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Kanzaki (神咲) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 2nd year at Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy. She has a very tough personality and mannish appearance, capturing the hearts of the female students she is one of the "Three public moral princesses". For the purpose of helping the weak, together with Kochō she aims to implement their ideal school. She hates crooked things, she has a side of her that isn't versatile.

Her fighting style involves using eye techniques and a straight sword in direct conflict. Whenever she uses her eye technique her pupils will shine bright red.


Appearance & Personality

Kanzaki has a fair complexion and sharp teal eyes. Her dull brown-grey hair is normally worn spiked up. Normally at school she wears the male uniform, consisting of a white button-up with a long emerald tie and blue denim pants. She wears the white and black jacket on her shoulders with a red arm band pinned to the left sleeve.

In turn over form, she gains an entirely white jacket and pants with dark purple lining and lavender coloring on the chest. Her shoes are white with silver sole. She keeps her arm band and gains gold strands on her left shoulder, along with a pair of white gloves.





  • Kanzaki's name (神咲) can be roughly translated as "Blooming Goddess".
  • The general students of Metropolitan Hakuō Women's Academy call her "Sakurahana" (桜花 "Sakura Flower") though it is unclear if this is a nickname or if Kanzaki is her shinobi name and the general students don't know it.