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Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy's Discipline Committee's Emblem

Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy (都立薄桜女学院, Toritsu Hakuou Jogakuin) is a shinobi school. This school and its characters debuted in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

Distinguishing Characteristics

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Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy is a Good Shinobi school that poses as a regular high school, similar to Hanzō National Academy.

Unlike other shinobi schools, which generally have their shinobi actively avoid dealing with the normal students and teachers on a regular basis, the Academy's shinobi regularly interact with the normal school populace, however the regular students remain unaware of the shinobi activities.

The Academy is actually the #1 school for girls in Japan, causing it to often get targeted by nefarious forces.

The Discipline Committee (風紀委員会) is a special club within the school dedicated to maintaining order among the students, and is secretly composed of the school's shinobi students, with Kochō acting as the Committee president.

As all the notable characters are members of the Discipline Committee, they all wear the red arm band with the kanji for "Discipline" with their school uniforms. Kochō, Kanzaki, and Ranmaru even continue to wear one after performing a Shinobi Transformation.

Notable Characters


First Year Students

Second Year Students

Third Year Students


  • The faction emblem is specifically for the school's discipline committee, not the school itself. The kanji on it has the schools name in the top row followed by Discipline (or more accurately "manners") and then Committee at the bottom.