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Karasu (鴉) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series that makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 2nd-Year High School student in the rock band 'A.R.C. Angels', Karasu's the prime guitarist in the group. As soon as she meets someone and when their eyes meet, she can't help but chat with them about whatever comes to mind. Karasu's the mood maker of the rock band in general; she's usually in charge of creating a lively atmosphere with the band's audience, and has no problems making performances of her own to get others' blood pumping. Amongst her fans, her light Kansai dialect is popular. Being both a rock star and a shinobi concurrently, Karasu believes that her band and ninja work are enjoyable.

Karasu fights in battle using her engine-driven super-alloy guitar. She beats down enemies with it in an all-out reckless fighting style, which does has its perks, but at the same time, disadvantages.



Karasu is a fair skinned girl with large, slanted dark green eyes. She has long, waist length sandy-blonde hair with many small spiked flips framing the outside portion on both sides of her head. Her bangs are long in length and separated in a few parts, covering her ears with long forelocks. Her turn-over outfit includes a red plaid tank-top lined in dark grey with a ribbon at the center, directly below her breasts; exposing the top half of them. Over this is a dark grey opened jacket with grey wrist accessories with a crimson cloth tied around the cuff. Her dark grey short-shorts are worn with a crimson belt and grey stockings with dark grey boots held by multiple straps.


Karasu is an outgoing, moody girl who loves to chat, especially when she meets someone new. She even sometimes wants to be the center of attention towards everyone, which perfectly suits her as a rock star. But when it comes to being in battle, Karasu is determined and will take on any challenge that comes at her, and hates losing, no matter what kind of fight it is. This trait shows how much she cares about being a shinobi.





  • Karasu's name (鴉) means "Crow".