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Katsuragi (葛城) is a playable character in the PlayStation sub-series for Senran Kagura.

A third-year student at Hanzō National Academy. She’s over-the-top and easily moved to tears, yet she has an older sister-like demeanor that’s thoroughly endeared her to the other members of her class.

She's best known for her bold, excitable personality... and her "dirty old man"-like tendency to grab her classmates' breasts. Despite that habit, she fits in with her friends as a "big sister" alongside Ikaruga and is always ready with a word of advice... even if that advice usually involves where to stand so they're easier to reach.

With all that said, she does have a serious side. Her parents, both shinobi who refused to carry out a certain assassination mission, are now fugitives under the constant threat of death. Katsuragi's singular goal as a shinobi student is to rise through the ranks, eventually gaining enough prestige within the shinobi world that she can have her parents pardoned. To that end, she kicks her way through her opposition with a pair of special, heavy boots.



Katsuragi Concepts (Headshots).png

Katsuragi has long, soft blonde hair worn with a blue headband that has a ribbon on each side of the head. Her bright eyes match, and she is usually depicted with perverted expressions.

Her turnover outfit is simplistic; composed of her usual white Hanzō school uniform, unbuttoned, revealing most of her torso underneath; particularly her breasts. Along with a blue plaid skirt, she wears long socks and her signature black and gold metal boots adorned with small blue tassels on either side, serving as her combat weapon of choice.


Katsuragi was defined by losing her parents; she vowed to become a stronger shinobi and gained an extremely vivacious personality and often hides her sorrow behind her mask of perversion. She takes almost every possible opportunity to grope her fellow shinobi with intense glee. She enjoys the thrill of battle and competition, leading her to often face-off against the stoic Hikage, whom she wishes would enjoy a fight with her.


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Hanzō National Academy

It's a new day at Hanzō National Academy. Kiriya told the group to prepare for training. As they got ready, Katsuragi chuckled to herself as she told Asuka how she saw her rubbing herself with a dry cloth through the window. Ikaruga was surprised about Asuka knowing about old fashioned hygeine. Asuka explained how her Grandpa, Hanzō, taught her the method.

Katsuragi thanked Asuka for the demonstration, which caused Asuka to become embarrassed. Hibari states how doing it would prevent you from catching a cold. Liking the thought and getting carried away, Katsuragi suggested Asuka to clean herself like that every single day, to the point of doing it naked. Katsuragi's enthusiasm caused Hibari to get enthusiastic as well, but suddenly, Yagyu showed up in a flash while readying her weapon towards Katsuragi.

She feels that Katsuragi was being reckless for inspiring Hibari to do perverted things like that. As Katsuragi questioned why Yagyu had her weapon out, Yagyu states that she will protect Hibari no matter what. Asuka mentions how both Yagyu and Hibari are like a couple, which caught Yagyu off guard as she slowly process what she just heard in her head. Suddenly Kiriya intervened and ended the conversation while also explaining to the group that they'll be doing basic training for the sake retaining the fundamentals of combat. With that said, the group started their training session.

After the session, Katsuragi states how it was her intention to have her cute juniors work hard. Hibari suggested Katsuragi to help out as much as she can. To start, Katsuragi demonstrated her way of helping by groping breasts. In a flash, Yagyu appears again and readied her weapon towards Katsuragi.

Quickly, Katsuragi tried explaining to Yagyu how it was a joke, but the reason didn't get through to her. She then asked Ikaruga for help, but Ikaruga declined right away and told Katsuragi how she reaped what she sowed. Hibari then intervened and asked Yagyu if she could come with her to eat some sweets. Yagyu agreed and told Katsuragi how lucky she to be able to live another then. Afterwards, both Hibari and Yagyu left.

Sighing in relief, Katsuragi comments on how she'll always commit sexual harassment, even without a head while both Asuka and Ikaruga suggest that the group should always try their best to become a full-fledged shinobi.

Later on, both Katsuragi and Ikaruga talked to one another in private. Katsuragi decided that she wanted to train with Ikaruga to prepare for the upcoming graduation exam. The two began to reminisce on the events that have occurred a year ago while Katsuragi wondered if she'll be able to meet Ikaruga again after they both graduate. Ikaruga comments on how the two will be doing actual missions as official shinobi while Katsuragi responded with the statement of how both of them could possibly lose their lives out there. Ikaruga then asked Katsuragi for a spar just for old times sake. Katsuragi smiled and agreed on the challenge. The two prepared themselves and then started the spar at an instance.

After the duel, Katsuragi was victorious this time around. Ikaruga acknowledged how much stronger Katsuragi became over the year. Katsuragi then replies with how Ikaruga helped her become strong while thanking her. She then offered Ikaruga her version of a handshake, which consists of massaging Ikaruga's breasts. Ikaruga quickly denied the offer while Katsuragi chuckled to herself.

