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Kanon (花音) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: New Wave. A 2nd year at Sakigei Municipal, She is a crybaby with a cowardly personality. Having masochistic tendencies, she practices only to get caught in a vicious cycle of failure. She wants to prove to herself she can overcome her crybaby habits.

She lets out powerful indirect attacks through air vibrations with her marching drum hammer.


Appearance & Personality

Kanon has a pale complexion with large blue eyes, each with a pale blue music note-shaped pupil. Her milk-blue hair is worn in wrapped odango buns held with silver shuriken. Her bangs and forelocks are straight cut.

Kanon's outfit is inspired by a marching band. She wears a light pink and white top adorned with a fuchsia strap on her shoulders, gold buttons and accent lining, and a white lapel to match her pleat miniskirt. She also has light pink boots on with mesh stockings, along with a white and pink shako hat with a black flap. Pinned to her chest is a music note on a shuriken.





  • Kanon's name (花音) can mean "Flower Sound", plus the name looks/sounds phonetically like the compositional technique in music called "canon".
  • Kanon shares the same birthday as Honoka.
  • Kanon's unique music note pupils developed when she was young. Her parents were excited because they thought this would mean she would develop a powerful Eye Technique, but it turns out that they don't do anything. They don't have any drawbacks either though, she can still see just fine.