Miyabi is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A third-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy and the leader of its prestigious would-be Elites. Although powerful enough to attain a leadership role during her first year, she was seriously injured during one particular mission, causing her to lose both her memories and her abilities.

She was hospitalized for three years and had been living an empty existence, but a certain event has made everything she lost resurface. She now stands again as part of the Hebijo reconstruction effort, fending off rivals with her seven-pronged sword and her black flame.




Miyabi is a girl of a lightly tanned complexion, though not nearly to the extent of Homura. Her short white hair causes many to claim that she looks like a handsome man, a trait which is even more greatly exemplified by her lack of femininity, much to her chagrin.

Abyssal Mode

In this mode, Miyabi sprouts six wings that are black and white. Her hair becomes black with a white streak at the front and her eyes become red. There is also a symbol tattooed to her face.


Miyabi is hard working and extremely prideful and confident in her abilities. She always carriers a serious demeanor and very rarely ever genuinely smiles outside of a confident smirk.

Her demeanor is quite manly in relation to her appearance which only further adds to the issue of people hardly seeing her as a girl.

Despite her no-nonsense attitude, Miyabi is also shown to be very caring of those close to her, especially her best friend Imu. She can also be rather kind in her own way when the situation calls for it.


Miyabi came from a family of evil ninja, as did Imu, a childhood friend of hers. When the two were younger, they always dreamed of what it would be like as ninja, going as far as to play a game called "Ninja." However, one day, Imu had an idea; They should play Ninja, but for real.

One fateful night, the two girls would gather their fathers' weapons before sneaking off to the woods, a place where they had been warned not to go several times by their parents. Shortly into their "game," however, the children were attacked by a yōma. Before the beast could attack the girls, Miyabi's mother stepped in, but she, though she was a Shinobi, stood no chance against the Yoma, and had her head brutally crushed by the beast right before her daughter's eyes. This sight would scar young Miyabi for life. As she stood, awaiting death by the hands of the Yoma, her father would then step in and quickly finish the demon.

Apparently, her father was the principal of an Evil Ninja school known as Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, a school in which Miyabi would enter, and quickly reach the elite level, alongside Imu years later. She and Imu would soon take part in a mission, along with several other ninja and one Kagura. The mission involved combat with a group of Good Shinobi. This battle, however, would be interrupted by Yoma. In a fit of vengeance-triggered rage, Miyabi would use a Forbidden Ninja Art, Blood Riot.This technique involved gathering power from the blood spilled within the Shinobi Barrier, but it provided a significant risk to the user if they lost control. Of course, Miyabi did lose control, and she had no memory of what happened afterwards, except for the fact that she and Imu were the only survivors.


Shinovi Versus

“You think this is all a game, with rules and fairness and happy endings. You have no idea what a shinobi truly is.”

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

A handicapped Miyabi hears the voice of Imu, her best friend. It seemed that Miyabi had been suffering from memory loss, but one word continuously repeats in her mind, and that word is, "Hebijo." As she wonders about this, Imu, who was also hospitalized after the mission, speaks to her, however, Miyabi didn't seem to pay much attention.

Soon, however, their peace is interrupted as the sight of Hebijo burning in the distance catches their sight, as does the demon, Orochi. As soon as the sight was seen, the demon disappears, and all that is left is a burning school. Miyabi, who had been in a wheelchair since the incident that took her memories, would finally stand (though with minimal struggling, since her muscles had atrophied due to not being used), much to Imu's surprise.

The two girls would rush to the scene, only to be met with rubble and a pile of corpses, with Orochi nowhere to be seen. With this, and the little memory of that fateful mission, Miyabi decided that she would retrieve the honor lost by the school.

Gessen Girls' Academy

Hanzo Academy

Miyabi, alongside the other Neo-Hebijo girls debut in the third chapter of the Hanzo story. While Imu goes on to fight Katsuragi, Miyabi decides to fight Asuka. Her, along with Ryobi and Ryona fight Asuka in a three-on-one battle. Asuka's complaint that the fight wasn't fair hits a nerve with Miyabi, where she decides to kill Asuka to teach her a lesson, when she was initially going to spare her. Before Miyabi can kill her however, Homura and the Crimson Squad appear to assist the Hanzo girls, and afterwards, the Hebijo girls leave.

Later in the story, Homura returns to Asuka to inform her on how the Crimson Squad's fight with the Hebijo girls went. Upon hearing about Homura's success, Asuka suggests they all go to the hot springs in celebration. Finally, she states that they should invite the Gessen and Hebijo students as well.

Homura's Crimson Squad

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Miyabi is growing rather annoyed with girls constantly fawning over her no matter how strict or short she is with them. No one takes her seriously and she believes it's getting out of control. The girls even go as far as to stalk her all day. She tries to figure what about her has them so enthralled since Miyabi believes she's rather boring and as much of a girl as they are. Having no idea what to do about her situation, she unwillingly decides to go out and ask for advice.

Miyabi pays a visit to Asuka first. Asuka is surprised to see that Miyabi needs advice but asks her what the problem is. Miyabi then asks Asuka what she thinks of her. Asuka says it's a hard question but suddenly comments on how Miyabi reminds her of someone in the same grade as her at school. Miyabi inquires as to who it is and Asuka begins to explain that he's really popular and has a whole fan club, but says Miyabi is much cooler and stronger than him. Miyabi immediately gets angry at the fact that Asuka is comparing her to some playboy, only to realize that she lost her composure.