Later on at night after training hard, Katsuragi walked into the ninja room and noticed Ikaruga finishing up her training. The two began to relax and then at some point, Asuka, Hibari, and Yagyu walked in with dinner that consists of futomaki. As Asuka wishes both Ikaruga and Katsuragi luck on their graduation exam, the group began to eat plate filled with futomaki. As the group relaxed, Hibari noticed how it started to snow all of a sudden. Suddenly, the group sensed a shinobi barrier at the schoolyard. They all quickly got up and headed to the location.

Waiting for them outside was a group of elite shinobi. The leader introduced herself as Yumi from Gessen Girls' Academy while also introducing the other four that goes by the names of Shiki, Yozakura, Minori, and Murakumo. After introductions were settled, Yumi declared a Shinobi Battle Royale on Hanzō National Academy. Katsuragi and the others were confused on what Yumi was talking about, but then she started to explain how in seven days, they will come back to initiate the Shinobi Battle Royale. Afterwards, the Gessen Group left except for Murakumo, who asked for Ikaruga to follow her in private.

The next day, the Hanzō group asked Kiriya what the Shinobi Battle Royale was exactly. Kiriya then explained carefully and specifically what it is and when it last happened while also explaining a bit about Gessen Girl's Academy. Afterwards, he suggest both Katsuragi and Ikaruga to focus on training for the Shinobi Battle Royable as the Graduation exam was put on hold for the time being. Katsuragi then comments how the graduation exam will be pointless if she isn't a shinobi. Kiriya then ended the discussion as went back inside the building.

Hibari began to worry about everyone's safey, but the others reassured to her that they'll be fine while saying how Hibari herself will get stronger. Hibari wants to protect everyone, but she feels that she can't since she's missing a specific ability at the moment.

Suddenly, everyone's body except for Hibari's started moving on their own with no way of breaking free. Hibari decided that she'll fight and defeat everyone to set them free.

Afterwards, Hibari asked if everyone was alright. They all nodded while showing no signs of injuries. Hibari then apologized to everyone while explaining how her family have this special ability within their eyes that only her family can do known as Kagan. Because of those eyes of hers, Hibari felt like an outcast and how she's not mastering her special ability at all. The group then help encourage Hibari by suggesting that she should practice the ability as they help her. The encouragement brought back Hibari's spirit as she thanked everyone.

Katsuragi Main Story CG.jpg
On the mountain path, Katsuragi just finished up her 50km marathon as she watched the sunset from the distance. She thought to herself on how winning the Shinobi Battle Royale will allow her to take the graduation exam and if she passes, she'll be able to become an official shinobi and be able to take on missions. She'll be one step closer to becoming an excellent shinobi, which means she'll be able to live with her mother and father again.

Suddenly, Katsuragi heard a dog barking. She figured that the barking was coming from, Choco, her pet dog. Ignoring how exhausted she is from training so hard, she followed the sound of the barking. While doing so, she remembered how six months ago, Choco led her to her parents, but Katsuragi decided not to see them until she became an excellent shinobi.

Suddenly, something came flying out of the grass and landed in front of Katsuragi. It was none other than Choco. Katsuragi happily embraced Choco with all of her might. However, Choco slipped out of Katsuragi's arms and ran off in the direction where the hidden village was at, which is where Katsuragi's parents are living at the moment. Confused, Katsuragi decided to follow Choco. Before she realized, she lost track of Choco but appeared in the hidden village. Katsuragi looked around for Choco, but instead, she came into contact with 2 adult shinobis that was none other than her parents.

Katsuragi's father asked Katsuragi why she decided to come to the village. Katsuragi didn't response but was surprised to see her parents up close ever so many years. She wanted to embrace them both, but decided that it's not the time to do it just yet. Katsuragi's father then told Katsuragi to follow him and her mother into their home. Katsuragi understood and followed them.

As they reached their home, Katsuragi's father told Katsuragi to enter while Katsuragi did just that. The three gathered around a hearth. Before Katsuragi said anything else, Katsuragi's father asked her if she wants to know why exactly did her parents abandon her five years ago. Katsuragi slowly nodded. Katsuragi's father then explained how during the time, both him and her mother were on an important mission to assassinate an elderly shinobi. The shinobi was a brilliant good shinobi at first, but due to having dangerous ideas of starting a revolution in the world of shinobi, headquarters issued the order to take the shinobi down.

As both Katsuragi's parents found the shinobi, they realized how he was taking care of children that had no relatives. Realizing how happy they were to be taken care of by the elderly shinobi, Katsuragi's parents decided not to assassinate him. Failing an important mission results with the shinobi paying the price with their lives, however, Katsuragi's parents were so hesitant to commit suicide, they chose to become EX shinobi and ran away while abandoning Katsuragi. While it was bad to do that, they know that it would protect Katsuragi from shinobi law.

