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Miki (神姫) is a boss character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She made her debut in the Setsubun Party event in Senran Kagura: New Wave, which ran from January 24th to February 7th in 2013.



Miki has a fair complexion with sharp, slanted turquoise eyes and long flowing pink hair. On each side of her head is an ice blue horn with electricity surging from them. She wears a black and fuchsia form-fit top and bottoms with garter straps connected to her leg accessories, one of which covers the entire left leg and foot, while the right leaves the foot bare. She also wears a black spiked bracelet, a black choker, and a necklace with a blue gem.


Supposedly has a nice personality and is very popular as a model, though this may just be an act.


She currently works as a model, but says she just does it as a hobby.


Miki was a former Evil Shinobi who joined an evil research corporation that secretly controlled the company owned by Tachibana's father, and where Yugiri's father also work.

There the evil corporation attempted to make stronger shinobi through technological enhancements. Miki (Subject 3) was the only success out of 14 test subjects. This presumably explains the horns on her head that allow her to control puppets and robots.

Since the success rate was so low, the corporation moved on to creating robot shinobi. Muramasa was their prototype. However, Tachibana's father discovers the secret lab where Muramasa was being created and set her free, giving her a false set of memories of her origin and destroying all the blueprints on how to create her.

In response, the evil corporation framed Tachibana's father for all the evil science stuff they'd been doing with his company. He professed his innocence, but even Tachibana believed he was lying.

Yugiri's father, however, did believe in Tachibana's father and begin snooping around the company. When he found out what was going on, he was going to go public, so Miki was forced to kill him and make it look like a suicide, as she had not developed her brainwashing technology yet.

She would later become a part of Senki Shu, but retained her connections to the evil corporation and often got technological supplies through them.


Miki was initially a non-playable boss that appeared during events in Senran Kagura: New Wave, but was eventually made playable through the release of rare cards after the G Burst update.


Sk nw puppet tachibana01.jpg
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Miki primarily attacks with puppets, which she presumably controls with the horns on her head. She even creates puppet duplicates of other characters.

During her first appearance in the Setsubun Party event, Tachibana appeared to be a boss until it was damage and revealed to be a puppet duplicate of her.

Later, more puppet characters appeared during the Sailor Suit Operation event alongside Yuki. Although Miki herself did not appear, presumably the puppets came from her. This time the puppets were Meimei, Tsubame, and Yugiri and did not need to have their "skin" torn off to reveal them as puppets.


  • Miki's name means "Stem", however the kanji of her name (神姫) can be roughly translated as "Soul Princess".
  • Miki shares the same birthday as Kumi.