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Katsuragi (葛城) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls.


When Katsuragi was still a little girl, she lived a normal life while playing with her pet dog, Choco. Her parents were both shinobi as they fulfilled missions that were issued to them by the higher ups. However, one day, both of Katsuragi's parents failed at one particular mission and were told to give up their lives as punishment. To avoid getting Katsuragi involved, the two decided to become renegade shinobi and ran away while abandoning Katsuragi.

Feeling sad and abandoned, Katsuragi thought to herself and decided that she will become a strong shinobi in order to atone for her parents' crimes while hoping that she'll be reunited with her family someday. At some point, she enlisted in Hanzō Academy.

During her first year, she encountered a student that goes by the name of Ikaruga. As much as she tries to interact with her, Ikaruga ignores her. This annoyed Katsuragi to no end as she tries to get along with her. As they interact with one another, Katsuragi learned why Ikaruga has been acting the way she has been, which caused her to remind herself on how lonely she's been since her parents left her behind. As the two started to understand one another, they eventually started becoming friends.

During her second year, she and Ikaruga helped another student, Asuka get through her first year in the Academy. However, during a training session, there was an accident that caused Ikaruga to injure Asuka. Katsuragi figured that Ikaruga was still bothered by something, so she asked her to come to an open field, where the two will fight one another to be able to escape from their problems.

After the fight, the two were able to escape and their friendship was solidified.

Other Appearances


Bon Appétit!

Katsuragi was reading the flyer for the cook-off. She took notice that the prize was a Secret Ninja Art Scroll that could grant any wish. It was clearly said on the flyer in her hand. She thought about if she got ahold of it. She giggles before bursting into laughter. Finally, all the boobs in the world would be hers. She cries out her appreciation to the sky. She then began to think about who would put such a scroll up for grabs in a contest. It made no sense and if she thought about it. She shot down her thinking and said to herself to not think. Feel. This wasn’t hard. She was never a deep thinker, she just had to be more natural. More free. Act on instinct. Questions just got in the way. She chants the word “Boobs” towards the sky. “Thank you for being boobs! I love you all!” She shouted. Her head was full of them, all the time. She thought she might as well be made of them and proceeds to think about boobs replacing several body parts hands, eyes, brains it was boobs galore. “Squishy squishy! Boingy boingy!” She continued on. She didn’t even know what she was saying anymore, she was that excited. She declared she will win this tournament and when she does. She’ll be queen of the hooters harem.

Round 1 Her first opponent was Mirai who takes note of Katsuragi being her opponent. “...You pass” Katsuragi says to her. Mirai was confused and Katsuragi begins to talk about how it wasn’t all about being big, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and tells Mirai she could join her in her paradise and to come along. Mirai asks her what she was talking about Katsuragi tells her not to worry, in her new world nobody would laugh at her. She’ll accept all women and love all women and says to her “Now, right this way, child...” Mirai thinking of “accept all women” asks if being flat chested was okay. Katsuragi confirms and says that was right, she had nothing to fear. They were all one world, all one bosom. One for all and all for one. Mirai was breaking out in tears she had no idea what Katsuragi was talking about yet she still felt so moved. She then changes her attitude because she couldn’t take off now. She had a cook-off to win. She tells Katsuragi she wasn’t going to fall for her pretty words. And the first round of the cook-off began with Katsuragi winning. Mirai was saddened by her loss. Katsuragi informs her that when she wins the scroll, she’ll come back for her. She wasn’t alone, Katsuragi was never going to forget her. Mirai responds with “...O-okay” Katsuragi was ecstatic as that was one competitor and two knockers down. She was going to do it; she was going to rule the hooters harem. She then wonders where the next pair was.

Round 4 Her next opponent was her rival Hikage whom Katsuragi takes note of. Hikage greets her and says she seemed different, like crazy different, overflowing with madness. Only one word came out of Katsuragi. “boobs”. Hikage dismisses what she just said as it was just her acting as usual. Katsuragi tells Hikage she wanted her to come to her paradise and to bring her boobs. Hikage asks “What paradise?” Katsuragi informs her that it was a wonderful place where girls will sweat for her, pant for her and so much more every day and every night. Hikage replies that, that didn’t sound like paradise it sounded like hell. Katsuragi asks her what part of “MY paradise” did she not understand and tells her to come. Hikage says she wasn’t interested and questions why she needed her there for. Katsuragi tells her not to worry about it and to come along she’ll put her to work and she’ll never have time to worry again, ever. Hikage tells her, now she really didn’t want to go. Katsuragi decided that settled it and started up their battle. The next round of the cook-off began with Katsuragi winning once again. After her victory Katsuragi tells Hikage she now had to come to her paradise. Hikage mentions if she goes there, she’ll be in some kind of frenzy. Katsuragi tells her not to worry, that just makes things more fun for them. After all frenzied boobs would jiggle all over the place. Hikage decided that this sucked and it was too late for her rival. The bouncing hypnotized her. Katsuragi just had a little bit further to go, her paradise would be in her hands.