Katsuragi shook her head in silence while remembering how Asuka's grandfather told her about the situation when she entered Hanzō National Academy. Right when she was about to tell her parents about how she enlisted to the school, she quickly changed her mind and said nothing. She decided that she'll tell them after she becomes a full fledged shinobi.

Suddenly, Katsuragi noticed Choco sleeping in the corner and then woke up growling. Confused with what's wrong with him, Katsuragi attempted to pick him up, but then she noticed an unknown high-leveled shinobi walk into the house. She figured that they must have followed Katsuragi's footsteps to find the hidden village. Katsuragi asked why they're here, but the shinobi refused to explain. The shinobi overpowered the unresistant parents. Katsuragi tried to hurry to her parents, but the shinobi stopped her by tying up her neck and arms simultaneously. Katsuragi's parents were then sent outside. Katsuragi struggled hard to get lose as she yelled out to her parents, but the shinobi stopped her and commented on how she must save her strength for the Shinobi Battle Royale.

Katsuragi desperately yelled at the shinobi about how she will win the Shinobi Battle Royale, which could hopefully allow her parents to be set free and forgiven. The shinobi started at her face for a bit and then replied saying if Katsuragi does win the Shinobi Battle Royale, then there would be a scope of negotiations at headquarters, but if she fails, her parents would be executed. Afterwards, the shinobi let Katsuragi go and left the house.

Katsuragi picked up the frightened Choco and told him that it will be alright because she will win the Shinobi Battle Royale for the sake of her parents. It's no longer a regular fight. It's a fight with her parents on the balance. With that said, Katsuragi put Choco down, left the house, and headed back to Hanzō National Academy.

As she arrived, Asuka and the others were already prepared and waiting for her. Ikaruga asked Katsuragi if she was alright since she looks pale, but Katsuragi replied with an okay and a smile. Afterwards, Kiriya commanded the group to go to their assigned places for the Shinobi Battle Royale.

At her place, Katsuragi mumbled to herself that she must win no matter what. Just winning regularly has no meaning this time around. Quietly, Yozakura arrived as she introduced herself to Katsuragi. Katsuragi comments on how she's a meek child, but Yozakura replies that it's better to fight to get a better understanding of her. Katsuragi then states how she will kick her multiple times, but Yozakura sees that as not being elegant for a woman. Feeling a bit excited, Katsuragi mentioned how this fight will be an interesting one. The two then readied themselves and began to fight.

Afterwards, Katsuragi was victorious, but she was beaten pretty badly during the fight. Yozakua questioned why Katsuragi did finish her off. Katsuragi was confused with that question, so Yozakura thene explained that a shinobi must take the other shinobi's life if they are victorious. Katsuragi then started to feel conflicted about that statement. Yozakura then states how sympathy won't get you anywhere during battle. No matter how many times Yozakura persuades Katsuragi to kill her, Katsuragi couldn't do it, even though she states that she wouldn't lose. Feeling disgusted, Yozakura then scolds Katsuragi on how her attacks weren't intended to kill, how she tries to pretend that she's finished, how her heart is closed off completely, and to end it, Yozakura states how Katsuragi is a failure as a shinobi.

Katsuragi was shocked to hear that coming from Yozakura. Afterwards, Yozakura began to leave while telling Katsuragi to prepare herself next time and to do it properly. After she left, Katsuragi started to question herself if she really is a failure after all this time. She then slowly started to walk to where Asuka is at where she then passed out on the ground from exhaustion and pain.

After a long period of time of recovering from her battle with Yozakura, Katsuragi and the others headed for Gessen Girl's Academy to give Asuka a helping hand. When they arrived, the group noticed Asuka about to be finished off by Murakumo. Quickly, Ikaruga knocked Murakumo's masked right off her face to get her to change her personality. Katsuragi states how rash Asuka was being for going off on her own to take on Gessen's elite shinobi while also stating how she should trust her seniors more often while making hand groping gestures.

Afterwards, Katsuragi and the others turned towards Murakumo and prepared for battle. However, Murakumo freaked out as she covered her face and yelled out to everyone to not look at her face. With this opportunity. Katsuragi suggestively looked at Murakumo from a lot of angles, which then caused Murakumo to freak out even more and run away. With that settled, Katsuragi suggested that they should all go relax at the Hanzō National Academy bath house. The group agreed and started to head there.

Inside the bath house, the group were relaxing to their hearts' content while realizing how their upcoming fights will be even more intense than before, when suddenly, a mysterious voice appeared. Everyone looked around and noticed the door opening slowly. An old man walked in while wearing a towel around his waist.

