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Matsuri(祀) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. Her grandmother was a ninja. Pursuing her beloved grandmother, she eventually arrived in Japan and became a ninja student. Because she's poor at Japanese, her vocabulary is incredibly limited. Her sense of justice is strong, however she is extremely gullible so is easily used by people with evil intentions.

She uses a tomahawk to slash and hit enemies.

Appearance & Personality

Matsuri has brown skin and big golden eyes. Her hair is dark brown and worn in low pigtails held by bands of white and blue stripe with cuff of dull red. Around her head she wears a thin, pale beige band with a small face on the side and two large white feathers attached to it. Below her left eye she has a bandage to match the one by her right elbow. She wears a bracelet of white, blue, and red on each wrist.

In Shinobi form, Matsuri wears a beige tank-top with a fringe along the bottom, revealing a black bra beneath it. Between her breasts is an orange and red tiger head surrounded by three sharp turquoise claws, holding a white furry cape behind her back. Her skirt is a short light red ruffle with white lines and orange belt, with a pair of black short-shorts beneath it. Her headband is now a thick red band with lines of white and blue, while the little ornament rests on the left side of her head. Seventeen white feathers tipped by black and red line the headband. Her shoes are gold thin boots with beige heel and armor of light red over the bottom half of the foot. Below each cuff of her boot is a beige fringe.





  • Matsuri's shinobi mode is based on Native American tribes clothing from North America.
  • Matsuri's name (祀) means 'To Pray' or "Shrine".
  • She and the rest of her team make two brief non-speaking cameos in the second season of the anime.