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Mirai (未来) is a playable character in the second timeline of Senran Kagura.

A former first-year student at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. She strives to achieve the air of a mature adult; unfortunately, her immature nature seeps through a little more often than she cares to admit.

She despises being ignored, and while she’s tried to come to terms with her small chest size, her insecurities are just another thing that makes her feel less of a "real woman" due to her classmates’ impressive proportions. Her umbrella is a concealed firearm, and she hides other heavy weapons under her skirt.



Mirai is a short black haired girl in gothic lolita fashion. She wears a black, white and dark teal frilled dress and bonnet with cat ears, cat tail, and what looks like black angel wings on her back. She wears white stockings and black dress shoes with black ring anklets with cat heads. She carries a European style umbrella that matches her dress in design, and like Yagyū, she wears a black eye-patch with red tomoe over her left eye (Yagyū's is on the right).


“See, I may be a renegade, but I have a secret identity as well.”
—Mirai, Shinovi Versus
Mirai is a short tempered individual and has a pathological hating of being ignored by others and will go to extreme lengths to make her presence known. Though she wants desperately to be seen as an adult, she does often act like a little girl. She also has a severe case of breast envy, gets agitated when there are those bustier than her, but is not afraid to mock those who also have a flat chest, like Ryōbi. Despite this, however, Mirai is quite the opposite of what she outwardly displays.

Mirai is actually very timid and is deathly afraid of what others think about her. Because of her history of always being picked on, Mirai tends to suffer from low self esteem. At times where she has felt the others mistreat her, she'd often runs away in a panic and tries to hide. She's also developed a defense mechanism for this; having random outbursts and yelling at others for treating her a certain way. Despite all this, Mirai is still a generally nice person.

She cares very much for her comrades as they have gone out of their way to make her feel that she belongs. She feels especially close to Haruka and Homura (Haruka being the ideal, proper lady she wishes to grow up being; Homura as an older sister-ish role model.)


Shinovi Versus

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Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Gessen Girls' Academy

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Shinobi Girl's Heart

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Shinobi Girl's Heart

Mirai is reflecting on the merciless power struggle that is the world of the shinobi... or actually, it also goes for the otaku world as well. Mirai is in the city on a pilgrimage tour of a popular anime called Goal of Cutie, aka GoC, about girls who fight urban airsoft battles. The battle that's about to commence for Mirai is the battle for limited edition merchandise. Huge lines stretch from every sales point but Mirai has a plan. She barges into one of the lines and pretends to have been knocked over by a fan with a stack of rare gear. Faking tears, she plays up on her young appearance and manages to guilt-trip a limited figurine as compensation from the unfortunate mark. It's not like she's going to steal it though, she'll pay for it at the register once she's gathered enough merch from other marks.

Mirai spots Murasaki in one of the other lines. Murasaki has another rare figurine. Mirai wants it. She asks Murasaki for it. The request is denied. Mirai says she'll have to take it by force. She makes one last demand for Murasaki's figure, and Murasaki counters by asking for the figurine that Mirai already has. Mirai escalates by asking Murasaki to hand over her beloved stuffed toy Bebe-tan. Murasaki says that Bebe-tan is covered in drool and asks if Mirai still wants it. Mirai is disgusted and declines. The two battle for the highest prize and Mirai wins, taking the figure to add to her goods basket.

There's another figurine that Mirai wants, but it's already sold out. Just then she spots Asuka and Yomi. Asuka has the figurine that Mirai was looking for. Asuka seems very happy to have it, and compliments Mirai on the two figures that she got earlier. Mirai splutters that the figure Asuka has is much rarer and more valuable. She says she's afraid she's going to have to take it from Asuka. Asuka characteristically accepts the challenge, saying that they can both put their merch on the line. Yomi joins in on Asuka's side, reasoning that she can give the figurines as toys to the slum kids that she cares so much about. Mirai wins the street fight, completing her figurine character trio.

The next encounter is with Minori. Mirai is near to the sales point for figurines of a character called the 'Child Soldier' and while he has his fans, Mirai says she might pass on this. Minori is nearby and offers to trade a 'Child Soldier' for one of Mirai's figurines. Mirai isn't having any of this. The pair fight, Mirai wins and takes the crappy figurine anyway.

Mirai finds another spot selling a different character that she doesn't want. Yagyū, Hibari and Hikage show up. Hibari is upset that she couldn't manage to get any merch. Yagyū tells her not to cry and that she'll do something about it. Mirai asks them why everyone's here. Hikage says she just happened to end up on the tour somehow. She asks Mirai what this place is supposed to be all about. Mirai says it's a place to get "rare items". Hikage asks what that means. Mirai says it means things like the Glamourous Tri-stars that she's carrying. Hikage says she understands now: she's supposed to take them for herself. Mirai protests that wasn't what she meant at all. Yagyū pipes up to say she'll be taking Mirai's merch to give to Hibari. Mirai angrily refuses both of them and fights off these shinobi bandits.

The final opponent is Murakumo. Mirai has reached the end point of her journey: acquiring the General Angel figure, the final piece of merch that she wants. However once again they're all sold out. As luck would have it, Murakumo managed to buy one. Murakumo spots that Mirai has the full Glamourous Tri-stars set. They frostily compliment each other on their fortune, and then each asks the other to hand over what they have. Unwilling to do this, Mirai and Murakumo agree to a winner-takes-all duel. Mirai fights hard and defeats her opponent, gleefully taking General Angel to add to her hoard.

Mirai EV SGH.jpg
Exhausted but victorious, Mirai takes stock. She's delighted with what she's managed to take, and now all that's left is to head to the checkout to pay for it. Before she can, her defeated opponents from the tour all show up, moaning about their losses and making one last attempt to intercept her. Mirai ruefully says to herself that that's to be expected of Goal of Cutie fans. She has planned ahead for this though, and takes the shortest route to the register that she worked out in advance, losing her pursuers. She puts the figures on the counter in triumph, inches from total victory... and the total price for all this limited edition gear is over 50000 yen. A shattered Mirai realizes she only has 5000 yen. She asks what she can get for 5000 yen. It turns out that the "Child Soldier" figure is a bargain at only 4900. Too proud too go home empty-handed after all the fuss she went through, she tearfully hands over the money for the "Child Soldier" figurine.

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown with the rest of her team working at a carnival, where they suddenly get their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes


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Her fighting style makes use of a Western-style umbrella outfitted with a machine gun and magic from her Mugen Shingan Ryū style.

"Mirai has very high defense, but due to her low endurance, she's not especially suited for close combat. Her attack power is low, but her many multi-hitting attacks can make up for that. Mirai is an expert at long-range combat. Her machine gun-brella is loaded with homing bullets, making it her weapon of choice. She may have a tough time fending off a large crowd, but once she thins them out, she can easily take advantage of the situation. Her rushing Secret Ninja Arts can be maneuvered with the controller, so make sure to keep control of her fire and get as many hits in as possible." -Estival Versus: Mirai's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Mirai and Futsure Shinovi Versus Mirai's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.
Future's Idea Estival Versus Mirai's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting her.