It was none other than Hanzō himself. Everyone felt awkward, picked up some bath buckets, and started throwing them at Hanzō, but Hanzō dodged them with no problem. He then asked everyone to calm down and decided to invite everyone to his sushi restaurant for the some sushi. Afterwards, he left the room while laughing and the group got up from the bath and started heading to the restaurant.

As they arrived, the group sat down, they all ordered rolls of futomaki, even though Hanzō was ready to prepare special sushi instead. Even so, Hanzō prepared the futomaki rolls and then gave them out to the group. The group thanked Hanzō and began to eat. After finishing up, Hanzō sat down on a stool and asked the group if he can tell an old tale for a bit. It was a first time for everyone in the group to hear about this specific tale.

The tale starts with how Hanzō was good friends with another good shinobi that was too pure for his own good. He then explains how the world is balanced with light and darkness and how his friend wanted to destroy the darkness entirely. By destroying the darkness, the world will be unbalanced. Because of his mindset, Hanzō decided to separate himself from his friend for the better.

After finishing up the tale, Asuka asked Hanzō why he decided to tell the tale all of a sudden. Hanzō replied by saying how the group will understand gradually in due time. Afterwards, the group thanked Hanzō for the meal and began to head home. As they were doing, they began to wonder what Hanzō meant by saying how they will all understand gradually in due time regarding the tale.

Suddenly, Katsuragi sensed a shinobi barrier being formed around them. The group prepared for battle but then they realized that it wasn't a barrier from Gessen. From the distance the group saw another group of five students that were wearing Hebijo uniforms coming towards them.

The other group approached them and were surprised with how their predecessor lost to them. Ikaruga questioned how they were all connected to Hebijo. The leader of the group then states how they're the real Hebijo while also introducing herself as Miyabi. The others then introduced themselves as Imu, Murasaki, Ryōbi, and Ryōna. Miyabi then declared a Shinobi Battle Royale to Hanzō National Academy.

Hanzō's group was surprised since now they have to deal with Hebijo and Gessen. Imu then suggests that she would like to fight with Katsuragi for a bit. She then comments on how Katsuragi defeated Hikage in the past and how she got carried away. Katsuragi realized how Imu is calling Hikage weak but states that she's actually strong like herself. Imu then asked Katsuragi to prove it and then the two prepared for battle.

After the fight, Katsuragi was victorious in the fight, but she realized how she hasn't cut any corners. Imu was disappointed to know that she was holding back while Katsuragi was going all out, even during pre Shinobi Battle Royale. Katsuragi questioned her but then Imu states how both Katsuragi and Hikage are weak compare to her while also saying how Hikage is a coward. Katsuragi then defended her by saying how Hikage isn't like that, but Imu questioned if the two are actually friends while also saying how stupid it is for a good and evil shinobi to be friends.

Imu confidently changes the subject by saying how Katsuragi should be worried about Asuka due to Miyabi's strength. Katsuragi then started to hope for Asuka to be safe.

On the mountain, Katsuragi was training with Hikage to unlock her Absolute Secret Ninja Art. Hikage states how this isn't training while Katsuragi comments on how Katsuragi's attacks keeps on missing. Hikage then recalls how the last time they fought, Katsuragi fought stupidly, but with no trouble whatsoever.

Because of how stupid Katsuragi is, Hikage started to become interested in her at the time. Katsuragi then explains how her opponent wants her to kill her during the Shinobi Battle Royale, how her parents lives are on the line, and how she really has to fight seriously this time around.

Hikage understood and the questioned how it's good to master your strength to be able to make your opponent admit defeat without killing them. She then told Katsuragi that if she can pull that off while saving her parents, it's worth celebrating. At first, Katsuragi thought it was hard to pull off, but then she realized that it's a lot simple than she thinks. Hikage nodded and Katsuragi thanked her while saying that she must get stronger if she wants to master her Absolute Secret Ninja Art while saying that she'll beat Yozakura with one hit.

Hikage mentioned how simple and stupid those words were, which is Katsuragi's style. Hikage was glad to see Katsuragi back to her usual self and then the two began to fight one another.

Afterwards, Katsuragi was victorious and unlocked her Absolute Secret Ninja Art. She then thanked Hikage for everything, but then Hikage suggested that she should run Katsuragi's breasts in return. Katsuragi questioned Hikage, but Hikage stated that it's a joke and then state how she's been changing over time since the last time they've encountered each other. Katsuragi then asked Hikage why she's been avoiding Imu's invitation to fight her. Hikage replied by saying how she just wasn't in the mood. She then states how Katsuragi's foolishness can move an opponent's heart, which it did on Hikage's emotionless heart.

With that said, Hikage told Katsuragi to go and fight Yozakura while moving her heart and Katsuragi nodded to that.

