Katsuragi Anime 2
Voiced By Yū Kobayashi (Japanese)
Brittney Karbowski (English)
Faction Hanzo (3rd-year)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday November 5th (Scorpio)
Blood Type B
Laterality Right
Guardian Dragon
Weapon Dragon Rebellion
Personal Details
Hobby Sexual harassment
Favorite Food Ramen
Family Unamed Mother and Father
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue-Green
Height 165cm (5'5")
Bust 95cm (37")
Cup 67.5H
Bust Volume 2293.2ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 90cm (35")



Katsuragi has long, soft blonde hair worn with a blue headband that has a ribbon on each side of the head. Her bright blue eyes match, and she is usually depicted with perverted expressions.

Her turnover outfit is simplistic; composed of her usual white Hanzō school uniform, unbuttoned, revealing most of her torso underneath; particularly her breasts. Along with a blue plaid skirt, she wears long socks and her signature black and gold metal boots adorned with small blue tassels on either side, serving as her combat weapon of choice.


Katsuragi was defined by losing her parents; she vowed to become a stronger shinobi and gained an extremely vivacious personality and often hides her sorrow behind her mask of perversion. She takes almost every possible opportunity to grope her fellow shinobi with intense glee. She enjoys the thrill of battle and competition, leading her to often face-off against the stoic Hikage, whom she wishes would enjoy a fight with her.



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