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Faction Senki Shu
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday June 12th (Gemini)
Blood Type A
Laterality Right
Weapon Kitchen knives
Personal Details
Favorite Food Chocolate cake
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple (Red when berserk)
Height 157cm (5'1")
Bust 97cm (38")
Cup I Cup
Waist 59cm (23")
Hips 90cm (35")

Maki (愛姫) is a boss character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. She's an unstable, soft-spoken ninja who possesses an unsettling aura. She gets very envious of everyone around her, whether it be beauty or affection, and will go berserk because of this.

Using kitchen knives, her fighting style involves stabbing and slashing anyone who dares to go toe-to-toe with her.



Maki has a fair complexion with half-lidded, pale purple eyes. Her short brown hair sticks slightly up, with each side adorned with a pale purple rose and a sky blue ribbon. Her outfit consists of a flowing purple dress with white ruffles circling the top, held with purple ribbon. She also wears purple slippers with a ribbon tied around her ankle, and white knee-socks. Around her neck is a pendant necklace, while her wrists have bandaging on them.

In her other form, her now red eyes are opened wider. A skull adorns the pink rose on each side of her head and her hair is slightly messier. Her outfit appears darker in color.





  • Maki's name means "Volume", however the kanji of her name (愛姫) can be translated as "Love Princess".



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