In the ninja room, the group prepared to head for Gessen Girls' Academy for the final showdown against the Gessen elite shinobi. Just before they were about to go though, Hanzō reappeared and asked the group if they remembered the tale he told them a while ago. The group nodded and Hanzō started to continue his tale.

He mentions how his friend's name is Kurokage, what he did, how the Gessen elite shinobis are his star pupils, how he became an EX shinobi, and how headquarters sent Katsuragi's parents to go and assassinate him, which shocked Katsuragi a bit. He then mentions how Kurokage is now currently taking care of his star pupils.

The group then realized how the Gessen elite shinobis are actually repaying a debt to Kurokage for raising them and how they're fighting for him. As the group started to have mixed feeling about this entire Shinobi Battle Royale with Gessen, Hanzō mumbled to himself about how Kurokage shouldn't grieve. Kiriya then issued an order to the group to head for Gessen and defeat their elite shinobis while also coming back in one peace. The group understood and headed for Gessen.

At her spot inside Gessen, Yozakura was waiting for Katsuragi to come while stating that the real winner is the one that takes their opponents' life. Katsuragi understood that, but then she asks how by doing this, will Yozakura be able to report that to Kurokage.

Yozakura was surprised to know that Katsuragi knows a bit about Kurokage. She then states how Kurokage doesn't want her and the others to kill one another and how they must destroy the darkness in order to unite the shinobi schools, even if it means getting their hands dirty. Katsuragi understood and states how this matter isn't something easy to understand. Yozakura agreed as the two prepared for battle and then began fighting each other.

After the fight, Katsuragi was victorious. However, she decided not to kill Yozakura again, which upsets her. Yozakura then calls Katsuragi a coward for not getting her hands dirty. She then asked if Katsuragi lets her live, will she be able to save her parents. Katsuragi was surprised to know that Yozakura knows about her parents and the situation they're in. Yozakura then pushes Katsuragi to kill her in order to save Katsuragi's parents, but Katsuragi still decided not to.

Katsuragi explains how killing Yozakura won't make them pleased at all and it's not good to take away her life from her father. With that said, Yozakura realized that the parents that tried to assassinate Kurokage that time was actually Katsuragi's parents. Katsuragi then repeats herself on how she won't kill Yozakura, even if its for her parents.

Yozakura was silent for a bit and finally admitted defeat while saying how she wasn't considering Kurokage's feelings if she died. She was happy to be taught by Katsuragi. Katsuragi then thanked Yozakura for understanding while mentioning how the only battles left are Ikaruga's and Asuka's.

In the middle of Asuka's and Yumi's battle, Katsuragi and the others provided both Asuka and Yumi with enough power to go all out and finish the battle.

Hanzo Academy.jpg

The Shinobi Battle Royale has ended and Hanzō National Academy has decided to not burn down Gessen Girls' Academy. Asuka then suggest that everyone from all four groups should come together for one, huge bath after such a long Shinobi Battle Royale since in the end, they're all the same that wants the the same thing; To be able to become a full-fledged shinobi.

Gessen Girls' Academy

Chapter 2
After the Gessen Elite Shinobis made contact with Hanzō National Academy's Elite Shinobis, Katsuragi noticed how Hibari descending to the same level of immaturity as Minori. Afterwards, Katsuragi went to her location where she awaits for her opponent.

Eventually, Yozakura arrived to the location. She then asked Katsuragi if she was Katsuragi and Katsuragi confirmed that she is while preparing to grope Yozakura. Yozakura questioned what Katsuragi was doing. Katsuragi was wondering where she should sexually harass Yozakura. However, Yozakura started to become angry and states how sexual harassment is disgraceful. Her outburst caught Katsuragi off guard as she was surprised to see someone that pissed off about her sexual harassment.

Yozakura then starts lecturing her about the two types of sexual harassment and how it shouldn't be used lightly. Feeling conflicted, Katsuragi comments on how strict that is. Yozakura then criticize Katsuragi on how she lacks sincerity and how she'll beat her into shape. With that said, the two prepared for battle and then began.

After the fight, Yozakura was victorious as Katsuragi was upset for losing. Katsuragi then compliments Yozakura for being strong and how she hasn't enjoyed a good fight for the first time in a long time. Confused, Yozakura questions Katsuragi on how fighting can be a supremacy of pleasure. Katsuragi didn't understand what Yozakura meant by that, but then Yozakura started stating how filthy that is and how Katsuragi needs long term guidance.

However, Katsuragi tries to explain how what she does is what makes her who she is. With that said, Yozakura states that she'll leave for today and how she'll come back even more strict and that Katsuragi should do more spiritual training until then.

