Leo is a playable character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst.

She is a second-year student, a wealthy celebrity, and the leader of the Zodiac Star Committee.

Her fighting style centers on high-speed, slashing attacks from her laser blade.



Leo has fair-skin, very long blonde hair, and medium orchid-purple eyes. Her head-wear when in her shinobi clothes consist of a yellow headdress decorated with red roses and white frills. She also wears a high-class yellow dress to match that has fur around the neck and a white ascot decorated with another red rose.

She also wears a white dress under the yellow dress that is slightly longer and has feathered frills. Her leg-wear consists of white tights and yellow boots decorated with white fur and red roses to compliment her both her headdress and her dress.


Always calm, cool, and collected, she holds her team together with her strong leadership skills. She prizes elegance and decorum. Also, she loves naps, and will take even the smallest opportunity to doze off a little.  She retains her elegance even while doing this.


Being one of the wealthiest shinobi in the series, Leo is the celebrity socialite daughter of a high-class family. 


Peach Beach Splash

Leo is shown as one of many shinobi to receive a letter regarding her invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Paradise Episodes

Crow Loves Shinies

Leo's golden broach is stolen from her by Yuuyaki's crow. She demands that she return it to her as it a precious treasure from her ancestors. Yuuyaki apologizes and says that she'll get it back for her.

Leo notices the crow only seems to go after shiny things, and so she purchases an assortment of items that glitter in the hopes that it will get the Crow's attention. Leo's plan works and they are able to successfully lure and capture the crow and return everyone's stolen items.

Combat Capabilities & Gameplay

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  • Both Leo's name and secret animal reference the Leo zodiac sign.


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