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Kochō(胡蝶) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave as a 3rd-year at Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy.

A member of the public morals committee at the University, she studies with the normal students during the day but after night falls she secretly gathers with the other talented girls and trains. She strictly enforces the rules and does not compromise.

As the president of the public morals committee, her sincere personality and impartial actions and leadership makes her popular amongst the student body. She is the leader of the "Three public moral princesses".

Conjuring serpents into battle, she specializes in attacking enemies with her whip of love.

Appearance & Personality

Kochō has very thick, long pale brown hair worn in several knee-length drills. Her bangs are made of three large strands. She has teal slanted eyes.

Her normal attire consists of of a white top lined in black with a gold badge on her chest and a red arm band. At her neck is a cyan tie. She also wears a dark blue pleat skirt, black loafers, and grey knee socks.

In turn over, Kochō wears a purple top lined in gold to match her tall white boots and her black miniskirt. She gains a ruffled neck accessory and a flowing white cape with the inside purple in color, lined in gold with writing all over it.





  • Kochō's name (胡蝶) can mean "Butterfly".