Chapter 5
Yozakura came back to Katsuragi as she stated a while ago. Katsuragiw as waiting with her hands ready for groping. Yozakura didn't react as she was deep in her thought. She then asked Katsuragi if she was free in a way. Confused by the question, Katsuragi nodded as she's free by doing sexual harassment. She then continues to explain that she doesn't do sexual harassment just for the heck of it. She does it because it is her way of being able to communicate with others a lot easier.

Yozakura was having a hard to processing that information in her head, but she realized that there are many different ways of looking at things, so she began to understand.

With that said, the two prepared for battle while Katsuragi accidentally comments on sexual harassment being around for ever. Afterwards, the two began to fight.

Afterwards, Yozakura was once again victorious, but this time, a bit exhausted than before. Katsuragi was upset for losing again. However, Yozakura states how she developed this urge to fight Katsuragi more often. Katsuragi acknowledged how ironic that statement was coming from Yozakura.

Yozakura then explains how since the beginning of the Shinobi Battle Royale, she has been getting this feeling and understanding how fighting doesn't only just bring out hatred from people. Katsuragi agreed and states how fighting can also sprout new friendship from dry riverbed.

Yozakura started to feel conflicted as she's not sure if this feeling was good, but she doesn't dislike it. She doesn't like the idea of making friends with her enemies. Katsuragi agreed while Yozakura starts to wonder how Kurokage would feel about this.

Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy

Chapter 2
After her battle against one of the Gessen Elite Shinobis, Katsuragi was surprised to realize what she'll be dealing with during the actual Shinobi Battle Royale. Suddenly, Imu walked in and noticed how exhausted Katsuragi was. Katsuragi asked who Imu was and then Imu replied by saying how she's a 3rd year at Hebijo.

Katsuragi was surprised to hear how Imu goes to the same school as Hikage. Imu felt disgusted to be grouped with Hikage. Feeling confused, Katsuragi asked Imu what business does she have with her. Imu then explained how Hanzō National Academy will fall to hell today.

Enthusiastically, Katsuragi states how she'll grope Imu to hell. Feeling disgusted again, Imu commanded Katsuragi to stop or else she'll literally make her a corspe. Katsuragi then explained how she was just revealing more of herself. With that said, Katsuragi became serious and stated how she can't afford to lose. Imu understood as the two finally got ready and began to fight one another.

After the fight, Imu was victorious, leaving Katsuragi severely injured. However, Katsuragi face was filled with satisfaction. Imu questioned why and then Katsuragi explained how the fight the two had was a good one. She then asked Imu for her own name, but Imu refused while saying how the loser doesn't gain anything, not even the winner's name. Katsuragi understood as she slowly collapsed to the ground and died.

Homura's Crimson Squad

Chapter 1
When Homura and co. go and give Asuka's group a helping hand, they were surprised to see all five of them defeated by Miaybi's group.

Chapter 4
As both Hikage and Katsuragi were about to train, Katsuragi noticed something different about Hikage while very confused. She realized how Hikage is more upbeat than usual. Katsuragi asked Hikage if she's the same Hikage she knew before, but Hikage insists that she's the real deal. Feeling a bit awkward from this situation, Katsuragi comments on how the tension feels strange at the moment while commenting on how hard it must be being a renegade shinobi to the point that it changes someone's character. Hikage then started breast massaging Katsuragi as she comments on how Katsuragi doesn't seem like herself in Hikage's perspective.

As Katsuragi asked Hikage to stopped, Hikage wondered why since Katsuragi is into those kinds of activities. She then states how surprised she is to know that there are fun things to do in this world like breast massaging. Suddenly, Hikage felt that the world and herself are spinning while spinning herself. Katsuragi thought of an idea to stop Hikage before things go bad, by fighting her.

After the fight, Hikage was back to her usual self. Katsuragi was glad to see that her plan worked. Hikage couldn't remembered what happened beforehand while Katsuragi states that it's something you shouldn't see in general. Hikage then explains that due to Haruka's medicine that she took earlier, it caused her to go into that state. She then realized that it was a bad idea to ask for her help. Katsuragi questioned what kind of medicine it was exactly while Hikage explained that it's a type of medicine that would help Hikage be able to speak with people better, which is why she asked Haruka to begin with.

Katsuragi began to laugh while reiterating what she said earlier about the whole situation being a disaster. She then tells Hikage that she's better the way she normally is. Hikage wondered about that, but Katsuragi explains that if you have faith that you're perfectly normal the way you are, then you don't have to say that you're not with words. Hikage understood and thanked Katsuragi. Katsuragi nodded and then asked Hikage if there's anymore of Haruka's medicine. Hikage then asked why she needed it while Katsuragi explained that she wants to use it on Ikaruga. Realizing that the medicine is her responsibility, Hikage figured that it would be a good idea to throw away the medicine.

Chapter 5
By the end of the arc, Katsuragi, along with everyone else, team up to defeat the nearby yōma.

