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Minori (美野里) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A first-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy who, for whatever reason, acts like a much younger girl all the time. She's innocent and loves to play games, but is also determined to do right by her friends by becoming a worthy shinobi.

She uses a bucket and frying pan as her main weapons, pulling off maneuvers that are so esoteric, they almost look like magic.



Minori is a fair-skinned girl with long light brown hair tied in two pigtails with green big rings on them and big blue eyes, with small yellow pupils. She wears a green choker around her neck, with a small, round bell attached to it. She wears an orange top, which reveals her cleavage. The top has short, wide white sleeves, with pink trimmings, as well as the front part of her shirt.

She has a large pink bow tied around her waist, and has a small hamster clip on her shirt, as well. She wears white and orange striped stockings, and matching undergarments. She wears large green bracelets and anklets, and pink boots with little red bows on them.

She often carries around a blue pail with a hamster design on it. On her back is a large plush hamster backpack. She has a blue thermos on her right hip, and has a white headband.

She is one of the shortest girls, shorter than even Mirai by 2-3 inches. Despite her smaller frame, she is very much well-endowed like most of the other girls.


Despite her age, Minori has a very energetic and childish personality that makes even Hibari looks mature in comparison. She has a major sweet-tooth and loves to eat snacks all the time. Minori is extremely playful and even considers her work as a shinobi as "playing."

However, there is a reason behind her childish demeanor. Minori doesn't like fighting as it is the reason why her parents are dead, having been killed on one of their missions. She believes that everyone in the world should spend more time playing than fighting because it would make everything better.


Minori was taken in by Kurokage after her parents died in the line of their shinobi work. Ever since then he raised her alongside Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, and Shiki, training her to become a shinobi just like them. The two of them trained by playing games like tag and hide-and-seek, though Minori could never really catch Kurokage because he was far too skilled.

When Kurokage fell ill, Minori would still request to play games with him despite him refusing every time. She knew it was selfish of her to ask, because it was apparent he was far too weak to do anything at all given his terminal sickness.

Eventually, she was enrolled into Gessen Girls' Academy with the others and managed to become part of the elite class within her first year.


Shinovi Versus

Gessen Girls' Academy

Minori is on her way to visit Kurokage's grave with the other members of the Gessen elite. They are suddenly intercepted by Hanzō who not only eats the strawberry daifuku meant to be placed on her grave, but also sexually harasses them by groping all of them as well.

Minori and the others feel too embarrassed and upset to go see Kurokage after this, and decide to head back to the Academy. When they arrive their teacher, Wang Pai informs them of the Shinobi Battle Royale and suggest that Yumi, and the others should use this as an opportunity to enact revenge against Hanzō, by challenging the very Academy named in his honor.

Now having decided to participate in the Shinobi Battle Royale, Yumi tells both Minori and Shiki train together before taking her leave to make preparations for the Shinobi Battle Royale. Shiki convinces Minori to skip out on training, despite Minori's initial reluctance. Yumi returns just in time and forces them to train properly. Minori wins the sparring match between her and Shiki, and Yumi praises her. Yumi intends to give them a lecture about training diligently, but Minori cuts her off and goes to play since she's done for the day.

Hanzō National Academy

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Homura's Crimson Squad

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Minori is in a state of panic due to being unable to fight any of her sweets. Shiki reminds her that she ate all of them yesterday. Minori decides to go "trick or treating" which involves beating people up until they give her candy.

Minori approaches Asuka first on her quest for candy. Though Asuka is surprised at first, she gives Minori one of her grandfather's special futomaki sweets. She ogles at the size of it and shoves it into her mouth, but ultimately ends up unsatisfied due to wanting sweeter candy.

Minori's next target is Yozakura who becomes upset at her constantly saying "trick or treat" because she doesn't know what it means. Minori calls her a cheapskate which causes Yozakura to bring up the Mr. Bunny crackers she had intended to share with her, and Minori happily demands she hands them over.

Minori approaches Ryōbi who tells her to leave since she doesn't have any candy. Minori asks Ryōbi why she doesn't have candy today because she usually always does and brings up seeing her stuff candy between her breasts. However she notices that Ryōbi is flat and assumes that she's telling the truth. This leads to Ryōbi becoming upset and transforming to fight Minori. After Minori's victory she ends up finding a single Mr. Bunny candy says that it's better than nothing.

Minori is walking around the Hanzō campus eating candy when she is approached by Ikaruga who tells her she can't eat candy on school grounds. Ikaruga offers her healthy snacks instead, much to Minori's disgust and leaving off on the statement that she gets scared when food smells funny.