Miyabi visits Murakumo next to ask for advice, but Murakumo is too shaken up due to her not having her mask. Miyabi promises it'll be quick, and asks Murakumo what she thinks of her. Murakumo says Miaybi is a like a main character from a comic book -- cool, beautiful, and everything Murakumo doesn't have. Miyabi asks if this comic is for boys to which Murakumo responds affirmatively and says Miyabi can have the comic. Miyabi takes a look at the comic and becomes highly interested in it as she reads. Murakumo explains the hero is weak but becomes strong after transforming. Miyabi gets upset saying she's strong without transforming and she's not a boy to begin with. She then questions just how masculine she is.

Ikaruga tells Miyabi that her outfit is showing excessive cleavage. Miyabi comments on how Ikaruga lets Katsuragi get away with showing excessive cleavage all the time. Ikaruga says it's because Katsuragi never listened no matter how many times she warned her, so she gave up. Miyabi states that Ikaruga should get used to people not listening to her, then, because she's not changing for anyone. Ikaruga buttons Miyabi's shirt up and says that Miyabi could look like a perfect gentleman. Miyabi feels like it's hard to move around in her altered apparel, and asks Ikaruga if that's her style. Ikaruga says that she's not sure about that since Miyabi is a lady. This causes Miyabi to retort with her saying that she doesn't need to look like a gentleman, then. Ikaruga quickly says Miyabi looks like a beautiful gentleman and begins looking at Miyabi in a way that makes her uncomfortable. She then decides to take her leave.

Shiki tells Miyabi that all her friends love her and want Shiki to hook them up with her. Miyabi asks why Shiki's friends can't come to her directly, to which Shiki replies they can't because that's not how it works with girls. Miyabi says that she's a girl too, but Shiki says she's like some ice-cool smokin' hot guy and girls can't talk to someone like her. With that said, Shiki tells her than she's going to block out time for Miyabi and another girl without even asking for Miyabi's approval. Shiki says the girl is going to be really excited, and Miyabi might even like her. Getting angry now, Miyabi exclaims yet again that she is a girl and wonders why no one understands her.

Miyabi bumps into Imu and tells her that she's having the problem of people not seeing her as a woman. Imu asks where her concerns are coming from, and Miyabi explains that Shiki tried to hook her up with a female friend of hers without even caring that she refused. Imu states that it sounds like a blind date. Miyabi asks why they can't simply ask other people directly and believes it's possible she'll never truly be a girl if she can't understand the concept. Imu says that Miyabi is fallig into Shiki's trap and can't go. Miyabi thinks she should go and meet the girl to ask why she can't talk to her. Imu says again that Miyabi can't go and that she should just be herself, wanting to make her understand. Miyabi thinks about all the various things people said she reminds them of and wonders what it'll take for people to see her as a girl.

Imu says that Miyabi looks a manga action hero, all strong and tough and handsome -- so much that she's going to make her swoon. She believes it's the perfect look for her and loves it when she dresses manly. Miyabi can tell just how passionate Imu is, and knows she shouldn't feel bad when people say they like her, but she says again that she is not a man. After yelling this for all to hear, she runs away.

As she runs through the streets, Katsuragi stops her and Miyabi decides to ask her for advice, believing she may be the best person. When Miyabi explains the problem, Katsuragi laughs out loud ad says Miyabi should just dress like a girl. Miyabi agrees with this logic, since if she looked like a girl, no one would treat her as a man.

Katsuragi hands Miyabi an outfit she just bought on sale, asking her if she wants to try it on. Miyabi uses a Shinobi Transformation to change her clothes. While they are quite feminine, they make her a bit uncomfortable. But she believes if she is to put an end to everyone thinking she's a man, she'll have to adapt.

Imu comes trotting along not too long after, and Miyabi takes this as her chance to strike her most feminine pose in front of her, asking what she thinks and if she should dress like this from now on. Imu's shocked reaction pleases Miyabi, now thinking her transformation worked and she can finally be free from her constant irritation. However the next moment Imu collapses with blood jetting out of her nose saying she loves it just as much and calling it breathtaking, thus continuing Miyabi's ordeal.

Estival Versus

Peach Beach Splash

Combat Capabilities & Gameplay

Miyabi is a power-type shinobi who can break through the defenses of even the most stalwart enemies with her seven-branched sword (held in her right hand) and her left fist, which is wreathed in black flames. The flames envelop foes and continue to damage them.

Other Appearances



  • Shinovi Versus: Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Shinovi Versus: Comic Anthology Vol.2

Non-Senran Kagura Appearances


Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Swear to Dōgen Shinovi Versus Miyabi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Swear to Dogen
Moonlight The ending song. It is sung by Miyabi (Hiromi Hirata) and Homra (Eri Kitamura).
Machiavellism of Despair Bon Appétit Miyabi's character song. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
Machiavellism of Despair
With Feelings and Determination Towards Mother Estival Versus Miyabi's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
With Feelings and Determination Towards Mother

Creation & Development

“The producer says that Miyabi is a busty girl that has a cool aura. She was created around the same time as Yumi. Her partner, Imu, was also created around that time. She's a little older than the other girls, can produce black flames, and has one black wing. He believes she is beautiful as opposed to cute, and fragile, but possessing of a coolness that's markedly different from Homura's.”
—Producer Commentary


  • So far, Miyabi is the only ninja to have two Guardians, crow and serpent.
  • Miyabi's prideful personality is a reference to her zodiac sign: Leo, the lion.