Shinobi Girl's Heart

Katsuragi quickly grabbed Hibari's breasts from behind her and started to squeeze them. As Katsuragi questioned Hibari if her breasts make her shoulders stiff, Hibari replied with a no. The response shocked Katsuragi. Hibari then asked Katsuragi if she's finished groping her so that she can go shopping. Katsuragi slowly nodded and released Hibari's breasts from her clutches.

As she saw Hibari leave, she realized how boring molesting became. She recalled how the others would usually react whenever she groped their breasts, but now they started to get used to it. Sexual harrasment along with girl's screaming gives Katsuragi that fun feeling. Disappointed, Katsuragi decided that it's time to find new victims. As she marched off, she believes that this generation the age of great sexual harassment.

Having a hard time finding a good pair to grope, Mirai spotted Katsuragi thinking to herself. As she ignored her, Katsuragi motivated herself to keep on searching for a good pair. Mirai started to feel agitated by being ignored as she wondered what Katsuragi was talking about. Katsuragi wondered where the nearby voice is coming from as she looked around. The anger within Mirai went up even more as she tried getting Katsuragi's attention. As Katsuragi finally made eye contact with Mirai, she apologized for ignoring while stating how she's looking for breasts to grope and how Mirai's invisible to her due to her lack of breasts. Right after she finished her sentence, Mirai decided to let all of her anger out by attacking Katsuragi.

Afterwards, Katsuragi comments on how her treasure isn't in the area as she walks away.

Katsuragi states to herself how adventures must keep moving forward. Nearby, Ryōbi tried to get Katsuragi's attention. Ignoring her, Katsuragi then states how she must keep an eye out for her hidden treasure. Feeling frustrated, Ryōbi questioned Katsuragi on why she's ignoring her. Katsuragi wonders where the voice nearby is coming from. Ryōbi continues to get Katsuragi's attention as she raises her voice to her. Katsuragi finally noticed Ryōbi as she examines her chest. Sadly, due to Ryōbi not having a rack, Katsuragi treats her the same way she did to Mirai earlier. Ryōbi was shocked to see Katsuragi grab her like that as she became more frustrated. She then transformed into her shinobi outfit, which caused her rack to increase. Katsuragi was happy to see how shiny they were as Ryōbi began attacking her.

Afterwards, Katsuragi questioned what happened to Ryōbi's chest as she was sad to miss her chance at groping them.

Katsuragi noticed Miyabi being in a hurry. Miyabi explained to Katsuragi how someone gave her a gift and things started getting hectic for her. Katsuragi realized that it must have been one of Miyabi's fans that gave her the gift while teasing her by saying how it must be rough for Miyabi to be a pretty boy. Quickly, Miyabi corrected Katsuragi by saying that she's a girl. Suddenly, Katsuragi started examining Miyabi's breasts, which made Miyabi feel very uncomfortable. She then started squeezing the pair one by one. Miyabi demanded Katsuragi to stop at once, but Katsuragi didn't listen as she states on how she's possibly making Miyabi's fans jealous. Miyabi then tries persuading Katsuragi to stop by explaining how she has a prior engagement to attend to, so she has no time to deal with her. Katsuragi apologized to Miyabi, but she can't let her treasure get away from her this time.

Afterwards, Katsuragi realized that Miyabi's fans hate her now as she walks away, looking for more treasure.

Katsuragi noticed how Ryōna is down. Quickly, Ryōna requested Katsuragi to bully her Katsuragi asked why while Ryōna explained how she's losing strength due to no one bullying her in days. As Katsuragi began groping Ryōna, Ryōna was enjoying it as she asked Katsuragi to keep on going. Katsuragi asked Ryōna if she could resist a little while realizing that she isn't looking for someone that loves being groped. As Katsuragi stopped, Ryōna pleaded Katsuragi to continue groping her. To herself, Katsuragi questioned what kind of predicament she got herself into.

Afterwards, Katsuragi comments on how adventurers have it rough sometimes as she walks away.

Katsuragi states how she touched more breasts than she can count, but it's not enough to satisfy her. Suddenly, Haruka appeared and comments on how Katsuragi needs to reach her level. Katsuragi then denies the fact that Haruka can out-grope her, but Haruka insisted. With that said, Katsuragi and Haruka began a sexual harassment showdown to decide the one and only sexual harassment queen.

As Haruka was down, Katsuragi was relieved, but then Haruka slowly started getting back up.

Katsuragi SGH.jpg
The sexual harrasment showdown continues has both Katsuragi and Haruka show off their groping techniques on one another. The battle has been raging on for the past three days so far.The two complimented one another with their exhausted voices. Katsuragi was surprised to have found a rival in the art of sexual harassment.

The thought of a rival caused her to decide to become a better master at sexual harassment than Haruka, even if it means to not graduate from Hanzō Academy after her third year.