Minori approaches Yomi and asks for candy. Yomi happily offers her some of her chocolate bean sprouts. Though Minori is a bit apprehensive at first, she decides to try them and immediately grows to love them.

Minori gushes over how delicious the chocolate covered bean sprouts are and asks Yomi for more, much to her delight. Yom gives Minori a hug and asks if she would like to make more sprout sweets with her. Minori readily accepts and becomes Yomi's apprentice. A week later and the two have continued to make sprout sweets every day. Minori concludes that she doesn't need any other sweets so long as she has sprout sweets.

Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Minori is cooking scones. It's her first time trying out a kiln but the scones turned out well. She's made a lot of other treats too like pies and donuts and cookies. She's having trouble deciding what to start eating when it strikes her that it would be a lot more fun to share them with everyone. Especially since Haruka's special medicine is the secret ingredient in everything Minori baked today! Minori had no idea what it was when she pinched it from Haruka's medicine box but since it smelled like vanilla it seemed like a good idea to use it in her cooking. Minori stuffs her huge backpack with the baked treats and starts looking for everyone.

The first person Minori finds is none other than Haruka herself in Mt Orochi village. Haruka happens to be a bit hungry so Minori offers her some of her treats. Haruka picks the tiramasu and takes a bite. Immediately her voice becomes strange like a Westerner speaking Japanese with a very strong accent. Minori tells her that she put some of Haruka's medicine in the food but doesn't make the connection with Haruka's weird speech. Haruka is evidently annoyed because a fight breaks out. Minori wins and says to herself that Haruka might have been talking weirdly but she did obviously enjoy the treats.

(Note: For all these missions, as a nice little detail the opponents' combat speech and taunts are also altered so they speak with the comical accents while fighting)

Minori reaches the Sensōji Temple grounds next. She finds Katsuragi and Yozakura there and tells them she has baked some nice things for them. Katsuragi says the pie looks good (because "pie" sounds like Japanese "pai" = "boobs") and Yozakura agrees (though the bilingual boobs pun goes over her head). They eat the pie and their voices immediately turn weird just like Haruka's did. A fight breaks out for no real reason at all. Minori wins and obliviously tells the two girls to eat all that they want, she has plenty more.

(Note: For all these missions, as a nice little detail the opponents' combat speech and taunts are also altered so they speak with the comical accents while fighting)

Minori finds Shiki out and about Downtown. She offers Shiki some treats. Shiki plumps for tomato scones and immediately starts speaking bizarrely. Again Minori fails to make the connection, again another a battle breaks out and again Minori wins. She finally wonders why everyone is speaking so strangely.

(Note: For all these missions, as a nice little detail the opponents' combat speech and taunts are also altered so they speak with the comical accents while fighting)

(Note 2: 'French' is a localization used for the characters actually speaking English in the original dialogue.)

Minori meets Hibari, Imu and Kafuru on the Sensōji streets. The same pattern follows as before: Minori offers her baked foods, everyone picks donuts and starts talking funny. Minori is again surprised by this but Hibari says it's something Haruka's medicine would cause. Minori recalls that she put some of that in all the treats. Kafuru angrily says that much should have been obvious, given that Haruka is a mad scientist. After their battle, which Minori wins, she finally realizes that she's done something bad.

(Note: For all these missions, as a nice little detail the opponents' combat speech and taunts are also altered so they speak with the comical accents while fighting)

Minori comes across Yagyū at Hanzō Academy. Yagyū dives straight into Minori's treats and Minori belatedly tries to warn her about the side effects. Yagyū says Minori should have known better than to use Haruka's concoctions in her cooking. Minori protests that it smelled good. Yagyū tells her she needs to get an antidote and Minori agrees to do so, realizing everyone is depending on her now. Minori and Yagyū then duel for no reason whatsoever, Minori wins and goes to get the antidote.

(Note: For all these missions, as a nice little detail the opponents' combat speech and taunts are also altered so they speak with the comical accents while fighting)

Minori's SGH's final CG.

Minori searches through Haruka's medicine stock but is having trouble because none of Haruka's potions are labelled. In the end she just picks one at random. She gives it to all the shinobi who ate her food, telling them it's the antidote. Unsurprisingly it turns out not to be the antidote and in fact is Haruka's dancing potion. With everyone dancing uncontrollably, Minori decides that whatever they are doing looks like fun and joins in.

Dual Shinobi Hearts

Dangerous Concoction

Minori and Hibari drink a concoction from Haruka's collection that will make them more mature by deepening their voices. Yozakura and Yagyū are in denial for them to drink anything that's been made by Haruka, however.


Hibari: "Here! I brought it, Minori. The medicine I got from Haruka the other day!"

Minori: "Is this really going to make us all womanly?"