Round 5 Her final opponent was Homura who she tells to get ready as nobody could stop her now. Seeing who her opponent was Homura decided that this would be fun. Katsuragi then tells Homura her paradise had need of her boobs, both of them and no matter what she will win and her boobs will belong to her. Homura was not impressed by her words and says she’d call her “tits-for-brains” but she’d probably take that as a compliment. Katsuragi asks her if she didn’t understand the value of her own body and tells her to look at the contrast of her sun tan and natural skin tone she was the “breast” of both worlds. Homura tells her that every time she thought Katsuragi couldn’t get more perverted she always finds a way to be more perverse and how she was going to have to stop her. Katsuragi informs her that there was no stopping her. She was like a train; the boobs express and this train had no breaks. And so, the final round of the tournament began with Katsuragi emerging the victor.


Katsuragi ending.jpg
After beating Homura, Katsuragi was overwhelmed with emotion about her paradise being within her grasp. Boobs of both sizes, jiggling and trembling boobs. All hers and she was beyond ecstatic. Homura laments about how it was over. The world had come to an end. Katsuragi couldn’t stop laughing as now even the hardiest of hardasses would do her bidding. Ikaruga, Homura even Daidōji. Katsuragi had nothing left to fear now and ended off by shouting. “All hail the queen of the hooters harem!” Using the power of the scroll she immediately created her utopia. Beautiful girls from all over the world gathered to her and tended to her every whim. Their boobs were Katsuragi’s for the groping, for she was their queen. No matter where you look, this world was perfect it was a paradise for a girl like her. Every other girl took care of her, gave her whatever she wanted and no matter what she did, they let her do it. “Who’s the queen? I’m the queen!” She sang. And she was going to spend eternity playing the part of “Queen Katsuragi.” She had everything she ever wanted now. But because of that, she now had time to sit down and think. Most people’s live are full of struggles. There are times where you want to run from your troubles and throw away everything. But as long as you live, there is light somewhere ahead of you. Happiness awaits beyond the suffering, that’s why everybody needs to live. No matter how hard it is, you need to live. Living is what makes life worthwhile. Live and hope and smile. And if nothing else, remember this. “Boobs go jiggle-jiggle-jiggle!”


Skirting Shadows

Guren no Uroboros


Ninja Flash! and Shinovi Master

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Creation & Development

According to the Senran Kagura: Official Design Works, Katsuragi was the first character design done by Yaegashi simply because he likes blonde hair. He decided on his own that she would be a character that used kicks which played a role in her design process, leading to her having the solid-looking boots she wears.


  • Katsuragi is one of the Hanzō team kunoichi to use her legs and kicks rather than manning weaponry.
  • Katsuragi's name means "Arrowroot Castle".
  • Katsuragi makes numerous claims that she wears nothing under her top. But through clothing damage she will be shown wearing a breast harness-like piece that covers her lower chest.
  • In Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, Tina dresses like Katsuragi as a DLC costume.
  • During Development, Katsuragi was planned to be the main character of the Hanzō girls instead of Asuka. But due to similarities she has with a certain female protagonist of another fanservice series, Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen, it was decided Asuka would be a better choice as the lead character to possibly avoid a lawsuit.
  • As of February 11th, 2016 she is currently ranked as Number 3 in Watchmojo.com's: "Top 10 Female Anime Perverts", as well as appearing on the video's thumbnail "attacking" Asuka.
  • A Dual Shinobi Heart mission in Estival Versus, when Katsuragi and Yozakura notice and think about that her boots and Yozakura's gauntlets are part of a same (unique) weapon set, it is revealed, knowing Katsuragi inherited her boots from her parents, that Yozakura was given her gauntlets from Katsuragi's parents who became Renegades for sparring Kurokage and thus letting the Gessen Girls live with him until his last moments.
  • Although she is not the only member of her team in Bon Appétit! to have her acquire the wishing scroll, she is the only one to use it.

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