Katsuragi's motivational words caused a fire within Haruka's soul to light up as she states how she wouldn't lose to her. With that said, the sexual harassment showdown continues as the two go at one another.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits (Anime OVA)

Kagura Millennium Festival

Shinobi Girl's Heart

To her surprise and dismay, Katsuragi has become tired of boobs. It seems that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. She struggles to think of something else to throw herself into and eventually hits upon butts. And not just butts - Katsuragi realizes that her single-minded devotion to boobs has led her to ignore the rest of the body entirely. So many things to grope...

Ryōbi is the first target of Katsuragi's attentions. Katsuragi finds her on the Hebijo Academy roof. She asks Ryōbi to do something fun with her. Ryōbi asks if "something fun" means her boobs being groped. Katsuragi replies that it's not about boobs this time. Ryōbi wails and tells Katsuragi not to touch her butt. Katsuragi gropes it anyway, complimenting its texture and shape. A fight breaks out with Katsuragi the eventual winner.

Katsuragi locates Yagyū and Yozakura at the Sensōji Temple Grounds. She greets her fellow Hanzō shinobi by asking Yagyū to let her touch her belly. Yagyū stiffly refuses, saying her belly belongs to Hibari. To Katsuragi this only gives it the irresistable lure of the forbidden. Yagyū notes that Katsuragi is going to try to touch her despite her refusal and resolves to fight to protect her belly. Yozakura is a confused bystander in all of this but ends up fighting on Yagyū's side. Katsuragi manages a few grabs of Yagyū during the fight and marvels at its softness. Yagyū is distraught that Katsuragi has stolen her belly from Hibari. Despite being her ally Yozakura can't resist squeezing it herself, much to Katsuragi's amusement. The fight ends with Katsuragi the victor.

Katsuragi's quest takes her to a village on Mt Orochi where she encounters Haruka. She compliments Haruka on her nice legs. Haruka is happy that Katsuragi noticed. Katsuragi wants to touch them but Haruka won't allow it. Katsuragi cops a feel anyway and Haruka moans that she wanted to tease Katsuragi a bit more. Katsuragi loses her mind in lewdness as usual and a fight ensues, which Katsuragi wins.

Not far from the village in the Mt Orochi training grounds, Katsuragi comes across her classmate Ikaruga, her rival Hikage and the shy Gessen shinobi Murakumo. Ikaruga is cross with Katsuragi, saying that Katsuragi has been sexually harassing people again. Murakumo calls her shameless. Katsuragi truly is without shame at this point, eyeing up Ikaruga's neck, Murakumo's armpits and Hikage's navel as groping targets. Ikaruga tries to remonstrate with her but Katsuragi is lost to lust. She licks and sniffs Ikaruga's neck which makes her laugh because it tickles. Murakumo's pits and Hikage's belly button get similar treatment. The brawl that follows is won by Katsuragi who says that no-one can stop her now.

Katsuragi finds Kafuru at the Festival Grounds. She says she knows Kafuru has a lovely smooth back and intends to stroke it. She does this and Kafuru finds it funny at first because it tickles but soon tells Katsuragi to stop. Drooling and babbling, Katsuragi pays no attention. Kafuru fights with her but Katsuragi wins. She declares that loving the female body is the greatest joy in life.

Katsuragi EV SGH.jpg
"It's not just the boobs... it's the entire body.", Katsuragi says to herself. She says that life is full of sorrow but as long as a person keeps on living they can find good things in life to enjoy, showing that she's really a profound philosopher and in no way just an indiscriminate groping pervert.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash


She is shown alongside the other Hanzō girls attending a barbeque with Ayame holding onto her arm. During this their invitation to the Peach Beach Splash tournament suddenly strikes the grill Asuka was using.

Hanzō Arc

Paradise Episodes


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Katsuragi wields the mighty Dragon Rebellion, two big heavy metal boots, on her feet with ease and power. With them, her main battle priority is kicking. Like Yomi, Yozakura, and Hanabi, Katsuragi is a charge character, meaning she can charge her attacks to have her boots open up and expose razor blades that break enemy guards and deal even more damage than before.

"Katsuragi's a very powerful character, but she lacks in range and speed. She can be countered easily, so doing quick combos into Aerial Raves is the best opinion. Long-range enemies can be taken care of by jumping in. Her Frantic Mode limits her attacks, but increases her range and potential for combos. With that in mind, Frantic Mode may sometimes be the better option compared to Shinobi Transformation. On the subject of Secret Ninja Arts, her Tornado Spindle is her best choice." -Estival Versus: Katsuragi's Battle Card

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
For Father and Mother Shinovi Versus Katsuragi's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
A Nice, Simple, Head to Head Brawl! Estival Versus Katsuragi's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.