Hibari: "Yup, Haruka says it will."

Hibari: "Haruka's medicines always work lickety-split. Let's try it right now!"

Minori: "But is it going to be fun being all mature?"

Hibari: "U-umm, when you say it like that..."

Hibari: "Well, at least when you're mature, people take you seriously, and nobody talks down to you."

Hibari: "So that sounds pretty good to me!"

Minori: "Okay! If you say so, I'll believe you!"

Hibari: "So here goes, Minori."

Hibari: "Say hello to the new young lady us-es!"

Minori: "Hello!"

Minori: "Ahh!"

Hibari: "..."

Hibari: "...Huh? Did anything change?"

Minori: *deeper tone* "...I wonder."

Hibari: "Huh? M-Minori... Your voice!"

Hibari: *deeper tone* "Your voice...seems more mature."

Minori: "Oh, wow. Yours as well, Hibari."

Hibari: "...How surprising. Who would've guessed that we would change this much?"

Yagyū: "Oh, Hibari! There you are."

Yagyū: "I had Yozakura sew you those Mr. Bunny panties you'd been asking for. They're very well-made."

Yozakura: "I made a pair for you too, Minori."

Hibari: "Mr. Bunny panties? I have no interest in such things."

Yagyū: "...Hmm?"

Minori: "Nor do I. Tee hee."

Yozakura: "What?"

Hibari: "I'd much prefer something more ladylike. Right, Minori?"

Minori: "Yes, indeed. None of this "Mr. Bunny" business. Rather, a leopard print, perhaps."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what's wrong, Hibari?!"

Yozakura: "Why are you talking like that? Are you playing some kind of game?"

Minori: "Tee hee. This is no game. Hibari and I have simply embraced our womanhood."

Hibari: "Indeed we have, thanks to Haruka's medicine."

Yozakura: "...Haruka's medicine?"

Yagyū: "...I see. So that's what this is."

Yagyū: "Let's make them spit it out, Yozakura! Haruka's medicines are no joke. I have a terrible feeling!"

Yozakura: "R-right!"

Hibari: "Please, stop. We've both wanted to be this way for quite some time, you know."

Minori: "Yes, and we've scarcely had time to enjoy it."

"Goodbye, playtime!" -Minori
"Hello, maturity!" -Hibari

Beginning of Mission:

Yozakura: "Spit it out, Minori!"

Minori: "I would never."

Yozakura: "If you spit it out, I'll play tag with you!"

Minori: "Tag? I have no need for such frivolity. Isn't that right, Hibari?"

Hibari: "Yes. We have other games we play now."

Yagyū: "...Wh-what? "Other games"...?"

Hibari: "Do you not understand, Yagyū? How sad. You are still so young..."

Hibari: "Minori, please explain to them. What other games are we talking about?

Minori: "Hee hee. Well, the kinds of games responsible adults play behind closed doors, such as..."

Yozakura: ""S-such as..." what?"

Minori: "..."

Minori: "...Hibari, if you would."

Hibari: "Of course. For example..."

Hibari: "For example... Ah, paying the bills."

Minori: "Ah, yes. Nothing says "maturity" like taking care of the household finances."

Yagyū: "You count that as a game?"

Minori: "Hee hee. You'll understand the fun of it one day."

Yozakura: "They may have "matured," but they sure haven't learned anything."

Minori: "Manners, Miss."

Yagyū: "Ack... We couldn't make them spit it out..."

Yozakura: "What is this? I think they're stronger than normal."

Minori: "Of course we are. We've matured in every way."

Hibari: "And on that note, we have to go rent a car, pay our bills and drink black coffee."

Minori: "That sounds wonderful. Ah, it's great to be so mature and independent!"

Yozakura: "...Their concept of "maturity" isn't all that mature, is it?"

Minori: "I'll take some black coffee and some alcohol-filled sweets."

Yozakura: "So you do still want sweets."

Minori: "Tee hee. Say what you will. You're clearly far too young to understand. Well, au revoir, Yozakura."

Yagyū: "Hibari, I...I know you've got bills to pay, and that's fine, but..."

Yagyū: "...I'm begging you. Please spit that medicine out, or drink a lot of water, or..."

Hibari: "Why would I do such a thing? Have I outgrown you? Do I have to be your adorable little sister for you to be infatuated with me?"

Yagyū: "That's not it. I have a feeling something bad is about to happen, and I just want to make sure you're..."

Hibari: *dry tone* "...Ah, put a sock in it! And don't you worry 'bout nothin', ya little whippersnapper!"

Yagyū: "What?"

Minori: *dry tone* "Hibari? Did yer voice just go all caddywumpus?"

