanted to know more. “The greatest sci-fi guru...ever?” Murakumo said in response. Ryōna continued on about how the legend she was talking about was lovingly dubbed by fans as ”SFX.” Murakumo comments on how risqué the name was. Ryōna shouted “Totally! SFX! SFX!” She continues on about how X is like an unknown factor, so it’s someone who mastered sci-fi beyond all calculations. She ends off with “I just say Sofux, though!” Murakumo makes a demand to be told the location of the person called “Sofux.” Ryōna tells her if she wanted the info, she’d have to beat it out of her. Murakumo obliges and says she won’t hold back. Ryōna was excited for the beating she was going to receive. Murakumo tells her she would make her talk. And so, the last round of the cook-off ends with Murakumo emerging victorious.


Gessen - Murakumo.png
With the cook-off over Murakumo begins asking Ryōna bout “Sofux.” Ryōna giggles and says it was someone Murakumo knew. Murakumo was surprised to hear she knew them already. Ryōna then informs her it was someone who also liked Sengoku Super Wars. With this one clue Murakumo asked if it was Mirai. Ryōna confirms that Sofux was Mirai. Murakumo mentions that Mirai was quite the Sengoku Super Wars fan. Murakumo also mentions that it wasn’t a surprise she knew sci-fi in general and she should’ve noticed the connection sooner. She then decides to go see her. Later in the Gessen Ninja Room, Murakumo’s pen was alive. When she asked Mirai about the essence of sci-fi, she only gave her one piece of advice. “Think of personal shinobi space... You know, feel the cosmos.” Murakumo sat down to try and imagine the cosmos as instructed. She saw it. Its light filled her heart, her pen wouldn’t stop. “The cosmos is within me right now!” Murakumo shouted. Her own shinobi space...her own private cosmos. What it meant was to look beyond the bells and whistles. Focus on what was truly important. After a few days of running her pen, she finally finished her original sci-fi manga. The title was “Do 2D Girls Dream of Electric Toasters?” The story was about a beautiful 2D female bounty hunter, who took down eight cyborgs that escaped from Pluto. Its story was a heavy one with a great title. It even had extravagant robot action scenes, as well as a little fanservice. Everything she learned from the cook-off went into it and she liked to think it’s come together. She now hoped that the fans liked it as much as she did. The day of the convention came and her story was a hit. A long line stood before her, she felt happiness unlike any other. She then says to both her competitors at the cook-off and her readers. “I don’t have a single regret in my manga life!”


  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.2

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Masked Princess Shinovi Versus Murakumo's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. Murakumo's theme is an arrangement of Prokofiev's Dance of the Pagan Monster.
I Got It! -Fusion of Sci-Fi and Cooking- Bon Appétit Murakumo's theme. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
My Vow Estival Versus Murakumo's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her.


Creation & Development

“I personally wanted a ninja who wore a mask. Someone's who's vicious with a mask, but timid without it. Characters with large personality gaps like that shouldn't be uncomon in SENRAN KAGURA, after all. During the initial design stages, I wanted only the top part of her boobs to jiggle since she wears tight armor, but that turned out to be kind of an impossible request.”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • Murakumo wears a Hannya (般若) mask, which is used in Noh theater, Shinto, and Buddhist ceremonial dances. They portray the spirits of jealous women and are used to represent the complexity of emotions, which explains her change in personality whenever she wears it. The Hayna mask is also a representation of the final stage of a lady turning into a orgess.
  • Murakumo shares the same birthday as Kaede.
  • The manga she was working on in Shinovi Versus, titled: "Mask of the South" is a blatant reference to Tetsuo Hara and Buronson 's: "Fist of the North Star "  manga. This is further evident, as her manga takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, and Evil Shinobi, ransacking villages, wear Mowhawks, and Shiki going as far as to call it "That post-apocalyptic, shonen action series."
  • In the Mission Select menu, in Shinovi Versus, Chapter 1, Mission 3 of Gessen's, Shinobi Girl's Code, the text in the details reads, "Secret Ninja Art! Nanto Mosatsuken! You're already done. - Murakumo"
  • "Nanto Mosatsuken", is a reference to "Hokuto Ansatsuken", a BGM composed for the musical score of the Fist of the North Star Anime adaptation.
  • "You're already done." is a blatant parody of Kenshiro, the main protagonist of Fist of the North Star's famous line: "You are already dead." (お前はもう死んでいるOmae wa mou shindeiru)