Minori: "...Huh?"

Hibari: "Minori.... This is..."


Minori: "*cough* *cough* *hack*"

Hibari: "Wh-what'n tarnation is happenin'...?"

Yozakura: "...Now they sound like old people."

Yagyū: "Ack... Sometimes, I hate being right."

Hibari: "Well, heck, now what do we do? Guess we'd better mosey on back to Haruka's place and see if she can fix this whole mess up."

Minori: "You're darn tootin', we should."

Minori: "Maybe it's just me, but this maturity business is wearin' me out in my old age."

Hibari: *high tone* "Mm'kay, Yagoo. I go."

Yagyū: "Huh?"

Hibari: "...H-huh? Whuff diff...?"

Minori: *high tone* "Hibawi tawk wike baby!"

Minori: "...I tawk wike baby!"

Yozakura: "Hmm, from young ladies to old ladies, and then babies... I think they're in a loop."

Yagyū: "Does that mean we can just wait, and they'll turn back to normal?"

Hibari: "Gaga!"

Minori: "Googoo!"

Yozakura: "...You know, Yagyū, for some reason, I feel like this might not be a big deal."

Yagyū: "You might be right. When do we ever get to hear Hibari talking like a baby? Maybe we should just enjoy the moment."

Hibari: "Googoo! Pweaze, diff is fewiouf!"

Minori: "Dat's wight! Dat's wight!"

Yagyū: "Oh, what's wrong? Do you need a new diaper? Or do you want some breast milk?"

Yozakura: "Aww, I'm sorry. Our breasts don't make milk..."

Yozakura: "Oh, I know! How about some Mr. Bunny underwear! I'm sure it'd look perfect on you."

Minori: "Goo goo!"

Hibari: "Baboo! Baboo!"

Stage Show

After finishing their 25-hour charity show starring their hero characters, BC Mask and Cropped Bean Sprout Mask, Ikaruga and Yomi find out that most of their audience were attracted to Minori and Murasaki's show that happens to be right next door to theirs.


Yomi: "One, dodging hunger -- to jump, roll and duck! Two, no such thing as a state of bad luck! ...Three, let us bloom from the depths of the muck!"

Yomi: "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask is here, with unmatchable pluck!"

Ikaruga: "A-and...the seeker of truth and justice... With black hair flowing in the wind, BC Mask..."

Ikaruga: "Everyone... Thank you for coming out today..."

Yomi: "We've been fasting since yesterday morning...and now our 25-hour charity show has come to a close. Please be careful on the way home..."

Ikaruga: "We did it, Yomi..."

Yomi: "We did indeed. We didn't draw much of a crowd, though."

Ikaruga: "It is what it is. Low turnout or not, if the spirit of the charity came across, that's still a success."

Yomi: "That's a good way to think of it."

Yomi: "...Still, I don't know if we should do this fasting show again. At least not without a bigger audience."

???: "I wanna be a Mino Mino Apple!"

Yomi: "...What was that? Whose voice was that?"

Ikaruga: "It seems someone else is putting on a little hero show nearby."

Yomi: "Hmm, sounds like they're having fun. I'm about to collapse from hunger, but let's go see."

Ikaruga: "There they are. Now that's quite a turnout."

Ikaruga: "Let's watch and learn. Maybe we can use a few of their tricks in our next show."

Minori: "I wanna be a Mino Mino Apple! Hey, everyone! That's all for today! Thanks for coming out!"

Murasaki: "Please, don't push... Please, form a line..."

Ikaruga: "...It's Minori and Murasaki. So they're the two performers, are they?"

Yomi: "H-how are they THIS popular?"

Ikaruga: "I'm a bit shocked myself, to be honest... Maybe our hero show is too...old?"

Minori: "There's still plenty of apple pies left! If you want one, you've gotta stay in line! Hey, you, usher! Could you help hand these pies out?"

Murasaki: "...S-sure... Please, enjoy Mino Apple's handmade apple pie."

Yomi: "What? Apple pie?"

Ikaruga: "Yomi... Please take a look at that sign... "Mino Apple's All-You-Can-Eat Show.""

Yomi: "Could it be...? They used food to lure people to their show?"

Yomi: "...That's why the audience for our fasting show was so low..."

Yomi: "We were doing a charity for the slums and going through hell...and they were doing this right next door!"

Minori: "See you guys later! Until next time!"

Murasaki: "Please be careful on the way home..."

Yomi: "Mino Apple and crew! Hold it right there!"

Minori: "Oh hey, Yomi, Ikaruga. What's up?"

Yomi: "Do not "What's up" us!! You are interfering with our business and our spirit of charity! It's blasphemy!"

Yomi: "And we're not Yomi and Ikaruga! We are Cropped Bean Sprout Mask and BC Mask!"

Yomi: "BC Mask! Please do not hold me back!"

Ikaruga: "Yo... I mean, "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask," I won't stop you... This may be the hunger talking, but I'm a bit irritated as well..."

Ikaruga: "I will fight alongside you!"

"What's a hero...?" -Yomi
"Let us show you!" -Ikaruga

Beginning of Mission:

Minori: "What's this, what's this?! Are we playing shinobi?"

Yomi: "Please don't joke around. Did you KNOW we were fasting for charity next door when you put on YOUR show?"

Minori: "Huh? What do you mean?"

Yomi: "It was a charity for hungry kids from the slums. And then YOU came along..."

Minori: "You must be real hungry. Here, have some Mino Apple pie..."

Ikaruga: "...No, that's not what I meant..."

Minori: "There should still be plenty of apple pie. You can take some for your whole staff. Yomi, too!"

Murasaki: "Uh... Umm, how did I become YOUR staff member...? I was just taking a stroll, and you roped me into this..."

Minori: "Yomi's waiting! I think she's hungry."

Murasaki: "O-okay... Then here..."

Yomi: "*gulp*"

Ikaruga: "Cropped Bean Sprout Mask! Are you allowing the enemy to tempt you?! ...*gulp*"

Yomi: "Y-you're right. What could have come over me...? *gulp*"

Murasaki: "Yomi, Ikaruga, please hurry up and eat... I want to go home as soon as possible..."

Yomi: "N-no... *gulp*"

Murasaki: "Please!"

Ikaruga: "I do not want any... *gulp*"

Yomi: "...Mmm. This is delicious. *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "Indeed. *munch* *munch* Did you make this yourself?"

Minori: "That's right!"

Ikaruga: "You are a wonderful chef. You should start a bakery. They'd recognize your talents all across the country."

Minori: "Really?! Squeeee!"

Murasaki: "Um... You said you didn't want any, but...you're eating quite a lot..."

Ikaruga: "Oh, excuse me... How rude of me... *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "No worries! Playing Shinobi was fun, so eat as much as you want!"

Yomi: "You said it yourself, Ikaruga. *chomp* We should study their tricks and use them for our show. *munch* *munch*"

Ikaruga: "I did say that. *chomp*"

Yomi: "Do you think we can use this same idea? *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "What do you mean? *munch* *munch*"

Yomi: "Well, maybe instead of a fasting show, we could bring the people of the slums out for an all-you-can-eat show. *chomp*"

Ikaruga: "That is a wonderful idea. *chomp*"

Yomi: "...I'd like to apologize, Minori. Please forgive my rudeness from before. *munch* *munch*"

Ikaruga: "I would like to apologize as well. Deeply. *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "Apologize? What for?"

Yomi: "This is wonderful. *chomp* Your kindness is boundless. You would be most suitable for our charity show."

Minori: "Whaa? What d'you mean, what d'you mean?"

Yomi: "I mean, for our next show, we'd like to include you. *munch* *munch*"

Minori: "Really? That sounds fun!!"

Yomi: "So for that event, could you bake a mountain of apple pies? *chomp*"

Minori: "Of course! I'm gonna bake tons of them!"

Minori: "Right, Murasaki?!"

Murasaki: "...Huh? Me too? I thought I was just the usher..."

Yomi: "Oh, is that what you were? Then I hereby promote you to full-time staff! *munch* *munch*"

Yomi: "Please help pass out the apple pies again next time. We'll do our best with the show. *chomp*"

Murasaki: "Whaaa?!"

Ikaruga: "No need to make that face. Here, you should have an apple pie yourself, Murasaki. They're blissful. *chomp*"

Murasaki: "O-okay... *chomp*"

Murasaki: "...Mm? This is really good!"

Minori: "Really? Yaaay!"

Yomi: "I think the people of the slums will say the same. High spirits, everyone. *munch* *munch*"

Everyone: "Roger! *munch* *munch*"

Special Missions

Peach Beach Splash


She is shown along with the rest of her team on the rooftop of Gessen Academy with a inflatable pool they had set up. After Yumi uses her ice to make the water cold Minori and Shiki run into the pool. She is soon sprayed by the squirt gun Shiki was holding making her shirt see-through. They then receive their invitation to the PBS tournament.

Gessen Arc

P-1 Climax

Paradise Episodes

Sushi Queen

While Yomi was experimenting with growing a new kind of bean sprout on the beach she sensed a strange presence behind her. She called out who was there but before she had a chance to turn around she was grabbed, blindfolded and taken somewhere. She was thrown into a room with her hands untied she removed her blindfold. She was in a house made out of cardboard she took a closer look and saw it wasn’t a house but more like a papier mache display the kind used in school plays. On a piece of cardboard she notices the words Ryugu Castle. She suddenly hears two familiar voices belonging to Hibari and Minori whom she sees in opposite corners of the room both were just as confused as she was. A figure suddenly appears. Yomi easily identifies her as Yagyū wearing an even more obvious fake beard. Hibari calls her by her name only for Yagyū to tell her she wasn’t Yagyū but the master of Ryugu Castle. Yomi had no idea what she was up to but decides to let her go with it. Yagyū tells them she summoned them for one purpose to save the Sushi Queen. When asked she further explains she was the Sultana of Seafood the Duchess of Delicacies. She who calls forth happiness from the ocean. Hibari even though Yagyū was playing asked if the Sushi Queen had been kidnapped and Yomi could tell Hibari looked deadly serious despite the cardboard walls and cheap costumes. Yagyū tells them the Sushi Queen had fallen into the clutches of an evil organization called the Fish Force Four, dark elites who hoard her talents for themselves. Hibari speaking with the conviction of a true believer. “The Fish Force Four... So they’re the bad guys!” Yagyū tells them she wanted the three young ladies to defeat the Fish Force Four and bring peace to the ocean gourmet world. They would be treated to a bountiful reward. Sinister voices waft into the room. Those voices being Kafuru, Imu, Haruka and Hanabi. They declare themselves as the Fish Force Four and how they savor the ocean’s bounty every day thanks to their generous guest and they’re never going to release her and they were going to wait for them at the stage. Yomi recognizes them but doesn’t jump to conclusions. Hibari happily shouts out to go out to save the Sushi Queen. Even Minori was swept up as she was. Yomi didn’t understand what was going on but she decides to join in.

The first member of the Fish Force Four they face is Kafuru the Dolphin. She calls out to them announcing herself as a member and her title. Minori calls out to her saying she didn’t know she was cool, something Hibari agrees with. Kafuru replies telling them they were easily swayed and tells them they will never save the Sushi Queen for she will crush them here and now, and her case was rested. Yomi giggles and tells her she got the role playing down. Kafuru tells her to stop yapping and to bring it with everything they got. Yomi tells her they won’t hold anything back. And thus the three defeated Kafuru in a water gun battle. Yomi declares that victory was theirs, only for Kafuru to tell her not to get so cocky as the other Elite Four were all stronger than she was.

Imu approaches them and comments about their victory against Kafuru the Dolphin telling them “Not bad!” Minori asks if they have to fight Imu. She confirms she was a member of the Fish Force Four. Imu the Atlantic Footballfish. Hibari asks why they call her that. Yomi tells them to be careful as Imu’s forehead was shining. Minori comments about how just looking at the light was like she was being sucked in. Yomi pleads with Minori to not go near it. Imu laughs telling them to behold the power of captivation and how she’ll suck them in and swallow them whole. Hibari tells the others that this was going to be tough and they’re going all in. And so they beat Imu in a water gun fight. After losing she says “G-Glory to the Fish Force...Four...," to which Yomi then points out there were only two members left to take out.

They find Hanabi the Goldfish. Who reveals herself as a member and her title and tells them to face her. Minori asks if goldfish live in the sea. Hibari answers with “no, they shouldn’t.” Hanabi tells them not the sweat the details as she was a fish and to just go with it. Hibari instantly agrees on spot. Minori tells the others to leave the goldfishing to her. Hanabi sarcastically tells her sorry but she couldn’t fish her that easily. Hanabi loses to the three in a water gun fight. Yomi comments that the final member of the Elite Four was next and to keep their guard up every step.

They find Haruka who praises them for making it so far. Hibari calls out to her saying she was the final member. Minori asks what she had to do with seafood. Yomi agrees with her saying she saw no resemblance to. Before she could finish Haruka was swishing. Minori pointed out to a slimy thing she was holding. Haruka tells them she was the most powerful member of the Fish Force Four and says her title Haruka the Sea Cucumber. Hibari confusingly asks Sea Cucumber. Haruka tells them she’ll make them all slippery with her special lotion. Haruka then loses to the three in a water gun fight. She tells them not to think they can relax. Yomi asks what extravagant act awaits them next.

They find the Sushi Queen who is none other than Asuka who welcomes them and asks what she should she prep for them, even calling them boss. When her teammate says her name Asuka tells her she was the Sushi Queen. Minori tells her they were here to rescue her. Asuka tells them she didn’t need any rescuing. She was there to make sushi out of all of them. This freaks Hibari out asking her what she meant. Yomi assumes that the Sushi Queen was brainwashed. Asuka begins listing several fish those being. Fatty tuna, Halibut, Sea eel, and Salmon. Yomi tells the others they need to snap the Queen out of it with their own hands. They then defeat Asuka in a water gun fight, who thanks them for saving her. Yomi declares their mission was complete.

Upon returning to Yagyū she tells them she prepared a feast in thanks and to take their time and enjoy. She had a large sushi bowl sitting in front of her with the aroma of vinegar rice pinching Yomi’s nostrils. Asuka tells them to leave it to her. She piles various fish on top of the vinegar rice. She ends up making chirashi sushi. But it wasn’t just chirashi sushi. In the middle of it the fish eggs spelled out Happy Birthday in Japanese.

Hibari, Yomi and Minori Birthday.jpg
Asuka then tells the three girls Happy Birthday. They looked at each other upon hearing those words. Yomi thinks about what she just heard and realized. Her, Hibari and Minori all shared the same birth month. Yagyū asks if they didn’t want some ordinary party did they. Asuka even comments that they thought they’d do something a little different. While they spell that out the Fish Force Four all step out. Hibari thanks everyone and Minori says this is the best birthday ever. Yomi finally realizes what all that awkward acting was for and it was entertaining. She thanks them and she’ll have to find a way to show her gratitude. This raised the bar for everyone else’s birthday they would seem underwhelming now if they weren’t on this level. As she ate the delicious chirashi sushi she had a few ideas floating in her head. She suggests a bean sprout party. Hibari comments that, that’d work for her but.

Combat Capabilities & Gameplay

Main Articles: Minori/Shinovi Versus  · Minori/Estival Versus  · Minori/Peach Beach Splash

Minori's arsenal of weaponry consists of her plastic bucket, a frying pan, and a heavy weight she uses for strong aerial attacks. Minori attacks with her bucket by swinging it around as if she were playing house. However, the shinobi attacks she's polished through mere playing have a brutal amount of force behind them. Minori can even turn her bucket's shape and size from a sharp lance to a giant-sized bucket for heavy attacks and Secret Ninja Arts.

"Minori's bucket attacks have little range, so she may have a hard time against crowds. She can power herself up by performing a Snack Charge. After a Snack Charge, Minori's bucket will change from pink to yellow to green. When you perform a bucket attack while green, you can deal a mid-range attack with massive damage. Her go-to Secret Ninja Art is Minori's Snack Party, as it can attack everything around her." -Estival Versus: Minori's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Other Appearances


“You dumb, dumb dummy! You’re stupid, Yozakura!” Minori shouted as she ran out of the academy in tears. It was always the same, Yozakura says she can’t do this, she can’t do that, Minori couldn’t do anything. Yozakura shouts at Minori to stop but she didn’t listen. She didn’t care what Yozakura said she was just going to run away. Turns out Minori wanted to use her favorite giant frying pan to create gargantuan, fluffy pancakes for everybody to eat, but Yozakura was against the idea as it was too big to eat and it would be a waste of ingredients. Minori questioned why she would say that she would’ve eaten it. At this point she was very angry. Soon afterward in the shopping district Minori started to calm down. She understood what Yozakura was saying it was obvious that you couldn’t just waste precious food and she was afraid Minori would get a tummy ache from all that food. She realizes how selfish she was being and she went too far by calling her stupid. She fully intended to go apologize to her, until she saw a flyer. It was for a Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off. Her apology flies out of her head. She saw her opportunity to make giant pancakes and Yozakura couldn’t get mad at her because everybody would eat the food she made and the ingredients would be ready to go. “I’m gonna make tons and tons of food!” She shouts as she sets out for the tournament.

Round 1 Her first opponent was Yozakura who approaches her and says she’d been looking for her. Minori was surprised to see her. Yozakura continues with how she ran off from the Ninja Room and not to worry her so much. Minori tries to say something but Yozakura initially didn’t want to hear it saying she could make her excuses when they get back to the Ninja Room. Minori tells her she wasn’t going to make excuses. She then asks what was up with her, she was always mad and didn’t want to hear what Minori had to say. Yozakura responds with “That’s ‘cause you keep pissin’ me off!” Minori once again calls her a dumb, dumb dummy and says she was going to apologize to her. Yozakura was surprised, but because of what she did to Minori. She decided it was too late and she didn’t care about Yozakura anymore. And presumably because Yozakura entered the competition she was defeated by Minori despite being a better cook. After losing Yozakura apologizes to Minori and says she may have been too harsh. She even acknowledges that when she was trying to apologize to her, she didn’t bother listening she was putting words in her mouth. Minori assures her it was okay, as she was the one who started it. Yozakura got mad at her was because she worried about her. Minori even apologizes for calling her a blockhead. Yozakura also apologizes and would make sure she’d listen next time. Minori then asks her to make her a humongous pancake. Yozakura agrees due to what they were currently doing and everybody would probably help her eat it. Minori cheers and says she loved Yozakura. Who then orders Minori to stay focused in battle and to be careful not to get burned. Minori obliges and guesses that Yozakura was always going to be the type of woman who gets angry about every little thing.

Round 4 She next encountered Ryobi who addressed her by name. Minori says hello but also calls her little. Making Ryobi state she wasn’t little and Minori was smaller than she was. Minori says she wasn’t. Ryobi was confused and asks if they were talking about height, as she was taller than Minori. Minori tells her to calm down and to breath in and out. Ryobi says she was calm as always. Minori continues on with “Deep breaths!” and inhales and exhales. Which Ryobi does. Minori immediately undoes what she did by asking her how it felt for her “boobies” to go away after her shinobi transformation. “Screw this! It’s time for a bloodbath!” Ryobi shouts in anger. Unfortunately for Ryobi her anger wasn’t enough to drive her to win their round of the tournament. Minori was ecstatic that she was super strong. Ryobi was angered at her loss. Minori then asks if she wanted to get big. Ryobi tells her she was already big enough. Minori points out she knows a way to get bigger. Ryobi tried to say she didn’t care but she decides to hear Minori out. Minori says “If you wanna go big, you have to eat a lot and go to bed early!” Ryobi responds with. “...Your entire body gets bigger that way. G-g-gaaahhh!!”

Round 5 Her final opponent was her leader, Yumi whom Minori says hi to. Yumi takes notice that Minori was as energetic as always. Minori tells her, she was doing well too and points out she was always dancing in front of the mirror every day. “Yes. I cannot allow one day to pass without doing a cute check.” Yumi says. And immediately says she only did that in front of her closest comrades, not in front of strangers. Minori was surprised at asks why. Yumi says she finds it embarrassing, but not as much as when she first began, but still. Minori says that it was just a waste. Her cute checks were funny. Yumi was surprised and asks “F-funny? As in...not cute?” Minori confirms they were really funny and she should do it in front of people more to give them a good laugh. Yumi laments that it only makes it more embarrassing and she must devote herself ever more to her cute checks. At this point the final round of the tournament begins with Minori winning.

Epilogue Minori was pleased with herself for making tons and tons of pancakes. Yumi tells her it was impressive. Minori giggles and asks if she was great or what and she was going to make more and more, everybody was going to get tons and tons, everyone’ll eat her pancakes. Minori continued to make more and more giant pancakes, in her words she was on fire. She never got tired of making her favorite pancakes. She fully intended to stack them higher and higher than the tower she didn’t know the name of*. She never stopped making pancake after pancake until her stack reached the cloud. She was so happy she got to make so many pancakes and not only that it was an all-you-can-eat buffet of pancakes for her. But the thing that made her the happiest was seeing everyone enjoy what she made. She comments on how everybody looked so happy it made her so happy it made her want to smile too. If everybody smiled so, would she that’s why she wanted to be a better girl. She didn’t want to see an angry face. She knew what she was going to do, from now on she was going to be a real good girl. “Here goes. I’m gonna keep making pancakes till the stack reaches ALL the way up to the sky!” Minori says as she continues stacking her pancakes. Before eventually lying down on the top of her tower.

  • Based on the CG Image the tower is the Tokyo Skytree which stands at 634 meters tall (2080 ft) and is known as the tallest building in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world beaten by the Burj Khalifa which is over 600 feet taller.


  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.1
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Comic Anthology Vol.2

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Let's Play! Shinovi Versus Minori's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Russian Dance.
Hibari and Minori's Child Toy Battle -Who's a Child? Arrange- A rearranged mix of Minori and Hibari's themes.
3 Minutes of Hustle and Bustle Cooking Bon Appétit! Minori's theme. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
Watch Me! Estival Versus Minori's theme. It plays after she transforms and also when fighting against her. It is an arrangement of Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals "Finale".


Creation & Development

“A childish character who makes Hibari look mature by comparison. But even if she's a cute shinobi with an insane sweet tooth, she still represents something unique and exceptional. Her design incorporates the best aspects of an adult with the behaviors and mannerisms of a self-declared child who doesn't realize she's grown up. When you see Minori and really think about everything she's going through, it just makes you want to give her a big hug.”
—Producer Commentary from the Shinovi Versus Shinobi Syllabus


  • In her Estival Versus artwork, Minori appears to have six fingers in her left hand instead of five. This might be a minor mistake.